Race Baiting Negress Reporter Claims Trump Said Whites Built America


Heh, heh. Donald Trump has the dumbest leftists imagining things and then defending what they imagine.

Negress April Ryan is having her 15 minutes of fame for her claim that President Trump said that white people built America.

It’s too bad he didn’t say it. He should say it.

Wasington Examiner

White House reporter April Ryan is adamant that she heard President Trump say during the campaign that “white” America was responsible for building the country.

In a series of Twitter messages between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Ryan defended her claim.

“A question: So what does ‘we built this country’ mean in front of a predominantly white crowd?” Ryan said in one tweet.

In another message, she produced a clip from a campaign rally in 2016, in which Trump said, “We cannot let our First Amendment rights be taken away from us, folks.” He added, “We are law-abiding people. We’re people that work very hard, we’re people that built this country and made this country great. And we’re all together.”

Trump also said he and his supporters have to “fight back” against “organized, professionally staged wise guys.”

The rally was hosted in Ohio, one day after a separate rally was canceled in Chicago amid violent protests that many believe was racially charged and critics say was delibrately provoked by Trump.

Ryan, who works for American Urban Radio Networks, noted that the crowd was “predominantly white” as evidence that Trump was specifically referring to white people, even though he never mentioned race.

Ryan declined to comment on the issue when reached by the Washington Examiner.


6 thoughts on “Race Baiting Negress Reporter Claims Trump Said Whites Built America

  1. Whether Trump said it or not, Whites built America from the first permanent settlement at Jamestown to the Apollo moon landing. Western civilization was the brainchild of Europe and the race of Europe was white. No one ever claimed it was perfect but in the wretchedness of man it is the closet thing to the ideal state. Since history is written by the winners it is a tragedy to see these pygmies inserting themselves among Giants.

  2. But… whites did build america… I mean, no matter how much they claim that blacks were slaves and other things, whites were still the majority and doing most of the work. Not to mention that most slaves were brought by JEWS and only a minority of whites had black slaves in the first place. Also, no one ever mentions white slaves for some reason.

  3. Trump saying something like this is akin to him saying that the sky is blue. The only thing negroes did is pick cotton and maybe tobacco. I would not say that that equates to building America.

  4. Very telling… Did she chicken out? Or she has no spine to stand up for what she claimed via twitter?

    “Ryan declined to comment on the issue when reached by the Washington Examiner.”

    Maybe Diamond & Silk got on her case, lol.

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