David Duke: Donald Trump is an Anti-Semite

Here’s an interesting effort to smear Donald Trump as an anti-semite. Compare this opinion of Trump to Trump’s statement against antisemitism in the video embedded in the preceding post.

If only Trump were up to speed on Jewish mischief. I believe that Trump is doing nothing to stop the $38 billion in aid that Obama approved for Israel before he left office. He’s met Bibi in the White House, and now he’s speaking out against antisemitism.

Jewish Forward

Former Ku Klux Klan head David Duke wants to end the debate. Is President Trump anti-Semitic?

Yes, avowed white supremacist Duke says. But is that such a bad thing?

In a February 20 podcast, Duke started by offering his very own definition of anti-Semitism. “What is anti-Semitism? What is the proper definition of an anti-Semite?”

From his regular monitoring of Jewish press and orgaizations, Duke said in his podcast: “an anti-Semite is not simply someone who doesn’t like Jews, they define an anti-Semite as someone, anyone, who opposes the organized Jewish agenda.” Trump, Duke believes, does just that.

“They see Trump as a huge enemy,” Duke said. “They hate Donald Trump because he opposes their agenda.”

Jews, Duke said, “incite everybody against Americans” and for the Jewish establishment, Trump is an “existential threat.”

Duke supported Trump throughout the president’s campaign. And he continues to offer his full-throated support, even though he struggles to make sense of his support for the Jewish state.

When Trump speaks about Israel, Duke said, it “makes me cringe when I hear it.”

11 thoughts on “David Duke: Donald Trump is an Anti-Semite

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  2. Sounds about right to me! Jews are always whining yet we give them more of our tax dollars then any other enemy state!Thats right I said enemy because,unlike Iran,Iraq,Libya, Russia ..Israel has attacked us on at least 3 occasions..the Levon affair, USS Liberty and 911. Trump does need to stop the 38 billion of out tax dollars going to a parasite country that HAS attacked us! “Waaa Trump didn’t mention the Jews during Holohoax Remembrance Day”. .. maybe because the number of others (Gentiles) who died in those labor camps outnumbered the Jews so that was the polically ethical thing to say! This 💩 turd is a liability for the Us and always has been

  3. I suppose everyone saw Ivanka’s statement about bomb threats on Jewish synagogues, the U.S. has always supported religious tolerance…blah, blah, blah! Actually, Christians were much smarter in the past and not at all tolerant of other religions. Why should they when God doesn’t recognize them?

    I believe she put Trump up to making the statement about anti-Semitism during his presser at the Black museum.

    She was registered a Democrat, so should she be pushing liberal issues, not only about Jews, but on LGBT and ‘feminists’ rights’? Both might learn very soon, many of us aren’t happy about it.

    • I know that you (and I) are one of Trump’s biggest supporters. Like you, I’m not happy about certain things he’s doing, but as long as he’s trying to rein in the Jewish Deep State I can live with certain things he does. He’s already taking massive heat on the bathroom issue.

  4. The term “anti-semite” is meaningless. All jews and Arabic people are semitic. Jews realized that hurling that term against us evil goys was an effective weapon to shut down any criticism of jews and could mean anything they want it to mean. It has as much meaning as the word “racist”. I am not an anti-semite, I just hate deceitful, obnoxious, insidious jews.

  5. I left this comment and link at another post, but it illustrates very well the hypocrisy of jews when it comes to Trump.

    This is something everyone should be aware about so far as technological involvements by jewry, and it’s subversive potentials, especially in light of their spying and disinfo capabilities.

    “Articoolo [a company based in Tel Aviv and founded by Tal, a lawyer with a 15-year track record in the tech industry] markets itself to websites looking for text that has been optimized for search engines, in order to attract more visitors. The company says its software can write a short article about any subject, and that no two articles are ever the same. A user searches for a topic like illegal immigration, for instance, or the best wines. The site then uses an algorithm to find material already out there on the web and transforms it just enough to qualify as a new thing.
    The company is backed by Plus Ventures, an Israeli investment firm that says it focuses on “fast growth technology and media ventures,” including more than two dozen other tech startups.”


    • “site then uses an algorithm to find material already out there on the web and transforms it just enough to qualify as a new thing.”

      Looks to me like Articoolo lifted content from Trump’s inaugural address that was all over the internet. Sounds fishy to me.

  6. An anti semite is anyone who opposes any policy that Jews like, such as swamping white countries with Coons, Asians and Muslims, or who mentions Jew crimes in say the Soviet Union, or tells the truth about the (((Fed))) or the Jew Commie traitors in the State Dept and the Manhattan Project, etc.

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