Misleading MSM News–Indian relatives of Olathe shooting victims: Don’t send your children to America

The source article for this post barely mentions that one of the shooter’s victims was white. Here’s what they left out:

The reporting offers a good example of how the MSM will take a story and shape it into “the narrative.”

Who do you think is the most danger to Asian Indians? Blacks or white males?

The answer is obvious. Until yesterday, I’d seen only one story on white on Hindu violence. I’m very certain that crime statistics would, if they were available, show that blacks attack Hindus at a much higher rate than whites.

But now, the entire Indian subcontinent is being sold a lie that racist white males make the U.S. too dangerous for the Hindu.

We might want Hindus to stay in India, but not on the basis of a lie that smears the white race.

Update: Sky News reports that donations to the dead man’s family have topped $500,000. Although many donations have come from Hindus, there’s some kind of white guilt thing going on here that I don’t fully understand.

Excerpt from Kansas City

The shooting of two engineers from India, possibly targeted for looking “Middle Eastern,” drew worldwide attention Friday and fanned growing concerns that America is not safe for immigrants.

In the incident Wednesday night at Austins Bar & Grill in Olathe, witnesses said a man told the two engineers to “get out of my country” before shooting one dead and wounding the other. A third man who tried to intervene was also shot.

News of of the shooting traveled quickly overseas.

The father of Alok Madasani, the Indian victim who survived, said anti-immigrant rhetoric encouraged by President Donald Trump created a dangerous environment for immigrants.

We knew they would blame Trump. The left is blaming him, so it’s not surprising that the folks back in India would do the same.

“The situation seems to be pretty bad after Trump took over…,” Madasani Jaganmohan Reddy told the Hindustan Times in India. “I appeal to all the parents in India not to send their children to the U.S. in the present circumstances.”

Well, there’s a lot of Americans who won’t mind a bit. American computer programmers might be able to get their jobs back.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla, a 32-year-old Garmin employee, was killed in the incident. Madasani, 32, who also worked for Garmin, and Ian Grillot, 24, who tried to stop the shooter, were injured.

The suspected shooter, Adam W. Purinton, 51, of Olathe, was caught early Thursday at an Applebee’s in Clinton, Mo. Before he was arrested, he reportedly told a bartender he had shot two Middle Easterners, The Star learned.

Purinton has been charged with first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Reddy told the Indian newspaper that Purinton had picked an argument with the two engineers about why they were “staying in the U.S. illegally.” The men, he said, told Purinton they had valid work permits.

Venumadhav Gajula, Kuchibhotla’s brother-in-law, echoed concerns of changing sentiments toward foreigners after Trump’s election.

“It is very scary and people are panicking,” Gajula told the Los Angeles Times. “My advice would be to think twice about going to the U.S.”

As news of the shooting traveled, it also added to concern, particularly in the tech sector, about the ability to draw top foreign talent to American companies.

The FBI is investigating the shootings as a possible hate crime, which could underscore a view from the abroad that even isolated racism in the U.S. can make the country dangerous to foreigners.

The story goes on with more anti-Trump rhetoric and a claim that tech jobs are going unfilled and thus can only be filled by more brown immigrants.

The MSM is so predictable now. Most of us understood that the story was going to play out this way. Give yourself a pat on the back.

As to the MSM, give them the boot.

14 thoughts on “Misleading MSM News–Indian relatives of Olathe shooting victims: Don’t send your children to America

  1. Purinton is a moron. A drunk moron with a gun is bad news anywhere. I suspect he thought the Hindus were muslims, which makes him an even bigger moron. As Paladin says, this gets twisted by the MSM into a ‘white supremacy’ story when it was actually nothing of the sort.
    Personally, I have always found Hindus (and Sikhs), unlike muslims, to be honest and hard working folk with a good deal of respect for the law and other people. I hope they throw the book at Puriton.

      • SFC Ton. In this particular case, yes.
        Antipathy towards random, pointless violence and killing is what makes us better. The Hindus were, as far as I can tell, in the US working for an IT firm. The rights and wrongs of that are a separate issue. They did not deserve to get shot.
        Also, being drunk in possession of a loaded firearm nixes any sympathy I might have had for Purinton.

      • I’ll let Ton do his own response, but I agree that we should claim the moral high ground when possible. That means dropping stupid stuff like supporting this guy or Dylann Roof, etc. We have to win over the hearts and mind to the righteousness of our cause or we will lose big.

    • I had pleasant encounters at the university with Hindus. My father’s like was saved by Hindu doctors in India. A nice Hindu lady sat with him while he was recuperating in the hospital in Bombay. When he got home we sent her “care packages” for years to thank her for her kindnesses.

      • I have no issues with jib jibs per say, but non Whites should have no rights or legal status in White nations.

        We back all Whites vs all muds or we lose

  2. I too must disagree with Saboteur. We evil YT’s suffer from White Disadvantage (empathy, sympathy, compassion) which is a condition of our superior DNA and I.Q. Those attributes are fine between and amongst fellow Caucasians, but it is a fatal weakness regards non-Caucasians. The Euros at one time took upon themselves the conquest of and then the White Man’s Burden for all of the world’s non-Caucasians. It worked at first through brute force regards the conquest and then worked somewhat through Christian charity and teaching. Ultimately, it was a colossal failure, because the non-Caucasians became resentful toward evil YT and his superior ways. Like the Bible says, the untermensch, whom our ancestors tried to help, turned their backs on the light to return to the dark, like a dog that returns to its own vomit. At one time, a white man could go anywhere in the world, and he was safe, and the natives feared him as we feared, or were in awe of, God. That time is past. The non-Caucasians of this world hate us evil YT’s with a burning passion. We all of us here who read this blog know this but some are still too blue-pilled and White Disadvantaged to admit to ourselves the reality. The world is a big place. Each race and ethnicity has their place. The USA is no place for non-Caucasians. I harbor no ill will toward non-Caucasians in a general sense, because they are limited by their DNA/I.Q. But, I no longer have empathy for them here in the U.S. Those Indians should not have been here in the first place.

  3. To complete my thought, the non-white world must fear and dread us Caucasians (in my case half-Caucasian by DNA but full blown National Socialist Hitlerian down for the Caucasian cause). They must fear us so that they will never raise a hand against us. I would that the non-white world feared us as they feared the Romans when they conquered the known world. I have spent enough time in non-Caucasian countries to know that they have no fear of us evil YT’s. I could care less if they like us. It is better to be feared than to be respected, because only evil YT is capable of understanding the concept of respect. The non-white barbarian mind is incapable of understanding or internalizing such concepts.

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