Today is the Day Without Immigrants Day Boycott

Feel free to report here how your community was paralyzed without immigrants today.

Pepe Nukem gets it:

puppy gif laughing

22 thoughts on “Today is the Day Without Immigrants Day Boycott

  1. Don’t rape anyone
    Don’t steal anything
    Don’t rob anyone or thing
    Don’t beat anyone up
    Don’t meet up with your gangs
    Don’t use your fake ID’s
    A better day for everyone else…thanks

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  3. Any chance of them refusing to sell crack or whine about White people ?

    Thought not.

    I reckon the welfare offices might be paralyzed. All those welfare jockeys refusing benefits. Yeah right and Nelson Mandela was a White guy.

  4. “CNN Sob Story – Mexicans Will Be Unemployed if Trump Brings Manufacturing Jobs Back to U.S.”

    “The left routinely attacks Republicans for “greedy” companies outsourcing jobs overseas. Now that there’s a Republican promising to bring the jobs back, we’re being told about how mean Trump is for putting Mexicans out of work.”

  5. A partial strike based on ethnicity or such like may be illegal. It is political and not a valid reason for a legal strike, same for an LGBT strike. It is certainly against what most Unions stand for and believe in. Solidarity, unity etc?
    I am still waiting for the NY firefighters to have a 24 hour strike to commemorate and protest the 400 Union members killed by their own Government.

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