Neo-Con (((Bill Kristol))) Prefers Deep State to Trump


The Deep State serves the Jewish oligarchs who covertly rule America. Of course, he prefers the Deep State.

Muh Jew is already softening up the public for impeachment:

Excerpt from Breitbart

Foreign-policy hawk Bill Kristol Tweeted out his preference for a political victory by “the deep state” above the nation’s laws and over President Donald Trump’s voters and policies, amid an increasing furor over the forced resignation of Gen. Mike Flynn.

The “deep state” is jargon for the semi-hidden army of bureaucrats, officials, retired officials, legislators, contractors and media people who support and defend established government policies.

Those “deep state” officials include the intelligence, law-enforcement and national security officials who worked in President Barack Obama’s administration but who are still working in permanent or temporary positions in the White House and in surrounding agencies. Many of those officials are believed to be leaking information from within the White House to allies in the anti-Trump media, including Kristol.

Coming after Flynn’s departure, Kristol’s Tweet indicates his support for the semi-hidden — and potentially illegal — actions by government officials who helped push out Flynn by taping and leaking his private calls with the Russian ambassador.

Kristol still has over 100,000 Twitter followers, but the truth is that he’s irrelevant. His inability to say anything good about Donald Trump, plus his smarmy smirky smile makes him garbage.

6 thoughts on “Neo-Con (((Bill Kristol))) Prefers Deep State to Trump

  1. He also “prefers” Clinton and Obama to ANY Republican president. I don’t think this fifth columnist would have supported Rubio, Kasich, or even Jeb Bush himself if one of them had received the nomination – ESPECIALLY if he thought said RINO might actually win. Kristol is all about Token Opposition.

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  3. I prefer a world without Zionist pigs! These tribe members stick together like glue! Isn’t this the Jew filth that talks about all the American soldiers who were killed in our “wars for Israhell ” project ..and says all those deaths on both sides were “definitely worth it!” Someone needs to flush this turd back to Israhell

  4. (((Kristol et al))) are what Donald Trump is up against. These scumbags and their goy enablers are the people who have sold out America/Americans for the last sixty years. Kristol is angry that Donald Trump’s candidacy and election outed him and his cronies as phony conservatives and no different than the establishment loony left libtards.

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