Missing Mudshark Sets Off Alarm Bells About Black Boyfriend


How does a nightmare begin?

For Kelsie Schelling and her family it began the moment she decided to wallow in the mud with a filthy ape. Missing for four years, she’s dead.

Usually, no matter how much they lie, the self-absorbed, muh dikking feral monsters are unable to get away with their murders. This one seems to feature a white male accomplice helping the ape, plus some really bad initial police work.


Television and the movies promote the Magic Negro egalitarian meme, which as regular readers know is utter bullsh*t. But really, given all the resources on the Internet now, there’s no excuse for any female to be involved with a Negro. In fact, it’s a good way to get yourself beaten up, raped, hooked on drugs, and murdered.

The family of missing Kelsie Schelling, suspicious of Kelsey’s retarded ape boyfriend, has increased the reward money temporarily to $100,000 this month, the fourth anniversary of her disappearance.

Excerpt from The Denver Channel

Kelsie Schelling was 21 years old and eight weeks pregnant when she vanished on Feb. 4, 2013. She had her first doctor’s visit and had seen a sonogram of her baby earlier that day.

After the trip to the doctor and a shift at work, the Denver woman drove two hours south to Pueblo to visit her boyfriend and the father of her child, Donthe Lucas.

But exactly what happened once Schelling got to Pueblo remains a mystery. She hasn’t been seen since.

On Feb. 7, Pueblo police found Schelling’s car, a black 2011 Chevy Cruze, at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in southern Pueblo. They pored over surveillance tape and found an unidentified black man had pulled up and parked it, then walked away.

Police started looking over surveillance footage from other businesses and discovered that Lucas had parked the car at a Walmart three miles west of the hospital on Feb. 5, the day after Schelling was last seen. She wasn’t with him in the video.

Then, police watched as video from Feb. 6 showed the unidentified man get in the car and drive off. He dropped the car at St. Mary-Corwin the next day and still hasn’t been identified.

But the location of the car proved noteworthy later, when Lucas told investigators he had at one point dropped Schelling off at Parkview Medical Center – almost 4.5 miles north of St. Mary-Corwin. Parkview confirmed Schelling was never there.

A lawsuit filed by Saxton and Schelling’s father in 2015 against Lucas, his family members and various members of the Pueblo Police Department that contains bits of the police investigation and unveils some of the details about the time leading up to Schelling’s disappearance.

It contains records of text messages Schelling and Lucas exchanged in the days leading up to her disappearance. Since the two agencies now handling the case consider it to be an open investigation, the details are not public record and were not released to Denver7.


The lawsuit has since been dropped, but is one of the only public documents that detail police records in the case.

According to the messages, Lucas had wanted Schelling to come down to visit him a day earlier, but she told him she had to make her Feb. 4 doctor’s visit. Eventually the next day, she agreed to come to visit him after she got off work.

She arrived at the same Walmart where Lucas was eventually seen with her car just before midnight Feb. 4, but Lucas wasn’t there. The two exchanged messages, and around 12:30 a.m., Schelling sent Lucas another message wondering why he still hadn’t shown up, according to the suit. It was the last time anyone knew she was alive.

At some point, Schelling left the Walmart and went to another address. Phone records show Lucas called her phone again just before 4 a.m. on Feb. 5 and that the two phones were close to one another at the time, according to the suit.

At 11:39 a.m., Lucas was seen at a Pueblo bank, where he allegedly withdrew $400 with Schelling’s debit card. Not long afterward, the Walmart surveillance video showed him dropping Schelling’s car off and being picked up. Saxton’s lawsuit says Lucas’ mother and grandmother were in that car.

Pueblo police eventually identified Lucas as a primary person of interest in Schelling’s disappearance and arrested him on felony identity theft and misdemeanor theft charges for allegedly using her debit card to make the withdrawal.

But the charges were dropped and no one else was arrested in connection with Schelling’s disappearance.

“It was pretty much a debacle from the beginning,” Saxton says.

She continues to have reservations about the work Pueblo detectives did on the case and maintains that she believes Lucas had something to do with her daughter vanishing.

The 2015 suit accuses the department of failing to properly process her car, not submitting evidence and lying to Saxton and her family about possible evidence found in and on the car.

It also claimed that the lead detective on the case failed to follow up on a tip from a fisherman who said he had hooked a woman’s body in Lake Minnequa, which sits in between the Walmart and the hospital where Schelling’s car was found.

