Kosher Coffee King Starbucks Reeling from America’s Anger Over Plan to Hire 10,000 Immigrants


Even after a number of incidents implicating Starbucks (owned by Jew Howard Schultz) in leftist political correctness, 24 percent of the American public would commit treason by buying a $5 cup of Kosher Koffee from Star*ucks.


Excerpt from Zerohedge

The coffee giant’s consumer perception levels have fallen by two-thirds since late January, according to YouGov BrandIndex.

The perception tracker measures if respondents have “heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative.” In Starbucks’ case, perception is still overall positive, but significantly lower than it was prior to CEO Howard Schultz published a public letter outlining the company’s plans to give refugees jobs.

YouGov says that there’s reason to believe backlash will impact the chain’s bottom line. Two days before Starbucks’ announcement, 30% of consumers said they’d consider buying from Starbucks the next time they were craving coffee, the highest proportion in nearly a year. Now, the percentage is down to 24%, according to YouGov.

Boycott Starbucks. If you prefer your coffee without the “Allahu Akbar” greeting.

7 thoughts on “Kosher Coffee King Starbucks Reeling from America’s Anger Over Plan to Hire 10,000 Immigrants

  1. I have never stepped inside a Starbucks nor an Apple store.
    i would like to mention (((Ben and Jerrys))) NY shite as the most overpriced icecream I have ever seen anywhere. I have never tasted it. Must be the best in the world for the ridiculous prices charged.
    Some cunning (((sellers))) know that high price often means high quality as with luxury brand items. So place a high price on garbage and some people will buy it.

    (((Starbucks))) told the Tax man they had not made a bean in Australia. The Australian Tax Office has an excellent name and shame polciy of those companies which pay, oh, maybe 1 per cent or less on their total sales from their published business reports. I have never looked it up but it would be freely available, but I fear the big guys get off Scot free as in UK reports down below. I have seen a subset list in a newspaper – some of the big US company names are there. . i will bet that Kosher outfits should be right at the top, along with cult brands like Apple and Nike.
    Here is a report from the UK of the crookedness of Starbucks, Amazon and Nike. Probably eBay and PayPal should be on the list. Yet it is the little guy who gets named and shamed.

    “‘It seems that only little people pay tax and only little people are named and shamed.” I wonder if the big companies pay bribes to politicians and tax department heads rather than pay any actual tax? Why do Australia and the UK allow US multinational to take profits out, but pay no income tax? Why not boot them out altogether? If Starbucks left Australia then there would be more room for traditional coffee shops, of which there are a gazillion. Same for Amazon. Ban them from Australia unless they pay a fair share of tax.

      • I ordered a coffee once when no other coffee shop as around; the coffee was like the dirty crankcase oil from a 58 Edsel with 500,000 miles on it or like Godzilla’s piss. I entered one 2 more time to use the men’s room but there was no toilet paper and h soap container was empty.

        When ever possible I buy my coffee at a mom’n’pop coffee house that uses local roasters; as expensive as coffee is these days, the mom’n’pop coffee is 100 times better and still costs less than Starbucks.

        But great news if they are in fact hurting from getting a dope slap from those who are awake

  2. Christ, only a god-damned jew could sell sh*tty coffee for $5 a cup to gullible goy hipsters and yuppies who think it is fashionable to be seen drinking Jewbux coffee while talking on their Iphone and typing on their Apple laptop. Wish I had thought of it.

      • I also am baffled by the huge increase in people buying take away coffee at similar prices. Nobody carries a thermos flask any more? Or is the public addicted to caffeine from drinking Coca Cola and those high caffeine small cans, whatever they are called?
        A lot of these take away coffee drinkers are office workers, who could make a free cup at work.

  3. Look at the symbolism in the logo. She is naked, just her hair covering her tits. She’s got her legs up in the air, but they are disguised. The 5 pointed star represents the imperfect goyim.
    The crown means she is a royal goy, but still ready to get screwed.

    Don’t give your bucks to the star of the middle east.

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