Video: Paris Today (God Help France)

Obviously, the politicians have told the police to take a beating and like it. The African and the Muslim rule France now. Avoid! Danger!

This is what anarchy looks like. It’s not accidental, either. It’s a deliberate sell-out of the indigenous white people of France to (((multiculturalists.)))

Coming soon to all of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

A reality in parts of California already.

22 thoughts on “Video: Paris Today (God Help France)

  1. OK…lets think a moment. ‘Foreign Invaders’ rolled into Kuwait allegedly and the US went to war to protect them [allegedly]. Foreign invaders have rolled into an ally’s country ; where are the troops?!? Where is the ‘humanitarian aid’ for the French? Where is the outrage?

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  4. But it’s just their culture pj… you have to embrace diversity! why are you so racist? can’t you see how enriched france is now because of this?

    • LOL!! I love your fighting spirit. I watched a view videos of BLM thugs getting run over yesterday for the sole purpose of lifting my spirits after a hard week at work.

    • Good video. Now I understand why Guderian took the French apart so easily in 1940 at Sedan. They seem to have the Mediterranean disease of hotheadedness combined with cowardice. Also Paris is a melting pot of scum.

      Sparta is the only ancient city I am aware if that did not have a defensive wall. The Frog defeatists need to study the Spartans. Attack is the best from of defense. Sitting in the Maginot Line will never win.

      Standing with shields allowing people to throw firebombs and bricks at you is pathetic. They need to man up and throw away their shields. Instead, they must unholster their Glocks and shoot to kill all masked people during riots who throw missiles or hit police or hit police cars with weapons. Antifa are the worst. Funny how the Socialist whites are so dumb they cannot see these (((Antifa))) swarming at the back of their ranks about to discredit and ruin their demonstration. the Greens are the same. They knowingly harbor many Marxist revolutionaries pretending to be Greens. Funny thing these useful activist, violent, trouble maker whites are the first to be killed after a Jew Marxist takeover as in 1917 Russia. Which is quite pleasing. Same thing happneded after the French revolution, Stalin killed 2/3 of the 1200 or so Commie Rat delegates of 1934 I think it was and most of the scum were Jews.

      The French police need to go on strike to force a change of policy. Unless they are masochists.

      • 1200 Hebrew Commissars for 60 million Russian and Ukrainian lives. Regarding the French—if the Government uses force, then Paris will be completely enveloped by a million rioters. The Foreign Legion would have to be called in and you would then have a de facto civil war. They do not want this as it will stall their plans to eradicate French racial and cultural uniqueness.

  5. The cop seems to be a black man and unarmed. Why was the cop not wearing a gun, has violent Paris turned into London of 100 years ago? Why was the cop alone, was he sent on a suicide mission? Irony – white Antifas assaulting a black man. Antifas are the ones hiding behind full face masks and other disguise, as criminals do.
    The cop should have shot in the chest or head anyone who was smashing the windows of his police car. This is self defense during a riot, one man against 30 or so. Especially the fire starter masked man – this could easily have killed the cop. The French cops need to man up and start shooting these people and I mean dead. Then when the riots get bigger bring in the army and really start shooting them. Curfew at night for all niggers and Muslims – for ever. All breaking the curfew to be deported to Africa. All black and Muslim criminals to be deported to their home countries. Does France still own Devils island? That might slow down the violence of a few Muzzies, blacks and Antifas who get sent there.

    Saddam and Gaddafi knew how to control scum. That is perhaps the main reason they were killed.
    The Jews want anarchy throughout the Western world. What Jews want, they get.
    Another idea, seal off the Muslim ghettos as the Germans did with Warsaw in WWII. Let em stew in their own juice and stop all food entering the ghettos. The Germans were too nice for that but the Soviet Jew commandants had no problem starving white people in the Gulags. No more Mr Nice Guy, whites are way too soft and kind for their own good. You can see it in the video, not one person tries to stop the attack on the cop.

  6. This is what main stream media should be showing us.

    Thank you for being reakistic about what is actually going on there. I spent three months in Paris years ago when it was peaceful and beautiful so this is very sad to me but they did it to themselves.

    God help America…

  7. I have read a number of times comments from people relating that because of the European men killed during WWI and WWII, the warrior genes of the men who volunteered to serve, or who were conscripted, were not passed on to subsequent generations. Having read about Human Bio-Diversity regards the races leads me to believe that this is true. However, I also believe that Cultural Marxism and its indoctrination has taken its toll over the last 100 years. There are still plenty of European men who are real men and not just males, but they are a minority. The Euros have only two options–forcibly deport or kill the colored/Muslim (this includes all of the Jew trouble-makers) invaders or live as enslaved cuckolds to their colored/Muslim invaders. We can only hope that another Hitler rises in Europe to guide them back onto the right path. There will be blood one way or the other.

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