But in October 2015, Saxton got a glimmer of hope when, through the Facebook page she started to find her daughter, a message arrived from someone saying Schelling was alive.

The mysterious messenger knew explicit details of the case and said Schilling wasn’t killed, but instead was human trafficked. The messenger told Saxton to bring $25,000 to a McDonald’s in Vancouver, Washington, and she’d get her daughter back.

She contacted local police to loop them in on the deal in case it was a set up. But before it could even take place, Vancouver police found out she was being scammed. Saxton was back to square one, her daughter still a ghost.

New investigators, increased reward bring hope

In Saxton’s mind, Lucas’ story just doesn’t add up – despite the fact that no formal charges relating to Schelling’s disappearance were ever filed against him. Pueblo police say he remains a person of interest because he was the last person known to see her alive. Requests to speak with Lucas for this story went unreturned.

“I have no doubt that Danthe – her boyfriend, the father of her child – is responsible for her disappearance,” she said. “I can’t sleep at night. I hope he can’t either.”

But she says she has hope that new leads will soon come in the case. The Pueblo Police Department has assigned a new lead detective to the case and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation joined on to assist last spring – a welcome sign, according to her, since she says the department had been reluctant to turn the entire case over to the bureau.



A mudshark and a mixed race sprog were eliminated from the gene pool. Now if only Lucas could go down, we’d have a three-fer.

And as a warning to stupid girls, here’s the message one more time: Avoid the groid.

Westworld published an update on the four year old disappearance of Kelsey Schelling, who was last seen when she went to tell her black boyfriend, Donthe Lucas, she was preggers.

ABC News did a story on this case a year ago.

16 thoughts on “Missing Mudshark Sets Off Alarm Bells About Black Boyfriend

  1. I watch Investigation Discovery and have stopped for a while as the majority of their stories were about White coal chutes disappearing and being found murdered by their nigger dicks. It’s almost impossible to link physical evidence without a body.

    Even with all the stories we post, these White cows still don’t get it. Better to let them suffer the consequences and eliminate their stupid gene from the gene pool.

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    • Mom and Dad are GUILTY of bad parenting. No daughter of mine would be raised without knowing what low IQ, irresponsible, violent monsters the Negros are. I’m not exactly glad the girl is dead, but when you burn the coal, you pay the toll.


    First of all, I really must feel sorry for this poor girl. On the other hand, why would a beautiful girl like her go around with pieces of garbage, the negroes?

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  5. Unlike the female or their species white women often go for child support and that pisses the groid off. Since their first instinct is to destroy something the baby mama finds herself the focal point of inhuman rage. Not the first case and won’t be the last.

    • Yes Youghn. She demanded child support from the Orc and refused to have an abortion. It is obvious and almost certain (99.99%) he killed her for this reason – but not to PC Plod. Doctor Watson could solve this one on his own, or even Inspector LeStrade could do it.

      “But exactly what happened once Schelling got to Pueblo remains a mystery. She hasn’t been seen since.”

      There is no mystery, only as to where he disposed of her body.

    • I think he knew what she was up to and planned to kill her. It looks like he’s an asslete. There may be some whites covering up for him, as well as his own family. Speaking theoretically, I would kill him myself if the circumstances were right, but not until extracted a confession from him.

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  7. My take is different. I’m of a mind that those genetically destined to race-mix have it written on their faces, AKA physiognomy. As demonstrated by (((them))), one with undesirable physiognomy can have a perfect body, but their face will still give it away. I don’t agree with the idea (it might have been you who said it) that sperm can influence a woman’s brain or her features, as it sounds like quackery. But I do agree that telegony is also real, thus I believe that once a white woman lets non-white sperm enter her tubes, it affects EVERY child she’ll ever have, so it’s a death sentence to her purpose in life, which is worse than making her “lose her mind”. This is why it was next to impossible for black men to rape white women before the 20th century. They were heavily guarded when they otherwise would be alone, because white men knew the cost of failing to stop a rape, so they used all means to quickly eliminate this rate occurrence before the non-white man’s reward ruined a quality specimen from their tribe. This woman was destined from birth to step out of our race. I don’t care how pretty her photoshopped reward poster looks (her only semi-attractive portrait present here). Her life was a liability to our race, and she would have been better off stillborn than waste the Earth’s resources for over 20 years.

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