Muslims Rioted in Rinkeby, Sweden Monday Night, Outraged that Trump Would Say Sweden Has Troubles

There they go again.

It’s muh Muslim’s favorite sport. Burning cars that is. And hurting white Europeans.

On Saturday evening at the big Trump rally in Melbourne, Florida, Donald J. Trump mentioned that Sweden was having its troubles because of immigration.

The lying Swedish government and the world press went after Trump hammer and tongs, denying that Sweden was anything but a multicultural paradise, when demanding that Trump explain his insult.

Then this happened. Because it’s Sweden, there apparently have been no arrests. Thus, it didn’t really happen.

I’ve had to piece this post together from two sources since the MSM isn’t reporting on the Rinkeby riots yet, although with the word getting out they’re going to have to report it and spin it. Rinkeby is an area of Stockholm.

Excerpt from Expressen via Google tranlate

The alarm came to the police at 20:18 on Monday evening. A police patrol should then have been in the area for disposing of a wanted person.

In connection with this began several people at the subway throwing stones at police.

– There appeared a number of young people threw stones at the police patrol. I do not know how many it concerned, but there will be several people anyway, says Lars Bystrom, spokesperson at the Stockholm police, told Expressen TV.

Police patrol on the site must have felt so constricted that they were forced to fire warning shots in connection with the stoning.

The police will then have withdrawn from the location of the called person.

Several police officers had stones thrown at them. A police got a stone on his arm, but it is unclear how seriously injured he was.

Police headlining the event as assaulting a police officer and rioting. No person should even have been arrested in connection with the stoning.

– A person who was in the square were beaten, and one person who was on his way home was beaten and robbed, says Sylvia Olvin.

A witness at the site reports that the police retreated to a gas station in connection with the stone-throwing began. Up to 30 young people have participated, and according to the witness, they have blocked the road to the fire department would not be able to get through.

SL, following a decision by the police shortly before 22 o’clock, set the bus services in the area. Among other stops bus 179 and bus 514 is not at five people, including Rinkeby center.

Photos of the site, one can see how many cars are on fire, and emergency services are on site to extinguish them.

– 7-8 cars have been burned in the area. We move back and forth, it never stands still at such incidents but we have good resources in place, says Lars Bystrom.

In the morning, the police announced that it is about a dozen cars have been burned. Vandalism is otherwise at a couple of storefronts in Rinkeby center that has been crushed.

According to information are about the emergency services have requested reinforcements from Sollentuna and Brännkyrka.

At 22:20 the police attacked a second time by the youth gang. It was about a planned, concerted attack where the young people rushed towards the police and threw stones.

– Thankfully, it tends to be over pretty quickly. The problem is that you make an advance, throws and then you split it in different directions. We do not know exactly where they are, the focus is on securing the area, says Lars Bystrom.

No person shall in the evening have been arrested, according to police.

Since these automated translations can be a little rough, I searched until finding a brief report from Sputnik News,


According to the statement, the rioters were throwing stones at the police, injuring one of the officers, while two more people suffered from beatings.

The number of rioters has not been defined yet. According to the local television, there were around 30-50 rioters.

The police managed to restore the order in a couple of hours.

Rinkeby is one of the districts with the highest number of immigrants in Stockholm.

Mina News, an unfamiliar source to me, offers what seems a legit report on the background and the rioting. It’s worth a read if a little history of Rinkeby riots interests you.

Zerohedge put up a story on the Rinkeby riots a little while ago too.

6 thoughts on “Muslims Rioted in Rinkeby, Sweden Monday Night, Outraged that Trump Would Say Sweden Has Troubles

  1. I am glad the cops fired a few warning shots. Don’t they know that rioting is a criminal behavior in a group which justifies fatal shootings by police?
    If this is not done then expect cars to burn every day.
    Is Stockholm now Paris, where police cars have five reverse gears and only one forward gear?
    Are cops getting kickbacks from the insurance companies? (fear sells insurance).
    Why do the cops not protect this valuable property? Any car owner in France or Sweden who does not vote far right deserves to have both his balls cut off and this goes for the women also!!!

    I recently dared to say the following to my own adult children, who I am proud to say like me have no glass toilet, otherwise known as an idiot box….
    “All people your age should vote for Pauline Hanson One Nation. She is the only person who will stop the immigration in to Sydney which props up the housing Ponzi scheme. If she wins, and stops immigration, Sydney housing prices will fall by 40% and rents by 30%”.
    I got away with this without having stones thrown at me. My car can not be set on fire because I do not own one.
    They pointed out that foreigners can buy any house or apartment in Australia. I said that Pauline will stop that racket also.
    Sydney real estate is a non stop immigration and refugee fueled boom which deserves a massive crash. Only corrupt Chinese can afford to buy, plus those already in the musical houses game. Young folks have no chance. This also means no marriage and no babies for young adults, except for tinted people on welfare and druggies. The Jews are winning!

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  3. Can you see it now Sweden and all the clueless ‘tards in America who were so triggered by Trumps statements on Sweden ..guess you will never get it because you are entrenched in fake news mind screw!

  4. Coming back late to this post with some info which can help explain a lot about Sweden’s problems.

    More about Zbigniew, Miki and her brother.

    “[H]is daughter, Mika Brzezinski, is co-anchor. In recent years, he has been a supporter of the Prague Process.[5] His son, Mark Brzezinski, was the United States Ambassador to Sweden from 2011 to 2015.”

    That last part explains why Sweden is now so fu-ked up, and being Kalegiized.

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