Trump Bans Fake News Outlets From White House News Briefing

As you might guess, the mainstream media are outraged over President Trump’s actions in barring them from the daily White House briefing.

The truth is that there are only so many spaces in the press room and so why not save those spaces for news organizations that tell the truth.

I disagree with having the Daily Mail on the list, but that’s just a minor quibble. The principle is what’s important. Let the MSM lose their privileged status, which was unearned and undeserved.

The following report on the ban is written in a slanted way.


Several major news outlets found themselves blocked from attending a Friday White House press briefing with Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary, the latest sign of worsening relations between the Trump administration and the media attempting to cover it.

The New York Times, CNN, the Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Politico were among the news organizations prevented from attending, according to posts by reporters from those outlets on Twitter, as were several foreign news organizations. The Associated Press and Time declined to take part. The White House was said to have invited press organizations to the event.

The three major broadcast networks – CBS, ABC, and NBC – were invited to the briefing, as were several news outlets that play to a conservative readership, such as Breitbart, The Washington Times and One America News Network.

Next they be accusing Trump of burning down newspaper offices and smashing printing presses.

The blocked access was disclosed just hours after President Trump railed against “dishonest” media and use of anonymous sources in stories about his term in the office. “It doesn’t represent the people, it never will represent the people and we’re going to do something about it,” he warned while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. Media outlets including CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post have provided a key check on some of the actions the Trump White House has tried to take in recent weeks, posting stories that have revealed infighting among staffers and raised suspicions about General Michael Flynn, the President’s former National Security Adviser who stepped down in the wake of a report he had discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia in a late December conversation with that country’s ambassador to the United States, despite previously denying it.

The maneuver threatens to cut off some of the nation’s most prominent and esteemed news organizations from a daily event that has for years been seen as ingrained in the White House press beat as mustard is on a turkey sandwich. It also puts a metaphorical barrier between a “gaggle” that allows for the dissemination of information by the President of the United States to the world and the public that elected him to the office.

The White House Correspondents Association protested the development. “We encourage the organizations that were allowed in to share the material with others in the press corps who were not,: the organization said in a statement. “The board will be discussing this further with White House staff.”

Trump’s campaign often banned particular reporters or individual news outlets whose coverage displeased from attending campaign events. But Trump is now President, not a candidate for the office, and cordoning off the White House briefing from particular outlets is a move that is bound to raise questions about why the administration is cutting off press access. Keeping select outlets out of the briefing moves directly in contrast to remarks Spicer made to Politico in December, before he took on the Press Secretary role. Asked if the Trump White House would prohibit certain reporters or outlets from covering the President, Spicer responded “absolutely not.”

In a statement, CNN called the move “unacceptable” and added: “Apparently, this is how they retaliate when you report facts they don’t like. We’ll keep reporting regardless.” Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times, noted that the move defied years of norms surrounding the White House press briefing. “Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties,” the editor said in a statement posted by The Times. “We strongly protest the exclusion of The New York Times and the other news organizations. Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest.”

One of the news organizations that attended, The Wall Street Journal, said in a statement it would not have done so if it knew the conditions of the meeting in advance. “Had we known at the time, we would not have participated, and we will not participate in such closed briefings in the future,” the statement said. The Journal is part of Dow Jones & Co., which is owned by News Corp., controlled by the Murdoch family.

As much of a tradition as the press briefing is, much of the most salient news about Trump’s presidency has not been delivered within it. And news outlets are likely to continue to work outside of the traditional stream of U.S. government disclosures for information. “For the president, the media is both a useful political target and one of the biggest threats to his presidency. By hammering reporters as dishonest purveyors of fake news, Trump simultaneously rallies his fans and lays the groundwork for dismissing fair-minded journalism as the work of partisan hacks. The same calculus is at work when Steve Bannon, his White House advisor, pretends the media is ’the opposition party.’, said Peter Slevin, an associate professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. “Many people will believe them, unfortunately, but the sun will rise every morning in newsrooms across America and reporters will do their jobs.”

31 thoughts on “Trump Bans Fake News Outlets From White House News Briefing

  1. Why don’t you give us an example or 2 of the banned news outlets fake stories, with proof and sources, from each of them so we can see for ourselves, instead of just blindly agreeing to everything the president does.

    • Cartier, I owe you an apology for siding with Renegade Tribune in such a lengthy tirade. Sinead McCarthy – she’s disloyal, paranoid, divisive and totally unstable!

      You were right about her and her ilk all along. It took me until today to realize I was wrong to admire them or listen to anything they have to say. I know you don’t care much for me since we had that argument, but all the same, I’m sorry.

