Breaking! The Left Destroyed MILO Today for Advocating Adult-Child Sex, Which the Hypocritical Left Champions as Liberation


The left scored a major victory today by destroying MILO Yiannopolous.

How they used his own words against him is covered in my earlier post, which you can read here, if you haven’t already seen it.

His CPAC appearance was cancelled. His book deal is done. And Breitbart is likely to drop him. Furthermore, his Dangerous Faggot speaking tour will surely be in tatters. No university group will sponsor him now as far as I can tell.


The destruction of MILO, the top story on Drudge today, is especially galling because the left routinely advocates for adult-child sex via normalizing pedophilia. Indeed, if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election, that cause would have been greatly advanced in her first month in office. Democrats love what they call “inclusion,” meaning that every form of pervert and degenerate is welcomed into the party.

Here’s what’s been happening today.


Yiannopoulos received a $250,000 advance for the book, which was to be written for Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Fox Business

Milo Yiannopoulos, the provocative conservative journalist who is often portrayed as a champion of the far right, is facing possible dismissal from his employer, Breitbart News, over comments he once made about underage sex, FOX Business has learned.

His possible dismissal could could come by the end of the day, sources from the conservative website told FOX Business. Earlier Monday, Yiannopoulos was disinvited to speak at a gathering of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) scheduled for this weekend.

His official title is Technology Editor for Breitbart, but Yiannopoulos is best known for his political statements on social media and television. Indeed his CPAC invitation drew outrage even from some conservatives given Yiannopoulos’ past remarks about race, sexuality and other issues.

As despicable as MILO is, he’s proof that even faggot Jews can and will be destroyed by the left if they deviate from the inclusive egalitarian Marxist narrative.

As much as I don’t like MILO I wish him luck at making a comeback some time in the future.

I don’t want pedophilia associated with conservatism or the alt right, which is what liberals are pushing on Twitter today. But honestly, what MILO said is far less offensive than what cultural Marxists push in the media every single day.

Watch and see. There’s going to be a major effort to tie Trump to the so-called MILO pedophile scandal. You see hints of it on Twitter already. The press will pick this up and compare MILO to “grab her by the pussy” Trump to smear Trump some more.

This story is just beginning. I suspect it will rage for the next two to three days, with the focus shifting away from MILO to Trump and conservatives in general.

17 thoughts on “Breaking! The Left Destroyed MILO Today for Advocating Adult-Child Sex, Which the Hypocritical Left Champions as Liberation

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  2. He made a deal with the devil. Good riddance. Let them have this win, it is they who made him. We who have eyes can see. The leader of our folk will be wholesome and clean, like Adolf Hitler. Not a faggot with a Jewish book deal.

  3. Great job explaining all the angles. Milo got hit from all sides.

    This made me laugh:



    And this was an excellent point:

    “As despicable as MILO is, he’s proof that even faggot Jews can and will be destroyed by the left if they deviate from the inclusive egalitarian Marxist narrative.”

    Especially so because Jews own most of the publishing houses as well, so for them to drop his book deal is salt in the wound. Instead he should be their poster boy > Homo + Jewish.

    I do empathize with anyone who gets raked over the coals unfairly.

  4. Pedo news is everywhere. I left the Henry article link at your prior Milo article re suspicions re Pence & Priebus as pedos. And then I just saw this > FOTM discounting an Obama-WH-pedo-ring, not because FOTM likes Obama but because the author gave zero source links/sloppy reporting:

    Hold down the fort tonight, guys, as I’m going for some shut eye. Later!

    • I have a video I won’t post. It claims Pence raped and murdered 186 children in Satanic rituals. The man doing the video allegedly exposed many, many pedos in powerful positions. He was dying when he made this claim. Maybe he really believed it.

      • It appears the Makow article mentions the same guy & his youtube link that you’re describing (I think. Initials T.S.? who died July 2016?)

  5. So much the better. Imagine if this pedo with a black dick complex became the face of the Alt-R> instead of Spencer? Lucky he has been offed early in the game. Fortunate for our cause methinks…

    • Partly agree. MILO should not be a leader of our cause or be associated with it in any way. Mike Cernovich was so proud when he got MILO to attend the Deploraball. That was stupid. Cernovich is a self promoter like MILO. Not principled, at least not to me.

      I do like MILO taking to campuses and triggering feminists, who rule most universities now.

    • He is NOT the face of the alt-right..he may say he is but no one else is buying it! What is alt right about Milo; he’s gay, he likes black dick,he’s a Jew… don’t see the connection…from what I am reading he was more of an infiltration, you know how the Jews have to infiltrate every aspect of everything then distort and delegitimizate it…think about it!

  6. We need to advocate people being good to people now to not see God as fire later. People don’t think about that needing to think about that. They will work out their own salvation with fear and trembling when they consider that.

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  8. The alt right embracing the faggot was a sign of pure weakness on the alt rights part.

    Want to mock niggers and feminist? Be a fucking man and do it on your own trems, don’t use some nigger loving faggot as your cats paw

  9. The mentally ill on the left and right are trying to legitimize pedofilia as a “choice” not a disgusting sickness. ..doing so would get all those Devils off the hook criminally. As far as Milo goes I guess you can say and be anything except a Trump supporter his queerness and Jewness couldn’t save him from the tribes hatred of Trump…remember Milo they will sacrifice one of their own !

  10. I for one immediately thought of the 2005 Access Hollywood Trump tape. Without exception, every single Ultimate Conservative trying to cut off Milo Y’s microphone was – in October – demanding that Trump drop out of the presidential election and essentially cede it to Hillary.

    I sure hope someone finds out the real identity of the person who made up this phony issue. His Twitter handle is the “Reagan Battalion.” Right. Remember all the times “Ronald Reagan” demanded that his opponents’ microphones be turned off? Actually, Reagan was usually the target of such efforts. “I am paying for this microphone, Mr. Green!” The “Reagan Battalion,” sure – more like the Hillary-Obama Violent Communist Battalion.

  11. Well, Milo didn’t need leftys to ruin his reputation and “career.” If the tape is legit, not edited, then CPAC and the publishing house should react unfavorably. But, did they investigate to find out if Milo is guilty or did they overreact to hearsay? It’s not difficult to believe homosexuals include youngsters in their menagerie of acceptable choices since some do.

    Milo says the tape might be deceptive editing or it could be his own sloppy phrasing. Didn’t he listen to it? I think he should know or is he attempting to create doubt hoping his fans will say, “Well, maybe it is deceptive editing, so let’s give him another chance.” I do agree, his presentations and answers to questions are somewhat sloppy at times, sometimes appearing his thoughts haven’t been fully developed, but “let me throw that out there anyway”, opening himself up to listeners interpreting what he means.

    Surprisingly, some on the Alt-Right so desperate to find a leader continue to support Milo without question despite too many things about him do not represent conservative or White values. Although, he does represent a few issues in our favor, i.e. anti-political correctness and feminism, he insists he’s not a White Nationalist, Alt-Right, and his moral values are the antithesis of White Nationalism as I understand it. He’s an embarrassing symbolic figure the media has assigned to our movement.

    Regardless, of whether he’s gay or not, though, he deserves a fair hearing.

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