#pizzagate, #pedogate: Trump Going After Human Traffickers (Video)

The elite pedophiles are shaking with fear now. President Trump’s convening of today’s meeting with human trafficking experts is the most important news item of the day. In fact, it has the potential to be the most important story of all time if pedophiles like Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Lindsay Graham, Barney Frank, and so many others among the power elites can be brought to justice.

Published on Feb 23, 2017

President Trump Meeting with Anti-Human Trafficking experts 2/23/17

Sample comments:

He’s putting them on notice. PizzaGate PedoGate

Solve the human trafficking epidemic, starting with pizzagate and make America great again. Solve pedogate and make the world great again.

Unless you purge the CIA nothing will come of this

LOL who give a fuck if his daughter was there? Put these pedos in the dirt, President Trump!

I can’t believe this shit. Praise whatever higher power is controlling this timeline.


Looks like what many have know for a long time now is finally coming to light of the public eye. When trump is successful in routing out this den of vipers he will go down in history as the most important man of our time.

15 thoughts on “#pizzagate, #pedogate: Trump Going After Human Traffickers (Video)

  1. I hope the results are going to be to close this down at it’s highest levels. I have noticed a headline at one site which has reported that the Washington Post has hired Podesta.

    Scum at the highest levels have gotten away with these things and worse – such as open treason against the USA, and the massive open drug trafficking – for too damn many years. Some high-level convictions would do wonders to restore people’s confidence.

    • I don’t see a better place to leave this link for you, Paladin, and it has more good news regarding Trump. I would not know how to check these numbers even if right in front of me [There is a link there], but here is what this site below has to say.

      “US Debt Slashed By 12 Billion In Trump’s First Month”

      “Inheriting a national debt of $19,947 billion – an enormous figure that was thought irreversible and had been blowing out by billions every day Obama was in office – President Trump immediately got to work and began turning the situation around.

      On February 21st, just month later, the US debt load stood at $19,935 billion – a reduction of $12 billion, and the first time in decades a President has turned the debt clock backwards.”


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  3. I never heard of this ex-CIA guy, Steele, until the past week when Henry posted some of his links. He almost gets a “red flag” for fearmongering (especially item #2).

    Have you ever heard of that Steele guy? What do you think?

  4. Paladin, There does not appear to be verifiable documentation or confirmation on this as of yet, but it sounds par for the course in so many ways. The report is, “BREAKING!!! EXCLUSIVE!!! CNN Insider Leaks to VL!!”

    “We received an email tonight from an unconfirmed CNN insider. Since we JUST received this information, we have not had time to fully vet everything, but we are currently working on confirming the source.

    What this insider has told us is:
    •John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton and other republicans are in regular contact with Wolf Blitzer and Tapper, leaking negative info on Trump.
    •The talking points against Trump are handed down by Jeff Zucker, and his lapdog is Brian Stelter. Everyone here is mad as hell at being accused of pushing fake news. But that is what they do.

    The insider claims on Sunday (2/19/17), the order came down to smear Trump with anti-semitic accusations. The insider says “They decide what subject to smear Trump with and it’s always Zucker telling Stelter – and Stelter works with Wolf, Cuomo, and Tapper, and sometimes Gloria is consulted.”


      • I’m not surprised about Cotton. I have observed him since he first ran for Senator, and it was obvious that he was being groomed for bigger things by you know (((who))), and I have my own suspicions about his own pedigree, although I’m certain it would not be “officially” showing and carefully hidden. Arkansas is fully under control by a great number of Freemasons, and a few of them, who manage things for those who run them. Whoever the source is seems to know the in and outs, and let’s hope there is something solid behind what was said in that report.

        Here is something else which should be useful against at least one of the biggest of those traitors, and should be easy to confirm.

        “BUSTED: Open Borders Hero John McCain Lives in Exclusive $15 Million Remote Mountain Compound Surrounded by Water, Fences, Ridges”

        “While millions of Arizonians and Americans have to battle the incredible influx of illegal aliens daily, Arizona Sen. John McCain is tucked safely away in a heavily guarded and shrouded remote compound in the Arizona mountains.

        McCain’s property outside Sedona is so secret that very few photos even exist of the property.”


    • Here is an article that I’m glad someone is doing. It is on one of the most neglected issues involving the jewed MSM and television. These “talk shows” are nothing other than Marxist drivel, but they can and have been used very effectively against unaware Americans, basically because they are viewed as an “avant-garde” type of humor. Humor is one of the most potent of propagandizing techniques when it is dressed in leftist suits. They began as being liberal, but have advanced so far to the left that conservatism and Americanism is not in view.

      “Leftist Late Night Shows Acting as Modern Day Propaganda”


  5. Paladin, That CNN story does seem to have some legs. The site below is calling for some help transcribing tapes. I’m not sure it’s the same occurrence as in the story above, but it looks as if things can soon become very interesting. I want to make sure that you see all of this so I’ll leave a comment in another post to try to refer you back here.

    “Project Veritas was given over 200 hours of audio from an anonymous source earlier this month.”


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