      • What a sweet comment, I had forgotten all about our fight. Thank you. It’s impossibly tough to hear any criticism about who or what we love. However certain we are, the beloved will, eventually, reveal their true colors, as we all must. Those who live with honor, loyalty, courage and truth will never fail their own. The others will fall by the wayside, leaving the path clear for the rest of us.

  2. If you’re on Twitter, look up truth_edelweiss – Evalion’s ex. He tells a story of their break-up which is confirmed by a WN woman, Deplorable Princess. It seems she’s a shill. She is called out by Sinead McCarthy for her behavior.

    But while there’s some merit to the gravity of Evalion’s mistakes, Sinead and Kyle have in turn proven themselves shills. They’ve attacked Varg Vikernes. He simply wanted to show that whites are partly responsible for our plight (and therefore, also the power to fix it) but Renegade Tribune ran an article against him. I saw the original video The Solution by Varg Vikernes and watch the misinterpretations by stupid commenters debunked, but Renegade based their (very short) article on those stupid commenters as though it were the truth.

    I’ve followed Varg ‘s official site and official accounts since his 2005 interview. He comes as close to the truth as anybody else. Attacking him is surely tantamount to being fake, and my subsequent investigation shocked me.

    In only a week, 3 trusted sources have spoken out against these lunatics. As you can tell by my tone, I’ve decided that Renegade Tribune ARE Feds and shills paid to put on the most complex anti-European psy-op ever. They also have many genocidal programs rolled into their agenda. Veganism. Flat Earth. Jews as Neanderthals. Feminist tendencies. Non-traditional lifestyles. Small families (only 2 children are acceptable). Modern consumerism. Oh to have had so much hidden and other signs I closed my eyes to.

    I’m done. I now side against them. I also have the advantage of knowing their lies so well since I studied Renegade for so long.

    PJ, I know you’re busy, but I would be happy to see an article on Evalion, Renegade or Vikernes in the near future. Sinead McCarthy’s comments just today against the other two are creating a hotbed of drama in the air-right and much dissension. Even some of Renegade’s comments are admonishing the writers for over-exaggerating.

      • You’re welcome. I looked back on my comment and believe I was rude and dismissive of your obviously wise warning about these apparent federal agents, so I feel it’s necessary to admit I was a jerk and make amends with you. So thank you! When I’m wrong or misled, I don’t pretend it never happened just to protect my delusion of perfection or fragile ego, as is the case 90% of racially aware realists.(including most of my family). I man up, admit it and improve… We’ll never return to the top unless we all do that.

        PS: Varg posts more on YouTube nowadays.

      • Will you be writing a piece on your site about all this? I have trouble following the story since the people involved (except for Varg; I’ve posted a few of his videos) are not well known to me. I never followed any of them. Maybe I instinctively had a bad feeling about them.

      • Good instincts. More than that, PJ… I’m looking to start a channel on YouTube once I get better equipment, which will hopefully be shortly, and this might be one of my first videos. My website will remain used for transcripts, photos, documents, etc, to back up my channel. But it will no longer function as a stand-alone blog.

      • Two things, CM and PJ:

        Kyle Hunt blocked me after only two tweets. My second one said:

        @RadioRenegades Deplorable Princess, Evalion and Varg Vikernes: 3 trustworthy WNs who spoke out against Renegade. Three strikes. YOU’RE OUT.

        Then! Sinead McCarthy gets suspended from Twitter. Why? She doxxed Varg’s oldest daughter! Sinead claimed his daughter is a mind controlled teenage slut, and Sinead posts personal photos of the girl on her Twitter! I sent a tweet to her which was identical to mine towards Kyle.

        I don’t have a screen shot of her two tweets in violation of Twitter policy, but I hope I’m trusted enough by y’all to take my word for it. A screenshot will likely resurface.

        They’re crazy and dishonorable people. As you’ve been hearing lately: “I disavow.”

        Sorry to clutter your comment feed.

      • I have been banned from RT for over a year after I called both Kyle & Sinead over his flat earth crap and her undocumented and unsourced rant over vaccines. RT will soon collapse on it’s own weight. There are many out there who refuse to have anything to do with them. I consider it a badge of honor, haha!

      • I posted this on Varg’s channel. He even loved (or pinned) my comment.

        “Renegade Tribune blocked me after only 3 comments criticizing their hilariously inaccurate portrayal of you yesterday. Many trustworthy “figureheads” in our movement have came out against them since February 2. Their influence is now rapidly crumbling away. They won’t survive the collapse, with their veganism, flat-earthism, feminism, and their belief that Jews are the true Neanderthals. If they think they will infiltrate us after civilization spirals downward, they’re in for a rude awakening.

