The New Anne Frank? An underground network is readying homes to hide immigrants

White and Jewish outlaws in California have decided to virtue signal by providing underground bunkers to hide the new Anne Frank (who would be an illegal Mexican) from federal authorities.

How long before the headlines blare: Illegal Immigrants Charged in Heinous Murder of White Family Who Hid them from Trump’s Gestapo

Published on Feb 23, 2017

An underground network is readying homes to hide immigrants

A hammer pounds away in the living room of a middle class home. A sanding machine smoothes the grain of the wood floor in the dining room.

But this home Pastor Ada Valiente is showing off in Los Angeles, with its refurbished floors, is no ordinary home.

“It would be three families we host here,” Valiente says.

By “host,” she means provide refuge to people who may be sought by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE. The families staying here would be undocumented immigrants, fearing an ICE raid and possible deportation.

The purchase of this home is part of a network formed by Los Angeles religious leaders across faiths in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. The intent is to shelter hundreds, possibly thousands of undocumented people in safe houses across Southern California.

The goal is to offer another sanctuary beyond religious buildings or schools, ones that require federal authorities to obtain warrants before entering the homes.

“That’s what we need to do as a community to keep families together,” Valiente says.

At another Los Angeles neighborhood miles away, a Jewish man shows off a sparsely decorated spare bedroom in his home. White sheets on the bed and the clean, adjacent full bathroom bear all the markers of an impending visit. The man, who asked not to be identified, pictures an undocumented woman and her children who may find refuge in his home someday.

The man says he’s never been in trouble before and has difficulty picturing that moment. But he’s well educated and understands the Fourth Amendment, which gives people the right to be secure in their homes, against unreasonable searches and seizures. He’s pictured the moment if ICE were to knock on his door.

“I definitely won’t let them in. That’s our legal right,” he says. “If they have a warrant, then they can come in. I can imagine that could be scary, but I feel the consequences of being passive in this moment is a little scary.”

The secret network

The religious leaders have a name for their network: the Rapid Response Team. The idea is not necessarily a new one, according to Reverend Zach Hoover, executive director of the interfaith community organization LA Voice.

Hoover, 37, wasn’t an active member during the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s when US congregations across faiths resisted federal law and provided shelter for Central Americans fleeing violence in their home countries. Many congregations offered direct sanctuary, housing the undocumented immigrants, while others offered food and legal assistance.

The Rapid Response Team mirrors that structure, but goes one step further by also incorporating private homes, which offer a higher level of constitutional protection than houses of worship and an ability to make it harder for federal agents to find undocumented immigrants.

Under federal law, locations like churches and synagogues are technically public spaces that authorities could enter to conduct law enforcement actions. In 2011, the Department of Homeland Security instituted a policy limiting ICE action at religious locations. The policy ordered ICE to not enter “sensitive locations” like schools and institutions of worship.

Religious leaders in Los Angeles that spoke to CNN are skeptical whether that policy will stand under a Trump presidency.

“There’s a difference between someone knocking on your door at the church who’s a federal agent and someone knocking on the door of your home, where, if they don’t have a warrant, they shouldn’t be entering,” Hoover says.

In the hours after Trump’s initial executive order on immigration, calls between religious organizers picked up, and the network rapidly grew. Hoover estimates the underground network could hide 100 undocumented people today. Soon, he believes, they could hide thousands.

Hoover points out that’s a tiny fraction of the estimated one million undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles county. The network’s focus would be on families fearing separation and working to keep them together by “moving into a place so that ICE can’t find them,” Hoover says.

“So they can stay with their families. So they can be with their husbands,” Hoover says. “So they can avoid being detained and deported. Everybody talks about how families are the bedrock of our country. We believe that. Our congregations believe that.”

God’s law versus Trump’s law

The strong current carrying the Rapid Response Team is the divergence of federal laws and the moral teachings of their religions. Hoover points to the Bible’s Matthew 25, which teaches the faithful should feed the hungry and fight for those in prison.

“The God that I worship sent a person to earth in the name of Jesus who did not always get along with the authorities,” Hoover explains. “I feel really convicted that I answer to God at the end of the

8 thoughts on “The New Anne Frank? An underground network is readying homes to hide immigrants

  1. Easy solution – SHIP THEM ALL BACK – go for the jews who break the law first!
    So many of the jews have never become Americans themselves, and pretend that they are, but choose not to be. No to the dual-citizen traitors. [Paladin, please check back to the Denmark – Koran thread].

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    • It will never happen! The jew owned and operated media will insure no harm comes to the conquering masses of savages. Once they have assassinated our President or driven him out and the way things are shaping up either/or/both will happen.

      If we push back civil war marshall law is almost a given. The friggin yids have us by the short ones.

  3. Mass and Jew England are in line to hide wetbacks. How long will it be until current residents, regardless of how long they have lived at an addressed are evicted in favor or moving in flood of illegals. I have talked with a number of other long term tenants in my town and they have voiced concern that we will be thrown out to make room for the unwashed, unvetted and criminal flood.

    Mass was a big player in nignog slave underground railroad

  4. I read this full article on the Drudgereport. The article profiled a few churches and a jew temple that plan on giving sanctuary to illegal aliens. The churches planned on allowing some illegals to occupy church property if needs be. The jew temple advised that they would not allow illegals to occupy its property, but would enable them in other ways. Typical hypocrite jews. They want credit for the virtue signaling but do not want dirty, smelly, foreign illegal goys stinking up their precious temple.

  5. This has been going on in Europe for about 30 years. In France, where I lived, a neighbour once told me that about 1 million illegals worked in the country, mainly from North Africa. That was about 2% of the country, and about 5% of the workforce. I asked him where these people lived, and he said “underground.”

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