Stockholm Syndrome: The Video That Donald Trump was Talking About Saturday Night at Rally

Watch, even if you normally don’t watch videos. The future of America is laid out for you unless President Trump succeeds in cutting off alien cultures from entering the USA.

Jewish producer Ami Horowitz took a beating from a Muslim to get this 10 minute film made. Kudos to a conservative Jew for exposing the truth.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Dec 12, 2016

Rape and violence has exploded across Sweden due it’s immigration policies. Watch to see what Sweden has done to itself.

The pushback against this film by the MSM is just starting, now that it’s going viral because of President Trump.


CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed Ami Horowitz Monday night about his YouTube documentary Stockholm Syndrome and the unexpected uproar it has caused after President Trump egregiously claimed an incident had occurred “[Friday night] in Sweden” after watching a Tucker Carlson segment featuring the doc.

“Let’s talk about the numbers,” Lemon said in reference to Horowitz’s film’s accusation that there was a sharp increase in violent crimes “over the last few years in Sweden” all of which could be traced back to immigrants. “We looked at the stats from the U.S. State Department. Here’s what we learned: Crime rose about 7% from 2015; much of that was non-violent computer fraud and vandalism. In 2015 violent crime would decrease slightly,” Lemon would claim of the facts he had complied. He would continue: “Where did you get your information and did you get the official numbers?”

Horowitz claims that his stats came from the Swedish Brå, an agency under the Ministry of Justice responsible for the reporting on crime trends in Sweden. He also claimed that he was speaking solely of “heavy crime — murder and sexual assault” in terms of those crimes that have seen a dramatic increase, while Lemon turns his argument to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be “a correlation between immigrants and a spike in crime.” He would go further to say that “there is no huge spike in crime there.”

Lemon would then point out that while crime fluctuated between 2006 and 2015 there was no “spike” to speak of. A tense conversation would then ensue where Lemon tried to explain how averages work, while Horowitz, not understanding, continued to argue that there was a spike in crime from 2006 to 2015.

7 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome: The Video That Donald Trump was Talking About Saturday Night at Rally

  1. The thing at the end of your post is so true. I really wish more people learned about how islam propagated… Even their criminal “prophet” did the same things. It’s something people should really learn in history…

    And you can see it happen in Europe now as well. They should have waited a few more decades or even a hundred years, but they’re getting impatient because we’re not fighting back or if we try to, the state just uses the police and media to shut us up.

  2. The Stockholm Syndrome is really what we now call White Disadvantage. We evil YT’s, being the pinnacle of human development and because of our Caucasian DNA, developed the traits of compassion, empathy, and sympathy which colored peoples do not possess. Thus, the colored peoples lie, cheat, steal, and kill without remorse. Our White Disadvantage does put us at a disadvantage in our human interactions. This is why bringing colored peoples into our societies was a death wish. Unless and until we can reclaim our Germanic, Nordic, and Celtic barbarian natures of old e.g. the barbarians who sacked Rome, then we will die a slow death by cultural suicide by our own hands and just plain genocide at the hand of the colored savages.

  3. I loved the white women at the end and the male cuck with dyed hair.

    ” We have a gender problem not a race problem” re rapes.

    “I would like to see the evidence” fat slag re rapes by Muzzies. She will never ever see the evidence because the cops and Govt bury it – and the (((media))) especially. Even in the Soviet Union the man in the street knew what was going on – even though the (((media))) told him he had abundance and a happy life.

    “You can’t have too many” re mass immigration of tinted robbers and rapists. What, you cannot have too many paraisites? I hope she works two jobs to pay for all this.

    Obviously the Jew making the video was personally robbed also. The chances that the Swedish Govt recorded that as a crime is zero. He was asking for it, so not crime. It is Ok to steal from people in Sweden as long as your skin is not white and your hair is dark. Same for raping white women. Only white men need to be punished for this heinous crime.

    Cops in all countries bury crime statistics to make themselves look good and hide the truth which would worry the public. Many complaints of crimes are never formally placed on any system. Check it out yourself – the cop takes notes by hand. Does he ever enter this formally unless he is somehow forced to, or he is your personal friend? Even most murders are recorded as missing persons. No body – no murder as far as the statistics are concerned, even gangsters last seen with their enemies. Misting person numbers are huge. Also a lot of murders are reported as suicides IMO. Eg murder suicide is reported as a double suicide. Less paperwork and everybody is happy including the Coroner. I think in such cases cops often destroy a note left by the killer who has then killed himself.
    This cover up means the (dead) murderers family might do quite well out of wills left by the dead couple – which is very wrong. Meanwhile the victims family might get nothing.

  4. Ami Horowitz has done good work, but there has been many, many years of jewry who have networked in order to import those “immigrants” into Sweden and elsewhere, including into our own country. People really need to be aware about how jews are skilled in working both (or all) sides of any issue, controlling it to where it eventually is worked for the exclusive benefit of jewry – and for no one else. Almost every instance causes harm to someone whom the jews consider to be their enemy – and that is usually White people rather than Muslims.

    People will have a much better sense of who is responsible for much of Sweden’s problems in regard to immigrants and free speech issues by examining the links to the jew’s Bonnier Group which were given and discussed in this link below.

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