Dems Pick Anti-White Racist Latino as DNC Chair


Trump is happy.

Perez has a history.

Excerpt from Freebeacon

Perez Dropped Voter Intimidation Charges Against Black Panthers Who Brought Weapons to a Polling Place

In 2008, two men from the New Black Panther Party, one brandishing a nightstick, stood in front of a polling place in Philadelphia and became aggressive when a video tracker asked them what they were doing. The Department of Justice had a straightforward case against the two, according to former attorney J. Christian Adams, until Perez, then head of the agency’s Civil Rights Division, intervened. Adams resigned in protest after the charges were dropped. He called Perez the “most extreme cabinet nominee” he had ever seen.

The Department of Justice whistleblower who resigned over the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case said President Barack Obama’s labor secretary nominee Thomas Perez is the “most extreme cabinet nominee in 70 years.”

J. Christian Adams, who worked for Perez at the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, sent a stern warning to the U.S. Senate about Perez’s policies.

“Different business groups who don’t think the nominee matters should pay close attention to Perez’s record,” Adams said in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon. “People like Perez are very skillful at creatively ignoring the law to suit their own ends.”

Perez Doesn’t Think White People Are Protected Under the Voting Rights Act
An investigation into the Civil Rights Division by the Department of Justice’s inspector general revealed extreme views held by Perez. He told investigators that white people were not entitled to protection under the Voting Rights Act.

Perez revealed to investigators that he saw the Voting Rights Act as only providing protection to specific, historic minorities, not all citizens:

CRT AAG Perez stated that interpreting Section 5’s retrogressive-effects standard to not cover White citizens was consistent with the Division’s longstanding practice, as well as case law interpreting the provision and the intent behind its enactment… Perez noted that the Division has always understood the term ‘minority’ to mean not numerical minority but rather ‘an identifiable and specially disadvantaged group.

Perez defended unequal protection to investigators as a practical matter:

According to Perez, applying Section 5’s retrogressive-effect protections to White citizens would create ‘dramatic complications’ … noting that ‘many voting changes … will almost always have some racial effect in some direction,’ and if the retrogressive-effect standard protects everyone, then virtually no proposed voting changes would ever be approved.

Muslim Negro Congressman Keith Ellison was elected Deputy Chair.

Racial lines are drawn. To some extent the Republican party stands up for white interests while pandering to nonwhites. The Democrat party is openly antiwhite. It’s a demographic game now as whites fight for their survival in an increasingly dark world.

13 thoughts on “Dems Pick Anti-White Racist Latino as DNC Chair

  1. “Racial lines are drawn. To some extent the Republican party stands up for white interests while pandering to nonwhites. The Democrat party is openly antiwhite.”

    That may be the case now (we hope) with Trump, but previously the Republicans would merely pretend (in some very few instances) to stand up for White interests – but would then sell Whites down the river at every opportunity, often switching to Democratic positions which the people opposed, in order to do it. Both parties are controlled at their higher leadership levels and Trump (we hope) is the exception, but Democrats are solidly anti-White and they rub it in our White faces with the picks they make. It has been a very long time before either party has even pretended to be for Whites.

  2. Ah you missed the whole story. The Hillary White wimmen wing just got kicked out. Now the White wimmen will no longer get the attention, candidacies, and leadership positions. They’ll have to go home to White men. Know what that means doncha?
    It’ll rain in mudville every election day. Without White wimmen there, all this mystery meat and fail is gonna fight amongst each other and Kumbaya, shut up.

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