Divide and Conquer Tactic Against Whites Alleged in Wake of MILO’s Destruction by the Left

If MILO Yiannopolous was known for anything, it was his love of “big black cock” and his love of “Daddy” Trump. In the video below, there’s no BBC, but there is MILO and some fag fans pretending to start building Trump’s wall at the Mexican border.


The video above might be the gayest thing you’ve seen in your whole life.

In fact any appearance by MILO might be one of the gayest things you’ve ever seen.

So how deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go with MILO?

What if he was a (((media))) creation, manufactured according to a plan to take over conservatism and the alt-right and then destroy them?

Certainly, the paid commenters on Twitter and comments sections are pushing hard the notion that conservatives and white nationalists are pedophiles because our leader MILO is a pedophile. That’s bullsh*t, but that’s what I’m seeing everywhere.

An embrace of homosexuality associated with “big black cocks” as exemplified by MILO is not a feature of either the alt-right or traditional conservatism. MILO was not alt-right or conservative, but conservatism fell for his schtick. I think the alt-right showed a little more resistance.

Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Union, which sponsors the big annual CPAC meeting in Washington, is the man who invited MILO Yiannopolous to speak before disinviting him for comments made about underage sex and about Jews. Before disinviting him, Schlapp (is he a Jew?) faced withering criticism from other conservatives for bringing in a degenerate pervert to CPAC.

Let’s try to put the evidence for a Jewish conspiracy to destroy white identity together from several sources.

New Yorker

In the face of the growing outrage, Schlapp at first stood by his decision. Then, over the weekend, the videos of Yiannopoulos began to circulate. In one clip, he cavalierly approves of sex with thirteen-year-olds and suggests that he once attended a party at which minors were sexually assaulted. In another, he talks about the “statistical fact” that “Jews own most of the banks” and “completely dominate the media.”

Yiannopoulos told me that he regretted the statements, and that they were simply his way of dealing with being sexually assaulted when he was younger. “I’m gay, as you know,” he said. “And I’m somebody that this happened to. I’m somebody who has been on the receiving end of child abuse. I kind of thought I could talk about it how I pleased. Does that make sense? I sort of felt like I owned the subject and I was entitled to come to terms with that and express myself about that however I pleased.” He continued, “I don’t believe sex with a thirteen-year-old is O.K. When I mentioned the number thirteen, I was talking about myself. I was talking about the age that I lost my virginity.”

He also addressed his claim about Jewish control of the media. “My mother is Jewish. I was raised Jewish,” he said. “I said we are proportionally overrepresented in some industries, and I don’t think pointing out that fact is anti-Semitic.”

The explanations were too late. Before we got off the phone, Schlapp had already disinvited Yiannopoulos. Later in the day, Simon & Schuster cancelled his book contract, which had reportedly been worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

An opinion piece published at CBS News suggests that conservatism has imploded over the MILO controversy.

Much already has been made of conservatism’s trajectory from sober intellectuals like William F. Buckley to the likes of Milo and Trump. Some would argue that this downward spiral is less severe than it initially looks, if only because Buckley, with his antediluvian notions of race relations, is an overrated figure to begin with.

There’s something to that way of thinking, but it also obscures the fact that conservatism was, until rather recently, a system of ideas that had to be taken seriously. It was mostly coherent, it had arguments with merit, and it animated a political movement that from time to time could form a governing majority. It is now none of those things.

But even as the religion dies, the church services persist. CPAC is an important ritual for conservatives, as silly for the more serious among them as it always is. So the fact that they would choose noted non-conservative Milo as a speaker in the first place is a scandal, and more than that, an admission of conservatism’s increasing irrelevance.

Milo doesn’t really make arguments. He provokes. That’s his job, and he did it rather well until recently when it all blew up in his face. The fact that he upsets the left was apparently enough for the ACU to point to him as the future of right. Conservatives have embraced vacuous thinkers and writers before, of course. But in the past they’ve at least claimed to be conservative.

Instead, Milo brags about his promiscuity, his many lovers, how he “chose to be gay” as an act of rebellion against his parents. One wonders what Buckley would have made of all that, especially when combined with Milo’s oft-stated preference for black men.

Interestingly, Milo brings up that preference with such regularity because he’s so often accused of racism, and there is no doubt a strain of white identity politics that flows through his writings and performances.

As I noted in my earlier post on the destruction of MILO, regardless of his degeneracy he did give white college students a subtle pro-white message: It’s OK to be white, no matter what your professors tell you. Because of his gender identity and his Jewishness, he was the only one able to effectively get that message across.

Richard Spencer will try to bring a pro-white message to universities, but he will fail. MILO will never be allowed to speak at a university again, at least not for a long time.

White youths will now be back in the closet, denying the white pride they should be feeling.

Is that an outcome that was planned in advance?

If you have 20 minutes watch the embedded video below. The gist of it is that MILO was a character in a play, authored by Jewish leftists, out to destroy conservatism. The speaker, who uses a lot of f-words, is no Trump fan. He’s a traditional conservative, angry that other conservatives gave their seal of approval to MILO.

