Pope Frances Has Reportedly Broken Up with his LGBT Activist “Friend” Gustavo Vera


What does a man of the cloth do for sex? Fap?

There’s a hint here that Begoglio, aka Pope Francis, had a male lover in Argentina who visited him often, staying at the Vatican.

Ann Barnhardt reports that Bergoglio and his good “friend” Gustavo Vera have broken up. The reason for the breakup is interesting.

There apparently will be no more monthly trips to the Vatican for LGBT advocate Vera, pictured above.

Periocico Tribuna via Google translate

Doing gruesome, dirty business, using the images of Gustavo Vera embracing the pope Francisco, sooner or later he would have its consequences.

The dark history of this man and that supposed NGO was in the sights of the Argentine police, but also of the information service of the Vatican, perhaps one of the three infallible espionage organisms of the Planet.

The alleged struggle against labor slavery and human trafficking resulted in episodes that said it was an entire masquerade of blackmail and even close ties with Bolivian textile workers of both sexes, which we are ashamed to tell in detail.

It is not surprising that Vera, a “champion” fighter against female prostitution (even the pampered and non-pimps) never did anything about male prostitution and the muddy skein of taxis boys related to men of fortune that caused Several crimes.

Or if he did, it was not to denounce those networks for rewards.

Eric Frattini is a Spanish writer who researched and led to publish “The Black Book of the Vatican”, but his earlier work is even more revealing. It is called “The Holy Alliance, five centuries of Vatican espionage” … unfortunately essential books that never arrived in Argentina.

The synthesis of both works is imaginable, and more now in times of threats of fanatical terrorists who fulfill them. The Vatican has eyes and ears everywhere in the world, and much more in the Nation from which the Pontiff on duty comes from.

With John Paul II nothing that happened in communist Poland escaped the secret Vatican reports. With our Bergoglio sitting at the top of Rome the same thing happens.

We imagine that the Vatican must have those internal surveillance systems that looked like fictional fantasies in series like “24” … but they are real. Each individual who enters that state is monitored and compared to photographic archives of potential enemies.

And very seldom does anyone receive that order to withdraw in a peremptory time, and more when it is known that it is not a possible terrorist.

Gustavo Vera was paralyzed when the Swiss Guard told him to withdraw from the Vatican, but he must have immediately understood that his game of false moralist and justiciero of Argentina had come to an end.

There are certain strict rules that in Rome are the basic protocol of every Supreme Pontiff. Francisco can calmly receive Milagro Sala (now he will have to wait a long time to see her again), Hebe de Bonafini and characters that the common Argentines hate. In short, it fulfills to the letter the biblical mandate of Jesus, when he said that he came to this world to save the lost and the sick.

But the case of La Alameda is more than an “organ” of the lost and the sick. Doing business by profiting from labor slaves and even taking advantage of them for their own rejoicing, disgusts anyone.

Francisco put an end to him declaring it to Vera persona non grata in the Vatican, and to throw him black Raid in the heart of Rome.

Vera’s relationship with Peruvian drug traffickers “Marco”? You are going to read it in this same portal.

“Game over”, game finished and as Pappo would say: “Baby, look for a decent laburo.”

The way I understand this rough translation leads me to believe that Vera was a homosexual engaged in human trafficking, presumably of boys. Now that the scandal is about to break out, he’s been banned from the Vatican. And he’s heartbroken about it. The Pope has dodged another pedophile scandal though.

9 thoughts on “Pope Frances Has Reportedly Broken Up with his LGBT Activist “Friend” Gustavo Vera

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  2. Priests bugger choir boys so I guess the Pope would have his own choir of underage males for the Sistine Chapel etc.
    Also ambitious young priests could bend over for the Pope, probably no shortage of volunteers.
    What about the good looking youthful Swiss Guard. Any homos in their ranks?
    Prince Harry was made/created by a man who was paid to protect Princess Diana. He should have got the chop for ti and modern DNA tests would prove his guilt.

  3. The Catholic Church (or the main Western Branch of Christianity) has been run by a Jewish Mithraist cult ever since the first Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. After the 1830s, when it was bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rothschilds, it became a fully controlled Masonic/Kabbalic (Satanic) organization. My wife’s friend who is a clinical psychologist was educated there for several years in the 1970s. He said the smell of sex, shit, and incense permeated the entire place. He gets nightmares still from the experiences that he had there…

      • There were at least a dozen major events that occurred within the Church prior to the schisms era. Mithraic influences aside, the changes to its chartered beliefs and major renovations to the original Bible and Gospels make it the most over-developed religion in history. Also making it adaptable to Germanic minds also forced it to make heavy changes to the text (ie The Gothic Bible). But more importantly, whenever changes were made by the upper Patristic elite within the Church, they did whatever they could to filter out the most truthful parts. Some estimates maintain that about 90% of the original manuscripts, including some 60 Gospels, have been eliminated over the centuries…

  4. R., You are severely misinformed to say the least! From the beginning, there has been from Jesus one church, one doctrine and one act of worship, the Holy Mass, where we eat the Lamb, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

    • Check out Ann Barnhardt’s site in the blogroll. She’s a devout Catholic who refers to Frances as the anti-Pope under the theory that the Church has been corrupted by him and his homosexual friends. She has a huge amount of writing about the church on her site.

      • Ann Barnhardt’s critique of Pope Francis hardly serves as an endorsement of the fiction written by “R”. Miss Barnhardt takes no prisoners [how refreshing] but neither is she a shill for anti-Catholic bigots.

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