N*gger Pulls Gun at Shia Lebeouf Exhibit as Shia Calls for Armed Mexican Insurrection (Videos)

A minute and a half of video shows you the typical Democrat today.

Published on Feb 19, 2017

This fine gentleman put his phone number out on the stream, and immediately began receiving text messages and phone calls from people all around the world.

When told to pull up his pants by a random text message, he decided to show off and brandish a weapon, live on stream.

Share this video so he can be apprehended by local law enforcement.

A forum member at GLP reports that police were called but failed to respond to the opportunity to rein in a thug. I guess the Albuquerque cops are Mexicans who hate Donald Trump.

This video shows more crazy. Call it Shia gone wild. Shia may be planning a Mexican-America insurrection/rebellion to overthrow President Trump. This Jew is clearly clinically insane, as shown by his violent outbursts in the video.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Feb 19, 2017

Is Shia LaBeouf talking with Mexican-American and Native-American military members about insurrection against a democratically elected US president? You decide.

This is from ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Albuquerque.

Shia also claims that 75% of the military is immigrants. We aren’t sure which regressive leftist platform he extracted these fabricated numbers from, but it’s hilarious, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “N*gger Pulls Gun at Shia Lebeouf Exhibit as Shia Calls for Armed Mexican Insurrection (Videos)

  1. Shia Lebeouf has completely lost it. He needs to be sectioned and put into a secure mental health facility asap because he is going to do something bad very soon. He’s not acting here.
    Just look at the way he ‘rocks’ and screams himself hoarse. He’s foaming at the mouth. If you had a dog like that, you’d put it down.

  2. Who opened the door to the jewsylum & let all the crazies out!? They are acting out everywhere.

    Saw a retweet of Sarak K Silverman or whatever her name is, asking, What is the age of consent for child sex (or words to that effect), as she needed a “quick answer” to that. (Probably in response to the Milo stuff.)

    The world has truly gone mad!

    • Sadly I think it has gone beyond simple “lunacy” but has moved on to demonic possession. All that (c)rap music, jew inspired filth in all jew owned media has opened gateways into the demonic realm.

      In boston/Cambridge I see many millennials proudly wearing/exhibiting baphomet trinkets and clothing. One small observation of the libturd far left is why every other shouted word is “f” this and “f” that. which tells me a lot about their level or moral fortitude

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