In putting this piece together, I found this piece at Occidental Dissent to be worth a read. The Reagan Battalion, the group that took down MILO is associated with #nevertrump Evan McMullin, according to the Daily Caller. If I recall correctly McMullin is a Mormon puppet of the Jews. His Wikipedia entry shows that he worked in Israel and is “former” CIA (is anyone ever former CIA?).


11 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer Tactic Against Whites Alleged in Wake of MILO’s Destruction by the Left

  1. Yes, that Brokeback Mountain Construction crew video has to be the gayest thing I’ve ever seen! Whatever his positions or purpose we shouldn’t claim Milo as one of us. He’s a dog and pony show sooner or later the old ‘nigger in the woodpile’ whose going to make our agenda look crazed and probably degenerate.

      • Milo was an unwitting agenteur. It was so plain to see yet I had to continuously remind people of it. I don’t believe he even knew because his narcissism wouldn’t let him. Time to go back to reality and the real cause…

  2. The jews attempt to control all aspects of any discussion, including conservative discussions, which represents the traditional views for most White Americans. The jews certainly have a disproportionate share on the leftist end, which they often try to portray as “Progressive” when it’s actually jewish-Marxist communist doctrine and philosophy, but that is not enough for them and they try to infiltrate and disrupt any movement which may be White. The jews changed the message and direction of the Tea Party, making it become ineffective and portraying it as an anti-tax movement, and they are skilled at doing those types of subversions in groups which are propounding conservative principles.

    I don’t know about Schlapp, but the jews have already infiltrated and gained control over too many “conservative” organizations. Conservatives are easy dupes for jewry and have not learned about jewish duplicities and are thus very easy targets for jewry. The jews would gaggle like geese if one of them was denied a part in the groups, but the jews are always divisive and try to define and control the activities and public positions from within any movement. If it isn’t a known jew who is doing it, they will find a Crypto-jew, or they will buy or blackmail a figurehead white traitor into doing it for them.

    • Even here, a chunky percentage of alt whateverist postings are by and about Jews. Milo, Shouldice, Molyneax to name just a few. The 2% control 98% of the discussion.
      Is it because nobody reads anymore and videos are essential to get any attention?
      In NSW, the higher school syllabus has just been dumbed down.
      In 1965 it was necessary to study 12 or so books of literature including several novels.
      Now only 4 books must be studied and none have to be novels.
      I wonder if comic books will be on the high school syllabus before too long?

  3. I’m going to leave an extracts from part of a post which Infostormer had regarding Milo and about some of jewry’s infiltration tactics, which I thought was good in exposing him and jewry’s tactics, and placing them into proper perspective.

    “To those who say that MILO’s demise is something to partially mourn, I ask you the following questions:

    1.Would you rather it have happened two, three, or five years from now when he would be likely controlling the entire Breitbart media empire?

    2.Would you rather it have happened after he got endorsements from Alt-Light or Alt-Right political figures, social leaders, and possibly even Glorious Leader himself (many Cuckservatives actually think that a self-described “Black Dick Supremacist” could usher in a family values revolution)?

    3.Or do you think it is better that the media Jews blew their load (sorry for the explicit reference) long before MILO grew too powerful and too well-known among the normies?

    And this last question is definitely filled with facts, as it is now clear that this was part of a coordinated effort – details and true motives still unclear – to destroy the pederast/pedophile/regular homosexual Jew through the viral reach of a video that has actually been circulating around the tubes for months.

    No matter what, though, we need to take this as a sign that the Jews as a collective are panicking like never before in this country’s history, and are now utilizing their “nuclear options” against those they deem their enemies – including fellow Tribesmen that brag about being banged up the butt for 18 hours by their Black boyfriends”.

    • Excellent quotes re MILO. There’s so much to his rise and fall that I personally can’t always get out all my jumbled thoughts in a clear manner. What I would add here, to clarify and possibly repeat myself, is that MILO is someone I was willing to tolerate, but not praise very much.

      The press is who anointed him the voice of the alt-right and the voice of conservatism. The press was looking for eyeballs since he was not our voice. We didn’t pick him as our leader.

      His views intersected ours about feminists and free speech related to condemning the egalitarian myth. Great! No one else could get on campus and express those views. But he, being a flamboyant fag, had to mix up his anti-feminist, pro-white message with his own black penis faggotry. Not good.

      Like I said, those quotes you posted are excellent. They clarify a number of issues, including the point that the Jews are willing to go after a rogue Jew who steps even a foot or two off the plantation.

      • I thought those were great comments, too, Paladin, and supplemental to your posting on the matter. I really don’t understand how you can accomplish all that you do and keep it all together. It would be too much for me to handle, just on the technical parts if nothing else.

        The (((media))) is approaching meltdown mode because they are no longer capable of controlling messages or content. Another recent posting from over at Infostormer illustrates this.

        “MSNBC is another disreputable fake news outlet. One of their morning hosts Mika Brzezinski expressed frustration at Donald Trump’s ability to control the political narrative. During her rant she actually said that it is the media’s job to tell people what to think!”.


      • “The press is who anointed him the voice of the alt-right and the voice of conservatism.”

        IOW: a straw-man. (((They’ve))) always played both sides.

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