Swedes Play Dumb, Forcing Trump to Explain Rally Remarks

I watched the part of Saturday’s Trump rally where he mentioned Sweden. I had no trouble understanding that he was talking about crime in Sweden committed by Musllm

NBC News

After bewildering residents and officials of Sweden by suggesting Saturday that a terror-related incident had occurred over the weekend in the small Nordic nation, President Donald Trump attributed his comment to a Fox News interview with a conservative filmmaker.

“We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden,” Trump told the crowd at his campaign-like rally in Florida on Saturday, critiquing Europe’s refugee policies and complaining that his travel ban had suffered setbacks in court. “Sweden, who would believe this?”

It was unclear following the rally what could have occurred in Sweden to draw the president’s attention, and the Swedish Embassy asked for clarity.

Trump took to his Twitter account Sunday evening to explain that he was referring to a Tucker Carlson segment that appeared on Fox News Friday. In the segment, Carlson interviewed right-wing filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who had recently made a documentary about Sweden’s refugee policy. The segment did not contain breaking news.

A spokesperson for the Swedish Embassy said they didn’t know if Trump’s tweet served as the government’s official response to their request for an explanation.

“We have asked State Department if President Trumps’ tweet is their official answer to our question earlier today. We are still awaiting an answer on that,” the spokesperson said.

A White House spokesperson had attempted to explain what Trump had been referring to prior to Trump’s tweet.

“He was talking about rising crime and recent incidents in general — not referring to a specific incident,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters.

But the country had spent the day baffled, because the president had said “last night” and nothing appeared to have happened.

“Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound,” Carl Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister, wrote on Twitter while he attended the Munich Security Conference on Sunday.

Sweden’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Catarina Axelsson, told the Associated Press that the Swedish government did not know of any “terror-linked major incidents.” Additionally, the Associated Press reported, Sweden’s Security Police had not seen any threats or responded to any attacks.

President Trump has probably seen the Swedish crime memes.

rape sweden

17 thoughts on “Swedes Play Dumb, Forcing Trump to Explain Rally Remarks

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  2. ““Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound,” Carl Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister, wrote on Twitter”.

    To the former Swedish PM, the daily rapes and muggings and regular murders by Muzzies against white folks in Sweden, are not terror. They are fun, justified and legal and everybody In Sweden knows that whites are being justly punished.
    Except that Sweden never had an empire in Africa or any Muslim nation.
    Instead, Sweden owned and occupied several nearby white countries, as far away as Ukraine, for quite a few years. None of those people nowadays have any grudge against Sweden. Only Africans and Muslims both of whom should love Sweden and Alfred Nobel for inventing dynamite. And Jews, who hate Swedes for being tall, blond and attractive and physically strong. Everything which Jews are not. Jews love winning the Nobel prize and somehow “win” much more than their fair share. More proof that Sweden is an occupied and slave nation to the Jew Ubermenschen. Zionists Uber Alles!

    Trump was pretty safe saying there was a terror attack this weekend in Sweden. Ask any Swedish policeman in any larger city or town and he would know of such a terror attack. There would be several terror attacks every weekend in Sweden. That 75 year old woman would believe she was the victim of a terror attack. Not a “robbery gone wrong” by a “teen”.

    • Sweden was neutral in WW 2. Cowards then? I can’t say. It will always be puzzling to think about the lack of fight in many European peoples. In contrast, look at Trump’s people at the rally. Fighters in their own way, while working and trying to raise families, make ends meet, etc. Risking their safety to even go to the rally.

      • The apex of Thumper’s remark was that there was an “incident” on Friday nite in Sweden that did NOT occur, not that Sweden is overrun by muslim trash. Thumper should have clarified his comment instead of spewing info from a “fake news” outlet he’s always complaining about. He needs to do a FACTUAL press conference on the migrant problem in Europe and how it could potentially affect own own country, instead he spews whatever crap he sees on TV as truth instead of checking the background of is “information.”

        He has yet to address the incidents in North Korea, which are far more important to our national security at this point, he also missed the attempted terrorist attack on Target stores by some American psycho. What’s he doing about our failing infrastructure and the racial tensions encouraged by Ofuckma??? Maybe he should stop patting himself on the back, bragging about his win and complaining about who won the popular vote. And why hasn’t he arrested Hillary as he promised??

  3. The Swedes are so cucked, they deserved to be devoured. I feel for those who are not brain-washed, but they too will be eaten.

  4. In addition to the jew-controlled EU with it’s regulations, the media in Sweden is as locked tight by jews as can be possible. Here are the divisions of the biggest jew conglomerate in Sweden and much of Europe. Almost all public communication is controlled by the jews and by their big “super capitalist” leader, Bonnier.


  5. Sweden is gone exist only on the map and that is the price for being number one Germany allay. Jews never forget. Check out what happened with Germans ( stolen) gold, and how deep Sweden was involved in this evil operation. Wallenberg family and who delivered and produced military equipment, navy, railways, everything for them. And unfortunately, culture of rape in Sweden was long before migrants invasion, Sweden always had very high level of domestic violence.

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