White Man Arrested for Racially Motivated Shooting in Sports Bar



I predict that the story of a racist, angry white man killing a fine, upstanding Hindu computer engineer is going to be one of the top stories today. White people susceptible to white guilt are going to have a tough time. Liberals will demand more gun grabs.

The redeeming feature of this story is that a white man, Ian Grillot, is being hailed as a hero for getting shot while trying to stop the shooter from squeezing off even more rounds.

I’ve said before everything that needs saying about white men who lash out at diversity in a destructive way. Whether you’re Dylann Roof or Adam Purinton, you’ve hurt our people and our cause. Careful consideration of your actions can save our people and you a great deal of grief.

Fox News

OLATHE, Kan. – A man accused of shooting two Indians in a crowded suburban Kansas City bar, killing one man and injuring two others in an attack that some witnesses said was racially motivated, has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Authorities repeatedly declined at a Thursday news conference to say whether the shooting was a hate crime although local police said they were working with the FBI to investigate the case.

A bartender at Austins Bar and Grill in Olathe, Kansas, said Adam Purinton used “racial slurs” before he started shooting Wednesday night as patrons were watching the University of Kansas-TCU basketball game on television.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, died at an area hospital, police said. Alok Madasani, 32, and Ian Grillot, 24, were hospitalized and are in stable condition, they said. The Linkedin accounts for Kuchibhotla and Madasani say that they were engineers working at GPS-maker Garmin and had studied in India.

In India, the shooting sent shock waves through the victims’ hometowns and India’s government was rushing diplomats to monitor progress in the investigation.

A spokesman for India’s External Affairs Ministry, Vikas Swarup, said Kuchibhotla was an Indian national from the southern state of Telangana.

Sushma Swaraj, India’s External Affairs Minister, said Kuchibhotla’s body will be transported to the city of Hyderabad, where his family lives.

Local, county, state and federal law enforcement authorities attended the news conference where the murder charges were announced.

Asked if the presence of federal authorities indicated the shooting could be considered a hate crime, FBI special agent Eric Jackson said it was too early to determine.

“This was a violent crime and we want the best prosecution that relates to this because there are victims of this crime and we want the community to know that … we’re looking to make sure that the individual involved in this is held accountable for his actions.”

Bartender Garret Bohnen told the Kansas City Star that Kuchibhotla and Madasani stopped at Austins for a drink once or twice a week.

“From what I understand when he was throwing racial slurs at the two gentlemen (Kuchibhotla and Madasani), Ian (Grillot) stood up for them,” Bohnen said. “We’re all proud of him.”

Witnesses also told the Star that Purinton, 51, yelled “get out of my country” before he opened fire.

Grillot said in an interview from his hospital bed that when the shooting broke out, he hid until nine shots had been fired and he thought the suspect’s gun magazine was empty.

“I got up and proceeded to chase him down, try to subdue him,” Grillot said in a video from the University of Kansas Health System posted on the Star website. “I got behind him and he turned around and fired a round at me.”

Grillot said that the bullet went through his hand and into his chest, just missing a major artery.

“It’s not about where he (victim) was from or his ethnicity,” Grillot said. “We’re all humans, so I just did what was right to do.”

GoFundMe pages were started to help pay expenses for all three of the victims.

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas posted a statement on Facebook saying he was very disturbed by the shooting.

“I strongly condemn violence of any kind, especially if it is motivated by prejudice and xenophobia,” Moran said.

Purinton was taken into custody just after midnight on Thursday morning at an Applebee’s about 70 miles to the southeast of Olathe in Clinton, Missouri, authorities said.

Assistant Clinton Police Chief Sonny Lynch said an Applebee’s bartender summoned police to the bar where the man was drinking because he said he’d been involved in a shooting. The unarmed Purinton was taken into custody and interviewed by detectives from Olathe.

“He mentioned he had been involved in a shooting and we went out there and picked him up,” Lynch said.

The bar where the shooting took place was closed Thursday, with a sign in the door that said it would remain closed indefinitely.

A gofundme page for the family of the deceased victim has already raised $266,000, most of which I suspect came from his fellow Hindus in America. The photo below comes from that page.

Our job now is damage control. I took a look at thehashtag Olathe on Twitter and observed that President Trump is being excoriated for causing the shooting.

We need to find out if the hero white man is a Trump supporter. If he is, then it’ll help greatly. If he blames Trump, we’ll never hear the end of it.

