Georgetown U. Prof Wants to Bring Back SLAVERY: He’s a MUZZIE


A graduate of Georgetown felt compelled to write a letter asking for the good professor’s termination.

Professor Jonathan AC Brown was born an Epicopalian, but became a Muslim. WTF???!!!

Heat Street title: Georgetown Islamic Studies Professor: Slavery OK, So is Non-Consensual Sex

Heat Street

A professor at Georgetown University is teaching his students that men do not need consent to have sex with women, and that slavery is justifiable under Islamic teachings.

Islamic Studies professor Jonathan Brown recently lectured at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, where he shared his alarming beliefs with students in attendance in his lecture, “Islam and the Problem of Slavery.” Freelance writer Umar Lee expressed his shock over the 90-minute lecture, which included explicit endorsements of rape and slavery.

Brown himself uploaded the lecture to YouTube.

According to Lee, Brown’s lecture was supposed to revolve around slavery in Islam, but the lecturer moved its focus to criticize the United States, United Kingdom and China. Brown described slavery in these non-Muslim societies as brutal, which they were, but lauded the historically inhumane practice in Arab lands and Turkey.

“Indeed, according to Brown, slaves in the Muslim world lived a pretty good life,” wrote Lee. “I thought the Muslim community was done with this dishonest North Korean style of propaganda. Obviously not.”

Brown decried the use of prison labor in the United States and highlighted other problems inherent in Western society, but refused to address the abuse of foreign laborers in the Gulf or the ghastly treatment of prisoners in the Middle East. It was a one-sided lecture that glorified his religion while demonizing Western society.

The Islamic Studies professor said that in Muslim societies, “slavery wasn’t racialized,” unlike the United States. Lee points out that this is untrue, given that in the Arab world, black people are referred to as “abeed,” the Arab word for “slave.”

Brown stated that slaves were “protected by Sharia,” omitting the various atrocities committed by slave-owners. Girls and women were forced into the sex trade and their male counterparts were often castrated.

“In general you don’t find the brutality that you see in American slavery,” said Brown, who described the historically common practice as “investments” and “walking venture properties” for slave-owners.

The soft-pedaling and revisionism of historical atrocities is deplorable, to say the least.

Historically, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams conducted warfare against vassal states of the Ottoman Empire to end the Barbary slave trade, in which North African pirates conducted constant raids into European coastal towns to capture men and women for slavery.

Brown defended slavery, stating, “It’s not immoral for one human to own another human” by comparing it to marriage—a quid pro quo arrangement in which both slave and master benefited from the arrangement.

“I don’t think it’s morally evil to own somebody because we own lots of people all around us and we’re owned by people,” said Brown.

A female attendee asked Brown about the permissibility of sex with slaves, to which the professor stated that “Consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex,” and defined consent as a Western concept that emerged with women’s suffrage and female body autonomy. Brown, he said, believes that marital rape was an invalid concept in Islam.

Had Prof. Brown’s words been spoken by a practicing member of any other religion, they would’ve lost their jobs and shunned out of the academic world.

Traitor Brown’s Wikipedia page offers an interesting look at scholarly Islam, as opposed to the shallow “religion of peace” nonsense that the mainstream media present.

I speculate that Brown converted to Islam to carve out a niche for himself in higher education, where he could more easily defend “oppressed” Muslims against Western tyranny. In short, he’s a lefist taking a sneaky route to mix leftist beliefs with religion.

5 thoughts on “Georgetown U. Prof Wants to Bring Back SLAVERY: He’s a MUZZIE

  1. He has the same name as the self hating fanatic preacherman who started the US Civil War all by himself and with his sons. John Brown was a fanatical nigger lover and abolitionist. Check out his eyes and they shout “crazy”. He looks like an alky who drinks a ship load of home made distilled hooch.

    So one day we will be overjoyed to hear the refrain sung again..
    “Jonathon Browns body lies a moulderin’ in his grave..”
    It may be that white Muslims are more dangerous than sand niggers, due to their higher intelligence being misused for evil, as with this guy. Lawrence of Arabia was a fanatical do gooder who loved sand nigger males, maybe physically also Milo style, and hated his own race – white people. Turkey should have been allowed to keep Palestine and then there would be no Israel.

    Enslaving all blacks sounds like a great idea to me, though. Especially the bit about castrating all the black male slaves. The evil greedy Jews and YTs in the Southern USA did not do this because they wanted the slaves to have as many children as possible. They were not just growing cotton – they were breeding more slaves to sell at a profit. I wonder if this massive blunder and crime has ever been recognized as a great ethnic blow against the USA white population by a few greedy slave owners? There shoudl have been a huge tax on every black child born, to discourage this demographic disaster which has born fruit today – 40 million niggers from 4 million slaves back in 1860.

    Without the breeding and selling for profit of US born slaves the Negro problem would be a lot less. The muzzies have the right idea – treat blacks like coal in a coal mine, use them, and let them die. Then capture some more and repeat process. Do not treat them like a herd of cattle – to breed and breed and breed for profit. Worst of all – do not use selection processes as farmers do to make the black males stronger so they can work harder. This crime probably also was perpetrated in the USA by greedy slave breeders.

    • Time on the Cross by professors Fogel and Engerman was a big book in the 70s as I recall. These (((econ profs))) showed that slavery was a profitable institution, meaning it wouldn’t go away on its own.

      As to Prof Brown in this post, I wonder if he’s a crypto Jew??? Actually, what I listened to of his talk is just a professor theorizing. It doesn’t offend me personally since I know how professors talk sh*t.

  2. Just be careful; Heat st is owned and run by Jews. While the story isn’t unbelievable by any means, I’ll never trust a word uttered or written by a kike.

    • Louise Mensch, I think her name is, is the editor at Heat Street. They claim to be a conservative site, but they hate Trump. So, yes, we should be careful about them. The professor story appeared on several sites. I usually try to read two or three sources before posting.

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