Interracial Couple Facing Fines for Refusing to Remove Racist Graffiti from Vandalized Home


The taboo word in this story about a vandalized home is “Nigger.”

It’s good to see racism is alive and well in Connecticut. Too many liberals try to push the idea that only southern white peckerwoods are racist.

New York Daily News

An interracial Connecticut couple whose home was vandalized by a racial slur has been fined for failing to cover it up.

The slur was spray-painted over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend on the garage door of Heather Lindsay, who’s white, and Lexene Charles, who’s black, The Stamford Advocate reported.

Lindsay said their home has been vandalized multiple times. She said Stamford authorities have failed to properly investigate and she won’t remove the slur until they do.

The city issued a blight citation, which carries a $100 daily fine.

NAACP representatives on Monday called for a full investigation, including canvassing the neighborhood and posting a patrol car to make sure the couple is safe.

An investigation is underway, the city said.

The possibility that the whole thing is a hoax by attention whores is never discussed in the MSM reporting on these kinds of stories. so many of them do prove to be hoaxes.

12 thoughts on “Interracial Couple Facing Fines for Refusing to Remove Racist Graffiti from Vandalized Home

    • It would be much nicer if the neighborhood got together, as it really should, and sent them packing by cleaning their neighborhood from unwanted and unhealthy race-mixed scum.

  1. I am quite sure that some evil YT vandalized their home. It happens at least once a year (subtracting of course for those incidents which turn out to be hoaxes). Of course, there is no mention of the tens of millions of evil YT’s who are victimized by non-Caucasian perpetrated crime each year. I am sure that all of their chaos, mayhem, and murder against evil YT is just a hoax.

  2. They’re leaving it up to whine about “bigots” not accepting their race mixing. I hope the harassment continues until the coal chute and her nigger dick move out.

  3. This one was interesting because I lived in Stamford (settled 1638) until the end of 7th grade. The local paper gave the address as High Clear Dr which is about a half mile from my old home (which is no longer there). This was a middle-class neighborhood built mainly by veterans home from WWII who created the first wave of Baby Boomers. I don’t remember there being any blacks in the three schools I attended.
    There’s an interesting little item at the end of the original article: this couple’s house is in foreclosure. Hmmmmm? Fishing for some Go-Fund-Me gibs?

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