Jewish News Organization Bad Mouths Trump Rally with Biased Reporting

This report on the Presidential rally held in Melbourne, Florida on February 18, 2017 is not so much made up of lies, but rather of omissions.

The tone is slanted. There’s no effort made to understand why Trump’s people support him or why he needs their support in the face of unprecedented demonization by the Democrat Party and the press.

San Diego Jewish World

MELBOURNE, Fla. β€” President Donald Trump returned to campaign mode Saturday with a clear opponent in mind β€” the media β€” declaring before thousands of cheering supporters that “fake news” was undermining his nascent administration’s accomplishments.

The White House was running “so smoothly,” Trump said in an airport hangar here. He said the rally was about sharing “our incredible progress in making America great again.”

“I also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news,” he said. “They’ve become a big part of the problem. They are part of the corrupt system.”

In its first four weeks, Trump’s administration has faced setbacks with little precedent, chief among them the ouster of his national security advisor after just three weeks amid a deepening controversy over Russian interference in the U.S. government.

Trump’s approval ratings are historically low for a new president; one of his Cabinet nominees withdrew despite a low confirmation threshold; and the courts stalled a major initiative, the temporary ban on travel to the U.S. from seven majority-Muslim nations.

Trump painted a far different picture. “A great spirit of optimism is sweeping β€” and you see it β€” is sweeping across the country,” he said, citing recent stock market highs as his chief evidence.

The president has shown frustration with what he considers successes being drowned out by high-profile missteps. That was part of the calculation behind the decision in the West Wing to hold a campaign-style rally so early in Trump’s term.

Trump has often found comfort in crowds of his supporters, and the 9,000 in Melbourne erupted in cheers throughout his remarks, which lasted about three-quarters of an hour. Their adoration, in the White House’s view, is an important public signal to congressional Republicans who have appeared increasingly wary of Trump’s stumbles.

Lawmakers are beginning a weeklong recess in which many will head to their districts to confront tough questions from constituents about Trump and the GOP agenda. Many Republicans represent solidly conservative districts where Trump is more popular than he is in the nation as a whole.

But gratified as the White House may be from Saturday’s performance, a crucial test looms in a little more than a week, when Trump will appear for the first time before a joint session of Congress. He’ll give what is typically a speech outlining specific policy priorities.

Trump campaigned at the same venue in Florida nearly five months ago, on the day after the first of three election debates against Hillary Clinton.

Then, he touted nonscientific online surveys that credited him for a dominating performance over Clinton, his Democratic rival, when more reliable data showed the public deemed Clinton the clear victor. He described her as “crooked” 20 times. This time, it was the “fake” news media.

He portrayed his media criticism as presidential.

“Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln and many of our greatest presidents fought with the media and called them out oftentimes on their lies,” Trump said. “When the media lies to people, I will never, ever let them get away with it.”

Saturday’s rally bore a striking resemblance to the last, with one key difference: the plane. Instead of the Boeing 757 private jet bearing his name that was a staple of his campaign, Trump arrived on Air Force One. In September he spoke with his prized jet behind him, but Air Force One was not a backdrop at Saturday’s rally β€” that would have risked flouting restrictions on mixing political activity with the trappings of the presidency.

It’s an unprecedented discussion to be having this early in a presidential term. Trump filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to set up a 2020 campaign committee on the day he was sworn in as president (a cover letter indicated that doing so “does not constitute a formal announcement of my candidacy,” however).

President Barack Obama waited until 2011 to file paperwork to seek a second term in the 2012 election. Three incumbent congressmen who are seeking re-election two years earlier than Trump just filed their paperwork on Friday.

But, asked by the Los Angeles Times about criticism he has faced for resuming a campaign posture so early, Trump answered: “Life is a campaign.”

“To make America great again is absolutely a campaign,” he said on Air Force One before the rally. “It’s not easy, especially when we’re also fighting the press.”

White House officials, while emphasizing that the rally was a political event and therefore one they were not involved in, also stated emphatically that the rally was not for any campaign, but rather “for America.”

Trump’s political organization funded the event, the White House said.

