Asylum seeker, 11, ‘raped younger foster brother at home that took him in’


Muslim anal rapefugee with a twist here.

The rapist was only 11 and he raped another boy who would have been 4 at the time. Any hole is a good hole to a Muslim.

His defense: He dindu nuffins.

Fallback defense: It’s normal where I come from.

Islam is a cancer on the a**hole of the world. It must be removed. Along with those who practice it.

What this story reveals is that the bleeding hearts who cry out, “Muh children, muh children,” care nothing about other children who are not Muslims. Every Muslim child is a potential rapist and killer for Allah.

An 11-year-old asylum seeker raped his younger foster brother after being taken into care, a court has heard.

The boy, who is now 14, is on trial for attacking another boy, who is now seven, at the house they both lived in during the summer holidays.

Prosecutor Graham Smith told the court that the alleged attacker came to the UK from Albania in 2011 and was taken into care before being put up with foster carers.

Mr Smith outlined the case saying that the teenager had allegedly attacked his victim in a bedroom.

The foster family, who had cared for the boy for over two years before the alleged attack, contacted social services and police after the victim told his mother that ‘his bottom hurt’.

He also told police: ‘He did some bad stuff to me. He hurt me. He does it every day.’

Internal tests on the child revealed traces of semen and swabs showed the DNA of the defendant.

Mr Smith added: ‘The defendant’s DNA profile was found on these swabs. The Crown cannot say for certain the DNA came from semen but we can say semen was found in the anal canal and DNA was on the swabs.

‘It could have come from the defendant’s bodily fluids, such as saliva.

‘The Crown says that proves strong support for the theory the defendant spat on his finger and put it in his anus.’

The juvenile defendant was interviewed the next day but denied all the allegations and said only ‘no comment.’

The teenager denies the allegations and the trial continues.

It’s time. They all have to go back.

I wonder how many mental midgets like these bleeding heart, virtue signaling residents of Brussels live in Britain.

4 thoughts on “Asylum seeker, 11, ‘raped younger foster brother at home that took him in’

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  2. I’m really getting tired of muzzies and niggers…
    Always the same damn excuses. I’m pretty sure he knew it was wrong, he just wanted to ruin another white boy for life.

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