Twitter Explodes as MILO Advocates Sex Between 13 Year Old Boys and Older Men

Listen to MILO in this short video:

MILO exploded on Twitter tonight in response to his advocacy of legalized sex between young teen boys and older men.

MILO appears to be trying to associate ephebephilia (sexual attraction to teens older than children) with the alt-right. He’s a crude little queer, for sure. Since he’s a major supporter of Donald Trump, I’m sure the left is going to focus outrage on Trump as a pedo too–guilt by association. headline:

Trump favourite Milo Yiannopoulos is caught on tape ‘defending paedophile abuse’

The story is getting big play across the web, including at Heavy, The New York Daily News, and Daily Caller.

I saw a headline saying MILO was to be the keynote speaker at CPAC. What the Hell? No way should this faggoty pervert be speaking at a meeting of conservatives.

There’s a lot of “dick” talk in this longer video of the conversation.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Apr 6, 2016

Watch Milo Yiannopoulos defend adults having sex with 14 year olds, 30 year olds being attracted to 15 year olds, as well as not giving up the names of Hollywood child abusers he met during parties.

This is still a developing story because we don’t know how CPAc will respond. Nor do we know how MILO’s friend Steve Bannon, now a White House adviser, will react.

21 thoughts on “Twitter Explodes as MILO Advocates Sex Between 13 Year Old Boys and Older Men

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  2. Never trust a faggot or a Jew. A homo buttbanging pedo Jew is doubly to be mistrusted.
    Let Milo join the Gay Swastika or the Pink Swastika where he belongs.

    One mystery is solved. There is a saying re poofters “How can a man fall in love with another mans hairy arse”?.
    Answer is they don’t. Probably most poofters would prefer to bugger 13 year old boys smooth bums, if they get the chance.

    • LOL. Good way with words, Robert. An academic study was done with straights vs fags. The fags preferred young teens. The straights preferred women about age 25. I think lesbians also prefer “tweens.” My lesbo dean had a strong interest in age 13 girls.

    • Don’t forget race-mixer. He once described himself in the mildest terms possible: “They’re crowning me, a gay Jew who never shuts up about his black boyfriend, queen of the alt-right.”

  3. @Cernovich & @JackPosobiec are tweeting in his favor, adding links of where Milo says he advocates for laws against such things; & that this is a take-down like in the Flynn case, etc. etc.

    I’ve never listened to the guy & have no desire to do so. I’m not a fan of faggotry. They should all go back in the closet.

    • MILO was not helping our cause. He’s a self promoter like Cernvich. Posobiec seems OK to me, but defending MILO is ridiculous. All MILO does is mock the really retarded feminists anyway. It’s something anyone could do.

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  5. More news if you hadn’t heard: I saw this tweeted 2-days ago, or a day & night ago, I think by Posobiec w/link to GatewayPundit. Since it is big news, if true, I waited for more info but nobody ever tweeted about it (Mitchell, Cernovich, nor more by Posobiec; not even Roger Stone).

    I expected “Sundance” @TheLastRefuge2 to do an article at Conservative Treehouse, but zilch.

    Supposedly a NeverTrump lady, Walsh, works in the Trump Admin, put there by Priebus, a friend of hers. She is also friends with a NYT reporter. Supposedly she is the Leaker. Supposedly there are emails between she & Priebus re how they need to get rid of Trump.

    Interesting that about a week ago, GatewayPundit announced they would begin reporting from either the WH or DC, a new office. So is this their first big news from the heart of the country?

    The story sounded too easy, though, as if it is a distraction away from the Deep State leaker guilt.

    Then again, a NeverTrumper should never have been given any position, period, not even floor sweeper.

    About 1-1/2 weeks ago, Roger Stone had tweeted: “Priebus Needs To Go!” So then I wondered if Stone is up to any “dirty tricks” with the Walsh/Priebus story.

    Or maybe Kushner vs. Priebus.

    Now with Henry’s article today that possibly Pence & Priebus are part of the pedo scene… (!?)

    More non-MSM sites have now posted the story but it’s all a rehash of the original GatewayPundit story; nothing much new:

  6. This is more of a Jew narrative then an alt right one! The Talmud advocates for sex with 3 year olds….Jews advocate for all homosexual transgender and deviate behavior including porn because they know this shit disrupts the family values and morality a nation needs to survive. Just because Milo likes Trumps politics doesn’t mean anything but he likes his politics!

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