Police Appeal for Help as Two Teen Girls Found Murdered on Rural Indiana Hiking Trail


Residents of Delphi, Indiana, a normally peaceful town of 3,000 souls, were shocked to learn that two girls, one age 13 and the other age 14, had been found murdered along a rural hiking trail.

Police are asking the public to help them identify the man in the picture above, who was seen on the trail near where the teens were murdered.


DELPHI, Ind. (WTHR) – Police in Carroll County are seeking help from the public in identifying a man seen walking on a trail where two teenagers were murdered.

State police released a photograph of the man, who was on the Delphi Historic Trails on Monday afternoon. Abigail Williams and Liberty German were last seen on the trail around 1 p.m.

While police aren’t calling him a person of interest, he is someone investigators want to talk to because he was on the same trail as the murdered teenagers at the same time.

The Mercury News

DELPHI, Ind. (AP) — Two bodies found along a northern Indiana stream are those of two girls who went missing Monday, and their deaths are being investigated as homicides, authorities said on Wednesday.

State Police Sgt. Kim Riley said autopsies performed Wednesday determined that the bodies are those of Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13.



Their bodies were found Tuesday afternoon along Deer Creek near Delphi, about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis. Police said the girls’ bodies were about three-quarters of a mile from an abandoned railroad bridge where they were dropped off Monday to go hiking.


Riley said an FBI team remains at the crime scene collecting evidence.

Riley said authorities are not yet releasing the girls’ cause or manner of deaths, citing the ongoing investigation.

“The investigation is still in its baby steps, so to speak, and we don’t want to put that information out yet,” he said during a news conference in Delphi.

Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby said authorities do not yet have a suspect or suspects in the girls’ slayings. He said the teens’ deaths are very upsetting for residents in the city of about 3,000 residents that is the county seat.

Delphi is known for its historic courthouse square and a restored section of the historic Wabash & Erie Canal that offers trips on a replica 19th-century canal boat.

Leazenby and Riley urged the public, particularly people who were hiking Monday in the area where the girls went missing, to contact police with any tips they might have to help authorities in the investigation.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of this. We feel confident. And we’re going to do everything within our resources to reach justice in this situation,” Leazenby said.

Riley said the girls’ bodies were found in a wooded area about 50 feet from the banks of Deer Creek in an area less than a mile upstream from the railroad bridge that’s known locally as the Monon High Bridge.

He thanked volunteers who helped search the base of the bridge and surrounding trails for the girls, whose bodies were found by one of those volunteers.

The girls were reported missing Monday evening after they failed to appear at a predetermined meeting place. Riley said the girls went hiking Monday because the school they attended did not have classes that day.

You have to suspect a sex crime in a case like this. But as the story tells us, the police aren’t offering any details yet.

An amateur sleuth might also wonder about drugs, drug users, Satanists, and other modern horrors that plague America now. However, a man with a gun and rope could secure the cooperation of both girls and then kill them.

Whatever his modus operandi, he needs to be caught because he’s likely to kill again.

Some of the photos in this post were sourced from the Daily Mail. The Mail offers several more pictures of the girls and the beautiful countryside which has now been despoiled by a monster.

4 thoughts on “Police Appeal for Help as Two Teen Girls Found Murdered on Rural Indiana Hiking Trail

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  2. This is my hometown. I no longer live there but it is where I grew up. My friends and I used to climb over the side of that bridge and scale the framework. We ran and climbed all over that town.
    Never in my life has anything like this happened there.
    Earlier comment suggests squat monster. Good possibility, as a very large hog processing plant was put in about 20 years ago and it employs a large number of them. I’ve heard of a lot of troubles since they arrived.
    Madness reaches the hometown.

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