Video: Paris at War

5 thoughts on “Video: Paris at War

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  2. Haha. I think this may be my Channel upload Paladin—or a mirror of it. Anyway, good on you for pushing this. Having lived there (just east in the countryside) I can tell you one thing: that when I lived there this shit only happened once or twice a year when the unions got together. Now my friends who still live there are telling me this is weekly! When I left that country 7 years ago I thought it was bad. My God, things are happening so fast, I think they will be out of control very soon…

  3. Who makes their “pepper gas”? Chanel No. 5? The stuff looks totally ineffective. That much CS in the air would make central Paris a ghost town.

    Do the police appear to be too few and just as disorganized as the rioters?

    Two or three portable flame throwers would work wonders. Seriously. The flame stream travels slow enough that you can see it coming for you. It’s FIRE! Instant primal fear.

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