Chinky Poo HuffPo Writer Admits to Carefully Crafted CHEATING to Win 2nd in Marathon Run


Bleacher Report

Independent marathon-running investigators are not to be trifled with.

Earlier this week, business analyst Derek Murphy caught Jane Seo, a 24-year-old Huffington Post writer, red-handed after she placed second in the Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon.

Murphy went all-in. He studied distance trackers, maps, heart-rate monitors and even Seo’s race photos. From Sam Machkovech of Ars Technica:

“Murphy began poking around official photos from the event and found one of Seo smiling with a second-place award around her neck—and a clearly visible Garmin 235 screen on her wrist. He paid for a higher-resolution version of the photos, and they showed a running-distance tally on the wrist hardware’s screen: 11.65 miles. Even factoring in a margin of error, that measure is well short of a half marathon’s 13.1 mile total.”

Murphy also pointed out that Seo got faster as the race wore on, which is highly unusual in long-distance running. She averaged a 7:09 mile for her first 10 kilometers and a 5:25 for her remaining about 11 kilometers.

Seo tried to cover her tracks by biking over the course later on and posting her “run” to Strava, a social network for bicyclists and runners.

“Had she just admitted what she did, I never would have heard of her, nor written about her,” Murphy told Nick Sortal of the Miami New Times. “But going back and biking the course to cover up … that’s unheard of.”

Seo posted an apology admitting to the cheating on Instagram but later deleted it. Murphy screen-grabbed it and posted it on his site,

Deport her!

3 thoughts on “Chinky Poo HuffPo Writer Admits to Carefully Crafted CHEATING to Win 2nd in Marathon Run

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  2. Chinese, like certain sports people, know that cheating is rarely caught. Cheating is epidemic among Chinese.
    Many businesses write essays for students for cash. I have met a person working for such a business. She told me most clients are Chinese, I was a bit surprised they do not have many Indians. Maybe Chinese have more cash – esepcialy due to the former one child per family policy, it means more cash available to help ones kid get ahead.
    In the West it is common to pay for coaching and tutors but that rarely involves intentional cheating. E.g. the tutor does not wrote the essay, or do they I am horribly out of date and a bit naive.

    By and large whites are chumps, like me, held back by conscience and high moral standards, with the exception of heroic cheaters like Lance Armstrong who is a multimillionaire. Cheating pays and it pays every well. Just ask the Williams Brothers or Barrack O’Bumster.

  3. My instincts tell me that it is almost impossible to win an Olympic Gold Medal; these days without cheating, blood EPO and other things which are almost untraceable.

    For some jobs like journalism and academia, cheating may even be seen as a positive as it reveals the bad character which the employer is looking for. Goldman Sachs probably prefers a resume full of lies to a truthful one.

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