Massive Anaheim Protests Target White Cop Who Fought “Teen” Mob in HIS FRONT YARD

Mexicans and Naggers aren’t accustomed to the white man fighting back.

Watch the embedded video of the whole incident. You will LOVE it.

Slanted title at Metro News:

Off-duty police officer fired gun while confronting children for walking on his lawn

Children, my ass. The black and Chicano thugs in this story were huge, nasty, and threatening. This is one instance in which blacks and Mexicans cooperated to harass the WRONG white man.

In this picture, you can see that they were on HIS lawn attacking him.

In all honesty, in moments like this, where I look at that picture and see an elderly white man instead of a vigorous white cop with a gun, my hatred of the Negroid and Mexican races rages.

An off-duty police officer was filmed almost shooting young teenagers near his home in California, sparking huge protests on the streets of the city.

In disturbing footage, the officer confronted a group of teenagers whom he accused of walking on his front garden.

The confrontation escalated, with the officer scuffling first with one boy – 13-year-old Christian Dorscht – and then with the entire group of kids, who were all unarmed. He then fired a shot, sending the children running away.

At one point Christian can be heard saying ‘I’m only 13’, as the others keep telling the officer to ‘let him go’.

Soon afterwards, however, more officers arrived on the scene and detained the children. Two of them were arrested.

The officer, who is as yet unnamed, claims that one of the kids threatened to ‘shoot’ him – however, that teenager says he actually threatened to ‘sue’ him. The teens also say the officer called a girl who was walking on the garden a ‘c*nt’.

The shocking incident took place in Anaheim at around 2.40pm on Tuesday.

Protesters then took to the streets on Wednesday, chanting ‘Whose streets? Our streets’, ‘Don’t shoot our kids’, ‘Shame on you’, and ‘No justice, no peace, fuck the police’.

Late on Wednesday night the boy’s father, Johnny Dorscht, said he was ‘pretty pissed off about what happened’.

‘You could talk to anybody, my son has very good manners,’ he told local paper Orange County Weekly.

We know, Mr. Dorscht. He dindu nuffins.

‘He does good in school and isn’t disrespectful or anything like that. We’re going to find legal representation and be suing. This is BS.

‘Even the cops, when they got there, they had all the kids down. They didn’t even go after the guy.’

Christian’s mum Alma Jimenez addressed protesters in a video posted to her Facebook page.

‘You almost killed my child,’ she said, referring to the police officer. ‘Stop shooting our kids. This is my son – he is 13 years old, he was not armed.

‘He [the officer] was. He pulled out, he reached for his weapon, he intended to use it.’

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait assured protesters there would be a ‘thorough, impartial’ investigation into the incident.

‘Like many in the community, I’ve seen the video and I’m very concerned about what it shows,’ he said, according to ABC7.

‘Anaheim is committed to a full and impartial investigation. Our city will move forward without delay.’

It’s like we keep saying by presenting the evidence. Diversity doesn’t work. It’s very stressful.

20 thoughts on “Massive Anaheim Protests Target White Cop Who Fought “Teen” Mob in HIS FRONT YARD

  1. Yeah of course, they want the sue the police officer… WHEN HE WAS ATTACKED ON HIS OWN PROPERTY

    God this is so annoying… Not to mention that he didn’t even try to kill anyone, he just shot as a warning to scare them off, which helped. Obviously, he didn’t intend to kill anyone, which he could have easily and claimed self defense (since, again, it was on his own property).

  2. I know that all of those beaners and the spook were innocent little angels who dindu nuffins. These “children” knew the man was a LEO. They assaulted him and threatened him. This may have been a set-up. Who knows at this point. A person is fully justified in telling someone to “get off of my lawn”. For them to react by threatening the guy and filming the whole incident indicates to me that these beaners and the spook may have planned this. The LEO was in his right to arrest the beaner who threatened him. His weapon discharged, because he was struggling with the beaner with one hand and had the weapon in his other hand. The little cockroaches sure scattered when it fired. This incident is a bad omen of things to come with niggers and spics especially in nigger/spic -fuxxated places like Anaheim. The spic/nigger parents should have been chastising their chirruns for behaving the way they did. Instead, these mutants blame the LEO. Then more beaners and spooks show up to threaten the LEO at his home, and they riot in the streets. We will see much more of this.

  3. One more more thing. In my father’s and grandfather’s time, these little spics and spooks would never have dared challenge a white guy, especially a LEO, like this. These little pecker-heads are already primed to be felons. I would venture that some of them already have juvenile records. There was a time when these people knew their place. This video illustrates perfectly why these sub-humans have no place in our Caucasian society. Blood will be coming.

  4. So even if you don’t shoot them you will be ruined simply for defending your own property? This now means you have nothing to lose by shooting them. Where are the White counter-demonstrators defending one of their own? Oh, there’s one, virtue-signalling in solidarity with the mystery-meats.

    • Sadly, white people have to work while the nonwhites who don’t work love to shit stir. While the cop here may be fired and is certainly being demonized, if he had killed the little monsters, he’d be facing murder charges. I’m not sure it’s worth it. A defense attorney in a murder case, a good one, would charge you around $200,000.

  5. Latrinos are nothing more than Indians with a little Iberian DNA mixed in-about time to resurrect Andrew Jackson and have “The Trail of Tears Part II”

  6. Mexicans don’t demonstrate how truly low-life they really are until they become numerically dominant, and they breed fast, bringing extended families as if there are thousands. They put on somewhat of an act – until then. I’ve seen that in action before, lived under it for a while along the border, and it is not pretty for the White people who are not accustomed to being dominated by majorities of aliens who act more like animals and who truly are openly racist against all Whites and who want to believe that they are superior, and who are innately aware that they never will be – except by numbers.

    These liberals who are so misguided now will find that out as time goes on, and as those Mexies join with others under the leadership of the jews in the programs and emboldened by the jewish press, and will wish that they had never ever seen or heard of a mexican, a jew or any non-White. We need to get all of them out, back across our borders and close down the jew monopolies over our media and press – forever.

    • It’s not just Mexicans but here in the Northeast, besides taco bonders, we are inundated with Puta Ricans, Goowhatemallens. and other south of zeee border kangs and self proclaimed godz. They also breed like cockroaches and once they reach critical mass, they sub-human nature comes out with force..”keel zee gringo peegs, keep zer babies and zer old gringos. show no mercy”…..etc etc

      A lot of Eastern mass cities and towns when not totally niggerfuxated you would swear you were whisked away to some 4th world cesspool. The city I was born and raised in in close to 80% spicano, as are many new England cities.

      A lot of Puta Ricans here could easily pass for African feral porch monkeys as they piss in each others gene pool

  7. I watched it and the cop was in the right. He was entitled to arrest the young mud blood and those trying to stop him by violence are guilty of a felony. The ape admitted he had deliberately damaged some plant in the cops garden. He knew it was private property and not public or a right of way.

    However, the USA of the 1950s has gone forever. Californian bungalows with manicured lawns etc. If you want to live like that you now have to put a six foot fence right around your property. Then, shooting invaders inside this locked fence may be legal. Better to wait for them to break in to your locked house, where you live and sleep and then it is usually legal to kill home invaders especially if women and children are sleeping inside. Not when the Spics and Coons are running away however. Also not legal if you are white are they are Coons or mudbloods with Holy DNA.
    Only whites are required to obey laws and pay taxes, in general.

    • What incredible is the slanted FAKE NEWS reporting on the incident. Thirty or forty years ago the man would have clearly been within his rights. Now, a shit storm is rising intending to take him and his white privilege down. Home ownership and nice lawns are racist now.

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