Traitor John McCain: When “Tokyo Rose” Ran for President


This excerpt explains why Ron Unz, who had long admired John McCain, came to the realization that he is a traitor. The piece was published two years ago, but is timely given McCain’s efforts to delegitimize President Trump.

Excerpt from

Everything suddenly changed in June 2008 when I read a long article by an unfamiliar writer on the leftist Counterpunch website. Shocking claims were made that McCain may never have been tortured and that he instead spent his wartime captivity collaborating with his captors and broadcasting Communist propaganda, a possibility that seemed almost incomprehensible to me given all the thousands of contrary articles that I had absorbed over the decades from the mainstream media. How could this one article on a small website be the truth about McCain’s war record and everything else be total falsehood? The evidence was hardly overwhelming, with the piece being thinly sourced and written in a meandering fashion by an obscure author, but the claims were so astonishing that I made some effort to investigate the matter, though without any real success.

However, those new doubts about McCain were still in my mind a few months later when I stumbled upon Sidney Schanberg’s massively documented expose about McCain’s role in the POW/MIA cover up, a vastly greater scandal. This time I was presented with a mountain of hard evidence gathered by one of America’s greatest wartime journalists, a Pulitzer Prize winning former top editor at The New York Times. In the years since then, other leading journalists have praised Schanberg’s remarkable research, now giving his conclusions the combined backing of four New York Times Pulitzer Prizes, while two former Republican Congressmen who had served on the Intelligence Committee have also strongly corroborated his account.

In 1993 the front page of the New York Times broke the story that a Politburo transcript found in the Kremlin archives fully confirmed the existence of the additional POWs, and when interviewed on the PBS Newshour former National Security Advisors Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that the document was very likely correct and that hundreds of America’s Vietnam POWs had indeed been left behind. In my opinion, the reality of Schanberg’s POW story is now about as solidly established as anything can be that has not yet received an official blessing from the American mainstream media. And the total dishonesty of that media regarding both the POW story and McCain’s leading role in the later cover up soon made me very suspicious of all those other claims regarding John McCain’s supposedly heroic war record. Our American Pravda is simply not to be trusted on any “touchy” topics.

It is certainly acknowledged that considerable numbers of American POWs were indeed tortured in Vietnam, but it is far from clear that McCain was ever one of them. As the original Counterpunch article pointed out, throughout almost the entire war McCain was held at a special section for the best-behaving prisoners, which was where he allegedly produced his Communist propaganda broadcasts and perhaps became such good friends with his guards as they later claimed. Top-ranking former POWs held at the same prison, such as Colonels Ted Guy and Gordon “Swede” Larson, have gone on the record saying they are very skeptical regarding McCain’s claims of torture.

McCain, looking healthy upon his release, is seen in this video. Many others were left behind in North Vietnam.

All of this raises the question of whether Soros and others have information about McCain and are using it to blackmail the traitor. Something odd is driving his behavior, for sure. I feel certain that President Trump knows the truth about the “Songbird,” but is finding it difficult to rein in McCain without creating another hissy fit by the press.

13 thoughts on “Traitor John McCain: When “Tokyo Rose” Ran for President

      • I was in San Diego in avionics training classes when the Forrestal fire occurred. All the lifers knew that McCain was a f***up and traitor from day 1, as he was called Songbird McCain fro spilling secrets to North Vietnamese when he was in the Hanoi Hilton POW camp.
        He also got the nickname of Jonny Wetstart for a favorite stunt he pulled when readying for takeoff. He would flood the engine with fuel then “ignition” sending a giant flame out of the tailpipe. Unfortunately on the fateful day the flame cooked off wing mounted rockets on a neighboring plane; rocket exploded, neighboring plane exposed and the rest was like dominos on a crowed flight deck.

        In a sane world he should have faced probable DD and loss of all benefits and possible prison time….but his daddy was an admiral, rank has it’s privileges and McCain was/is as rank as they come. He also should have faced treason charges for singing the North Vietnamese but again he was protected

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  2. Special Ops commander Bo Gritz insisted long ago that the intelligence indicating that many American soldiers were never returned from captivity in Vietnam was absolutely beyond question. Nothing new: over 20,000 Americans and over 20,000 Brits are reported to have disappeared from military duty into the GULAG of ally “Uncle Joe” Stalin after WWII.

  3. I read this article last week. John McCain did not just become a scumbag after he left the Navy and became a skeezy, corrupt politician. He was always a sociopath. A leopard does not change its spots.

  4. A colleague once told me that if you have any sort of political position at a state or federal level then there is a 99% chance that you have someone operating from higher up with blackmailing info against you. Almost zero chance of having a democracy fully function with that kind of leverage operating…

  5. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree–“know them by their fruit.” His father was squarely in the service of Zion when the shtetl on the Eastern Med. bombed the USS Liberty.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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