White nationalists Disappointed by Michael Flynn Resignation as #pizzagate Connection Raised by Hillary Clinton

I’m struggling with an octopus tonight. There are so many tentacles to the octopus that is the Michael Flynn story that it seems that’s all I’m writing about. This is my fourth post on the topic in a little over 24 hours.

Really, the AOL piece covered in this post isn’t much in the way of news. Of course Trump supporters are upset by Trump calling for General Flynn’s resignation. But the value is that this story reminded me of General Flynn’s son’s unwavering desire to keep the #pizzagate investigation open.

Thus, we should consider the possibility that Flynn was taken out because of that factor. Hillary Clinton retweeted the following Flynn/#pizzagate Tweet:

Hillary Clinton added:

The fact that Hillary Clinton would even raise the issue of #pizzagate suggests to me her incredible arrogance. She must believe that she’ll never pay for her sins. A higher power than me might have something to say about that.


White nationalists and “alt-right” commenters on the internet are upset by the sudden resignation of Michael Flynn, President Trump’s national security adviser. Flynn, a retired U.S. Army Lt. General, quit late Monday after reports that he’d lied to Vice President Mike Pence and other White House officials over the details of his communication with Russia’s ambassador to the United States.

Disappointment over Flynn’s resignation, 24 days after assuming the role, was felt widely in internet discussion boards like Stormfront and The Daily Stormer, alt-right outlets. Members blamed everyone from the media, Mike Pence, the intelligence community and Jews.

Andrew Anglin, creator of the neo-Nazi news blog The Daily Stormer offered his own commentary, labeling Flynn as “one of our best guys,” and describing the resignation as “definitely a loss. To the Jews.” The website’s readers agreed, several called Flynn “the kind of person we need on our team,” “stand up,” and that he was “too pro-white” for the administration.

A prominent “alt-right” news blog edited by white supremacist Richard Spencer also aired its dismay over the news, considering the resignation “a huge mistake.”

Michael Flynn was no stranger to controversy prior to his conversation with the Russian ambassador. He used his social media account to spread numerous fake news stories and conspiracy theories relating to Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

More on General Flynn and #pizzagate here, here, and here.

David Seaman’s new video features an interview with an alleged #pizzagate survivor. This is the newest #pizzagate revelation I could find tonight:

6 thoughts on “White nationalists Disappointed by Michael Flynn Resignation as #pizzagate Connection Raised by Hillary Clinton

  1. Flynn seemed all out for war with Iran so maybe he is not a big loss. Generals should follow orders, not decide national policy and who to invade/destroy next. That job is for the (((NeoCons))) who are loyal only to Israel but get powerful unelected jobs in the USA.
    Pat Buchanan would be a very good man as National Security Adviser. He is dead against new adventures and wants to bring US troops home from many of the 85 of so countries they are now “protecting”. He does not like 30,000 US soldiers at risk in the DMZ in Korea – for 60 years now. Bring the boys home!
    Aggressive wars do not create security – as Hitler found out the hard way.

  2. Iran poses no threat to us or the U.S. but only Israel. We could send Iran back to the Stone Age or the age of Mohammed by destroying their oil industry/oil infrastructure. Oil is all they have to trade for income. In weeks, we would have their population starving to death. Israel is the reason we are tied up in knots in the Middle East. Big Jew here in America and the Jew Matrix keep us involved in the Middle East mess. Oil is just a convenient excuse. We could have been energy independent forty years ago after the first Arab/OPEC oil embargo in 1973. Do not be fooled by all of the propaganda and hoopla we are fed by the (((press))) and our jew-infiltrated government regards terrorism, the Middle East, Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan et al etc. It is and has been a huge lie for generations. Again, it is the mechanism that has been used to keep us involved in the sh*tty Middle East for as long as I have been alive. Unplug from the Jew Matrix and your eyes and minds will be opened.

  3. Regards LTG Flynn, the guy was rail-roaded. Regards him lying to VP Pence, that does not even make sense. I do not trust Pence. He is and always has been RINO establishment all of the way. F*ck his aw shucks I am just a regular guy from the heartland act. I was saddened that Trump picked him to succor the RINO establishment. I hope that DT is aware that he is fighting the Repub and Demo establishments, the entire (((press))), Big Jew (Hollywood, academia, Wall Street et al), and over half of our U.S. population of colored minorities, LBGTQwhatevers, illegal aliens, and crazed leftist libtard YT’s. Not to mention interference from foreign gov’ts and peoples fearful that America will wake up from its sleep and rise again to lead the world. I am trying to think what us little people can do to help his efforts. Normal evil YT’s like us are out-numbered by the POC’s and crazies.

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