Yanked from the Classroom: Pro-Trump Immigration Comment Leaves White Woman Teacher in Trouble


A patriotic white woman finds herself in hot water in this story because she supports the president of the United States’ decision to enforce the law.

This is what die-versity does. If it doesn’t actually physically kill you, it has a dozen other ways to destroy you.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A Florida elementary teacher at a predominately Latino school had her job reassigned after she made a Facebook post during school hours that supported mass deportation.

Veronica Fleming had her classroom taken away after she made a status that said she was ‘glad about massive deportation’ and there would be ‘less mouths to feed’ on Thursday.

The teacher at Parkside Elementary School, where 96 per cent of students are a minority, thanked President Trump after sharing an article about immigrant protests.

The demographic of the school in Naples, Florida, is a majority of non-white pupils, with 70 per cent Latino and 20 per cent Haitian, causing outrage among parents.

The principal was alerted to the status when parents began calling the school in complaint a few hours after it posted, NBC 2 reported.

The situation was then turned over to the deputy superintendent and human resources, and they made the joint decision to reassign the teacher and have an investigation.

Make them fire you, Veronica. Don’t quit. After they fire you, find a white lawyer and sue their asses. Nonwhites are pathetic losers who hate you for your white skin and your intelligence.

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17 thoughts on “Yanked from the Classroom: Pro-Trump Immigration Comment Leaves White Woman Teacher in Trouble

  1. Bravo for her. And she wasn’t fired, she was reassigned to administrative duties. Probly sick of teaching the unteachable dirty spics and niggers anyway.

    • Yeah, wouldn’t that be a slap in their dirty faces. On the other hand, you have to pick your battles. Posting this comment on FB opened her up to the school admin to see it and condemn her, and rightly so, since its her job to teach the little shits. She should know by now from past cases, that posting ANYTHING in a public forum, as others have done and been fired for, is going to get you caught.

      If she hated it so bad, she should have quietly made plans to move to another district that has more Whites. She could also get certified to teach in all White private schools. Bitching in a public forum is only going to set us back from our war.

      • This lady should not give up her rights. Too many have already done so, which is one of the biggest of our White problems. She was in the right and should be supported, not only by all of us, but by her and [what should be] our government. These problems won’t be corrected unless people are willing to make a stand for their rights. She deserves full support.

  2. “where 96 per cent of students are a minority”.

    One day this will be “the white 1% majority”.

    In 1900 there were three white men for every black man on the planet. In 2050 there will be three black men for every white man. (Pat Buchanan is my source).

    Whites are already a minority in this world and always have been.

    Civilisation is approaching a black out.

    • They are overwhelming us. Once we are gone, so will the dogs, cats, and wildlife I love also be gone. I periodically mourn for them.

      In the meantime, I (and you too) do what we can to fight the extinction of our species and the species that depend on us.

  3. Same in Britain. Senior citizens are having to remain at work and pay taxes, whilst fit young men live in luxury hotels at the taxpayers expense.

    Who would want to pay taxes so others can lay in bed ?

    Why do people remain silent and watch while their elderly parents continue to work whilst elitist immigrants live in luxury at their expense ?

    And anyone that criticizes them are deplorable.

  4. Hell, Most White Americans could not even afford to emigrate. Now they are expected to support not only the jew’s imported “immigrants”, but their extended family’s, and isn’t it funny how all of them can afford to travel around back and forth seemingly at leisure.

    • Easy credit may explain some of it. Plus rent subsidies. Only white s pay full price for many things. The local food bank sees Mexicans lined up to collect free food every day. I find the canned goods in a local dumpster quite often.

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