Trump Triumphant: Epic Press Conference Puts President in Media’s Lying Faces (Video)

President Donald Trump held a press conference on Thursday.

The media’s ears are still burning.

The first half hour of the presser offers a statement by President Trump that takes the media to the woodshed and beats the Hell out of them.

I’ve only watched part of the rest–up to the hour and 41 minute mark. While taking questions from the press, Trump repeatedly excoriates their “fake news” false narratives.

Soon after I saw that the press was reporting that Trump went on some sort of insane, horrific rant. Watch and see the truth.

If you prefer to read, which is quicker, Rush Limbaugh offers long excerpts and some commentary.

This was an amazing rebuke of the absolute nonsense that the press invents to suit its ends.

You might say that the (((press))) experienced a Holocaust today.

8 thoughts on “Trump Triumphant: Epic Press Conference Puts President in Media’s Lying Faces (Video)

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  2. The Glorious Leader Trump Trumpendick-slapped those fancy fairy f*cks. They all still have the mushroom stamp on their foreheads. Their jew master employers were not happy either. They are all hurting, and I am f*cking liking it.

  3. I can’t believe this buffoon is still yammering about his win. He needs to shut up, stop his stupid tweeting and get to work. I’m still waiting for him to break his arm patting himself on the back. If he blows himself up any further, he’ll explode. He still refuses to take responsibility for the mishaps in his administration, including that yapping poodle Conway, and prefers to demonize anyone pointing it out. If we make it through 4 years of this circus without
    him getting us into a war, it will be a god damn miracle.

  4. A lot of people in Australia – where I live – believe that Trump is a Russia loving monster and stupid. This is because the MSM has told them so. That is the same media that never, ever, ever calls for a reduction of immigration in to Australia even though 50% or more of the population now want this. The media is crooked and in bed with crooks.

    I think Trump holding such a press conference proves he is not stupid. He is reminding them that he is the elected President, not the unelected heads of each of the media companies. He knew he could beat them down. A stupid man like Dubya Bush would avoid such a confrontation, Dubya knows he is a fool. I did not watch the video.

    Trump should smash the media monopoly now to force some genuine competition and some non Jew editors. How can the 2% be allowed to dictate to the 98% in a free democracy? This is more like the Soviet Union. Monopoly is illegal, so are cartels. The Jew monopoly on the media and Hollywood was achieved by racketeering and bribery.

    The Federal Reserve private bank is the Holy Grail of Jew evil.

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