But some of the costs associated with the president’s travel for the event here are borne by taxpayers. While the president and his assistants are required to reimburse the government for airfare, according to a 2012 report from the Congressional Research Service, the costs of Secret Service and staff who are always considered to be on official duty are paid by the government.

Trump himself frequently attacked Obama for using Air Force One during campaign travels.

Days before the 2016 election, as Obama campaigned for Clinton, Trump tweeted after seeing Air Force One in Miami. “Why is he campaigning instead of creating jobs & fixing Obamacare?” he asked. “Get back to work for the American people!”

“Why is President Obama allowed to use Air Force One on the campaign trail,” he asked in July, as Obama was set to travel with Clinton for a joint campaign event. “Who pays?”

I recall Barack Obama going to rallies with Hillary Clinton, and she even got to use the presidential seal while talking. The press didn’t care. Now they care!

11 thoughts on “Jewish News Organization Bad Mouths Trump Rally with Biased Reporting

  1. Paladin – The jews have held back on what they consider a potent weapon to bring against Trump, probably intending it as a surprise maneuver. We are likely to see it soon, and although OFA is styled as being an “Obama” group, we know whose group it really is – jewry.

    There are too many links [4] to leave it here, but I’ve posted it at this link:

      • That particular comment at Hoff was re the John R. Schindler guy tweeting that Trump would die in jail.

        FOTM did a post re him the other day. Comment section included:

        1. Wayne Madsen in 2013 wrote that Schindlerwas no super Intel guy but worked in the Historian Dept.

        2. Another comment added that Schindler was fired in 2014 for passing around a male genitalia photo.

        FOTM then updated their article with that latter info. Link to article in this tweet:


        My guess is Schindler & crew are threatening Trump because they are part of the int’l pedo rings.


    Great answer by Trump!

    Great photo from rally yesterday, Melbourne, FLA.


    In Christian circles there’s a saying,


    Meaning… For every step you take forward & upward in the cause of Christ & righteousness, a new vicious attack by demons will come out of the woodwork to do their best to hinder, thwart, interfere, interrupt, delay, derail, &, if possible, destroy you & your goals.

    I believe that is truly what is happening to Trump since he worked like a dog to climb the mountain & actually reached the top, ALL THE DEMONS FROM HELL are after him in FULL FORCE, every minute of the day, every day!

    It was bad enough during the campaign BUT he had NOT Won Yet! Now that he HAS WON & actually HAS Presidential POWER, the attacks are increased in Intensity without Let-Up!

    May the Lord hold-up @POTUS Trump & give him patience & strength & wisdom to endure!

    • Sob-A-Tear,

      “the attacks are increased in Intensity without Let-Up!”

      One of Communist Alinsky’s tactics:

      Rule 8: Keep the pressure on. Use different tactics and actions and use all events of the period for your purpose. β€œThe major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this that will cause the opposition to react to your advantage.”

      Although, Trump isn’t reacting as others have done…such as caving in, he might be using the same Alinsky rules on them.

      Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.
      Rule 6: A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.

      We certainly do enjoy watching him attack the media.

      Rule 8: Keep the pressure on.

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  4. Was there really only 9,000 at the rally?

    Supposedly, per reliable tweets I had seen, more tickets had to be printed beforehand because they needed more, & expected 25,000 to attend.

  5. The jews are at the base of all of our nation’s problems. Their undermining influence and presence in our country over the last 100 plus years has brought us and the world to a very bad place. Very few people are aware of their insidious influence. Us goyim have been too busy just trying to keep a roof over our head and food in our bellies to really know what they are and what they have been doing. If you study our nation’s history, you will realize that Trump represents the greatest threat to the Jew Matrix than any other celebrated person in American history. I do not believe that he is unaware of the Jew Matrix. He had to fight the kikes for years to make it in Manhattan real estate. He has succeeded in real estate, business, and entertainment beyond anyone’s expectations for a goyim. At the high end of this rarified atmosphere, these endeavors are typically populated by jews and the goy need not apply. I believe that the jews despise him, because he has been so successful. Heil Trumpus Maximus! Heil our people! Heil Victory!

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