Video: White Man Suffers Horrific Injuries After Being Pushed in Front of Subway in Sweden by MUSLIM

An older Tweet, but it’s new to me and it’s important enough to share. The video tells the whole story in less than one minute.

Beware of visiting Europe, my fellow Americans. The Muslims hate white people and they are violent predators unrestrained by the threat of serious punishment.

If anyone knows more about this particular incident, post that information in a comment.

3 thoughts on “Video: White Man Suffers Horrific Injuries After Being Pushed in Front of Subway in Sweden by MUSLIM

  1. To that former Swedish Pm who ridiculed Trump, that push is not a terror attack. It is instead a fun activity with no terror component, just a black guy obtaining justified revenge for 4 bazillion years of slavery.

    Never move to the edge of the platform until the train is in.The guy had a death wish and the Muslim was on hand to grant it. Same with crossing a busy street waiting for the pedestrian green light. Avoid standing at the front, let the trusting chumps do that. Be a shepherd, not a sheep.
    Why did nobody grab the Algerian murderer, must have been dozens of people who saw the push?
    Proof that Swedes are about as brave as Turnips.

    Note too that the Algerian did not pay for a ticket. because he is a Holy Orc. He should have been arrested on the spot and then deported. Why were there no staff to detain him and call the police? That would have stopped the murder.

    He will kill again and probably already has. Most such murders are called “suicides”. A man in London killed 16 to 20 people this way in the 1970s and it was never reported, to avoid “panic”. All those peoples families were told their loved one killed themselves which was a lie.

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