14 thoughts on “White Man Arrested for Racially Motivated Shooting in Sports Bar

  1. How can Purinton get a fair trial when the media has already named him as the killer? Not the alleged killer?

    ” used “racial slurs” before he started shooting Wednesday night as patrons were watching the University of Kansas-TCU basketball game on television.”. The Coonball Federation should be in court as co defendants. Anyone forced to watch basketball on TV at a watering hole could go Postal at any minute. Way too many Coons in white countries are playing this so called game or sport. I saw a lot of this nigger shit on TV in pubs in Sydney, the only thing more to anger a white man would be the Williams Brothers grunting as they cheat at tennis. Do pubs get paid to put pro black shit on TV, I think they do, maybe by the World Jew Federation. (WJF).

    ““It’s not about where he (victim) was from or his ethnicity,” Grillot said. “We’re all humans, so I just did what was right to do.”.
    It is interesting that when a real maniac snaps and shoots there is always some unarmed white man on hand to easily stop him. During false flag attacks as at the US heavy metal concert in Paris, or schools, or Port Arthur in Tasmania, the shooter/s are so good that any unarmed idiot trying to stop them will be killed instantly. The false flag shooters always get away and are never arrested. Some guy wearing a Joker mask or looks like the shooter is arrested. or a muzzie driving license is found in the getaway car.
    So if this was a false flag, Grilot the Indian lover would have taken a well deserved bullet to the head. Would Grillot have done this to save whites from being shot? Or intervened if a Coon was shooting Coons? White altruism gone mad.

    I guess Purinton is not a fan of Trump. Nobody can link him with Trump that is for sure. Except the US (((media))) for whom the laws of physics and logic do not apply.

    • I’ve commented before that heroes are disproportionately white males. This one counted the shots but he miscounted, which would be a real possibility. The shooter had more reason to shoot when Obama was president, but the media will say he was emboldened by Trump’s hatred of nonwhites.

      • He (white hero PC idiot) must have never watched Get Smart. Counting the shots never worked. There was always one more bullet. Even an active policeman or military or weapons expert would not be 100% sure of the make of gun and magazine being used when some angry guy whips out a gun and starts killing people.
        Only a TV watching fool would “count the shots” then tackle the gunman unarmed. Real life is not the movies.
        Maybe revolver shots, a “six shooter” can be counted. But do they always have six shots, it would be easy to invent a revolver with say 7 shots, or 8.
        Plus there can be one up the spout, which makes one extra shot with magazine weapons.
        Very often too an extra round can be squeezed in to a magazine , a 10 round magazine can be forced to take 11 rounds in most cases. This might damage the spring but killers do not worry about details like this.

    • Yep, if you’re powerless in life you do stuff like this. The sight of the Hindus would have offended him. Now, it’s prison for life. Not good. Too many witnesses will take the witness stand against him. Did he want to be caught? It seems so.

  2. You better support this guy. Racist just means he’s White fool. He could have shot a hindi raping his wife and the “story” the jewdenpresse print will be the same. Only one way to end this. And its not marginalizing men who fight. This is War. War is already here. Fight or die White Man.

    • Josh I wonder if you may be a troll, your name is a Jew one. You go pretty far with the “kill” thesis e.g. cops and the press, which most people hesitate to do. ” Fight or die White Man.” That sounds to me written by someone who is not a white man, i.e. in the Third Person. Comments like yours could get the whole site taken down – in my opinion.

      • Robert, I deleted a couple of his sentences that escaped my attention before. We can advocate self defense, but not going out and shooting anyone, which no one here has any interest in doing anyway.

  3. Here is a thought. The men shot are dot Indians. Did that fact trigger the shooter? I ask, because negroes, other minorities, feminists, and libtards are triggered all of the time by evil YT’s presence, beliefs, religion, civil society, and rules and laws. Thus, this guy was triggered by these two Indians, who do not belong here in the USA, and their triggering presence is responsible for the shooter’s actions. How would that go over for the shooter’s criminal defense argument? Simply stated, if the two Indians were not in the USA, they would not have been shot. If I were on the jury, I would acquit.

  4. All of you have been lied to for so long its made you ignore the obvious. Trump isn’t one of us. He was the set-up to rub your noses in White displacement. He “won” because it was War the next day. You had too many angry White Men with guns for them to fight. You still do. They’re buying time. This mad rush to bring anything not White here and now is a desperate attempt by these parasites to save themselves. Trump is trying to buy time. He cannot save the system. The system is Anti-White. You should hope he fails to convince Whites that War isn’t already here. Cause its been going on for awhile.

  5. “Purinton, 51”.
    He looks very unhealthy for 51. My guess is he is a full blown alcoholic and a heavy smoker. Maybe he once used illegal drugs or has abused prescription drugs like sleeping tablets or painkillers. Many of these substances can lead to rage later on. Did he have a gun permit? He does not like a guy who should be allowed a handgun permit. He has crazy alko written all over his face. As I read it, that is.

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