        Did they overdose on red-pills? No. They are simply (((agents))) who tolerate no dissent.

        If you’re silenced, you did the right thing.

        Stop visiting Renegade.”

        And now I’m banned. But (((Sinead McCarthy))) got hers quick, and now many more will refuse to endorse them.

        My advice to PJ: STAY away from them.

      • I am banned on Lasha Darkmoon’s site for calling her out, as well. Since I can’t post any links here, go to Hidden In Plain Site and searach: Lasha Darkmoon for my article. The comments below it are telling.

      • The most informative link is the one created by the same webmaster as Evalion’s official site, . Some of the criticism launched at 19-yo Evalion is valid – dabbling in degeneracy after learning it’s cause – but what Sinead is doing is much worse.

      • On the surface, everybody has problems. You dated Mexican girls many years ago. VB is unreasonably anti-male. Cartier McCloud disabled her great website (well, I think that’s a problem, haha). I still want to marry Megyn Kelly and try to red-pill her, even though this goddess is evil and soulless like Hel.

        We all have numerous flaws, but we don’t let that hinder our message.

        Sinny Mac is different. If you did even one disagreeable thing while you were blue-pilled, she made a video shunning you from the alt-right / WN. And she has attacked tens of realists! Sure, some of them are fronts by intelligence agencies, but not all of them! Kyle even did a tweet on ME, saying I am Hasbara, an agent hired to harass anybody disagreeing with Varg. Anybody who isn’t a puritan or who isn’t buying 100% into their narrative is an enemy of the entire white race.

        So PJ, it’s true from my experience. But Renegade claim little time to hear any dissent or clarification of the issue, so you’re either with them or against them. Here’s Deplorable Princess’s “last video”. She says she has withdrawn from our movement forever because of Veronica Bouchard (Evalion) and Sinead McCarthy. This obviously once close friend of theirs has no reason to lie, and not enough influence even if she were. Evalion’s website, although focused on defending its subject and attacking Sinead, corroborates everything said by DP (and said by Shaun Surplus, a Renegade host who quit in disgust over Sinead’s and Kyle’s antics.

        When the majority of your friends come out against you, you’re a shill – lock, stock and barrel.

  3. ALL of the MSM is fake. I would like to see a list of those media groups allowed to attend, say the NY Times, Washington Post and so on. The (((networks))) are all run and dominated by Jews.
    In one day I read some Murdoch rags from Australia, the UK and the USA. All had ths same bias and the same fake news, usually with exactly the same words (saves paying journos). Mixed with real news. Murdoch is a right wing Jew but nonetheless supports immigration and race mixing, miscegenation, abortion and generally fucking up white nations.
    I also read USA Today and the Economist in hard copy.
    Both of these rags were violently anti Trump and the USA Todays editor is a nigger. Most papers donot show a picture of the editor – but this one dioes to rub our faces in it. The sports pages were almost 100% nigger news.
    These rags kept saying “undocumented migrants” to describe anyone who has invaded the USA and stayed. The word “illegal” was never used to describe these scum.
    That would make the Pilgrims on the Mayflower “undocumented immigrants” also I suppose. Except in those days there were no passports and no visas.

    Throughout history right has been determined by the strength of a mans right arm, and still is with baboons apes and Coons.
    Until now, when the weakest have been elevated, like black lesbian dwarves, and the strongest, big, tall, intelligent white men, have been brought low by PC.

  4. Our Glorious Leader, Sieg Heil!, took the skeezer (((press))) to the woodshed, and (((they))) struck out. There will be many jew tears in Jewville tonight.

  5. @0riginist – I haven’t disabled my sites; where do you get that from?? I get several new followers every week so the don’t have trouble accessing my sites.

    • Nevermind. They’re still listed in your gravatar profile. I find it weird that I can’t click on your name to take me there, as I can with Paladin’s name. Every commenter with a blog is supposed to have their screen names embedded with a link to their blog. I wonder what gives…

      • I can explain: some months ago I found myself unable to post any comments here as well as a few other WP sites. In searching, I found this to be some weird WP glitch. I found that by jiggling my personal sign in here and deleting the space for my websites, I can, again, sign in although a long comment I tried to make on another article, would not post, so I gave up. That’s why my gravatar doesn’t link directly.

  6. I am unable to post any links here. So PJ: please go to Stand or Die and pick up my other site in my profile and add it to your blogroll, Thanks a million. Or Google it: Hidden in Plain Site – Cartier McCloud

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