Student’s Naked Anti-Trump Protest Banned on Facebook


I expect that angry feminist Emma Dyason will be doing “feminist porn” soon if she’s not already doing it.

Her curvy body looks fine to me, but her mind could use a little work. Something’s askew when you get naked to protest male sexual interest in women. Did she think Donald Trump would get an erection from seeing her naked?

I see an inherent distaste, dislike, or hatred of men in her stupid little protest.

A student was angry with Facebook after it took down her naked pictures.

Emma Dyason, 19, posted the images to protest against US President Donald Trump.

But her demonstration was cut short after the social network decided the images broke rules on nudity.

Ms Dyason, from Fritwell, Oxfordshire, said: ‘Last week I produced and executed a photo shoot, taking a feminist/protest approach by writing sexist quotes made by Trump onto scrap pieces of cardboard, and having women pose ‘nude’ in the aim to empower women.

‘I posted three of the images on Facebook, which resulted in many people sharing the post, much to my delight.

‘A day after posting the images, I received a message from Facebook informing me that they had removed the post due to “female nudity,” and also threatened to close my account.’

The Plymouth University student denied she was nude and said all necessary body parts had been adequately covered in the pictures.

She added: ‘They also state that they do not condone sexist behaviour, which in my opinion, is exactly the kind of behaviour they have shown towards this project.’

Facebook’s nudity policy states: ‘We remove photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks.

‘We also restrict some images of female breasts if they include the nipple, but we always allow photos of women actively engaged in breastfeeding or showing breasts with post-mastectomy scarring.

‘We also allow photographs of paintings, sculptures and other art that depicts nude figures.’

RT covered this story with essentially an identical report. However, the comments there are sometimes perceptive. The males at RT had a lot of fun bashing her “sag bags” and her smell.

The truth is that Jewish feminism has done its work well. Emma is a professional protester of things decent and conservative. She’s not the kind of girl any real man would want to bring home to the family and introduce as a wife.

Consider this comment, however, and see what you think:

Whether she realizes it or not, she is just exclaiming to the world that she wants an alpha male like Trump to put her in her place. She knows she is out of control, and acting like that is a cry for attention and guidance.

I found this to be true at the university. The more sexual and obnoxious they are, the more they want a strong man to control them.

Am I wrong?

20 thoughts on “Student’s Naked Anti-Trump Protest Banned on Facebook

    • This pathetic queer kike suffers self-image issues and is on perpetual ASB mode…’attention seeking behavior’. Typical of kike skanks. Dudes beware.
      Editorial above is spot on. ..”She’s not the kind of girl any real man would want to bring home to the family and introduce as a wife”
      She only wishes she was swinging a alpha ballsack…that’s all.
      Queer plus size queen needs to wake up and enjoy life … not disrupt it.
      Needs her head examined…get new parts for her head.
      Plenty of plus-sizers out there that are really really fine.

      CHeers !!

    • Wonder if even i should comment.
      This place has censorship agents slithering around …’COMMENT AWAITING MODERATION’ ??

      Vox populi !!! whatever fruity flavors it comes in !!


      • I agree with you and the Stormer on that ….I do not give two flying fuarks about Trump or any of these yahoos.

        They are all on the same team. Why waste your time.

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  2. I hope their banning is because of their irrational hatred of Trump who is against Muslims. Nude does not mean sex. The nude people have the mind of the self hating Lucifer in them. Lucifer sees the God made form as being ugly. The protesters don’t have God in them that made the body.

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