Is Venus Williams a “Gorilla” or a “Guerrilla?”–It Makes a Huge Difference to This Man!

This is rich!


When you fire a man for using the word guerrilla to describe a truly ugly Venus Williams, you’re admitting that blacks look like gorillas.

Normally, in athletic disputes I wouldn’t care about the outcome, but in this case ESPN, which fired Doug Adler for using the g-word, deserves to have its deep pockets picked clean.

Daily Mail

Retired tennis player turned broadcaster Doug Adler is suing ESPN for wrongful termination after he was fired over a remark he made about Venus Williams during the Australian Open.

The former player claimed he suffered ’emotional distress’ in a court filing in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging he was wrongly branded a racist and has lost other TV opportunities because of the controversy.

His lawsuit calls for punitive financial damages, but doesn’t name an amount.

The 59-year-old was commentating for the network during Williams’ second round match against Switzerland’s Stefanie Voegele at the Australian Open in Melbourne on January 18 when he described the American’s aggressive tactics.

‘She misses a first serve and Venus is all over her,’ Adler said. ‘You see Venus move in and put the guerrilla effect on. Charging.’

He has maintained he meant Williams was using ‘guerrilla’ tactics, however he was accused by some of comparing the seven-time Grand Slam champion to a gorilla.

Adler apologized for his poor word choice but was let go just days later.

His lawyer, David M. Ring, gave the sports network a serve in a statement on Tuesday.

The irony is that Adler called everything correctly and in a professional manner, whereas ESPN did not – they recklessly made the wrong call,’ Ring said.

‘It was not only political correctness gone overboard, but also a cowardly move that ruined a good man’s career.’

The statement also included a comment from Adler, who said: ‘It was shocking to be treated this way by folks who’ve known me forever… Anyone who has ever competed in sports knows exactly the meaning of the term I used. Period.’

ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys said Tuesday the network hadn’t seen the lawsuit and had no comment.

Court papers also point out that ‘Guerrilla Tennis’ was the name of a Nike TV ad from the 1990s featuring Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.

‘Obviously, (Adler) saw that commercial many times and the phrase became widely used by those who actually understood tennis vernacular and followed the sport closely,’ the lawsuit claimed.

“Your honor, I sumbit the following photos in evidence. Will your honor please rule: Is Venus Williams a gorilla?”

13 thoughts on “Is Venus Williams a “Gorilla” or a “Guerrilla?”–It Makes a Huge Difference to This Man!

  1. I learned this in the military; if a black (or brown, or female, or…) person says you offended, you offended, regardless of whether you actually did or not. You’re guilty, and “the offended” moves on to the next victim. That’s… how do they put it?… “white privilege.”

  2. Why do liberals and blacks get so upset whenever simians are brought up?
    Aren’t they the ones who scream against creationism and promote Darwinism which says we descended from apes?

  3. A shemale boon freak named “Venus”. That’s rich. My dog left a turd on the sidewalk this morning. I think I will name it “Shamika”.

      • I have a friend who does physiotherapy. He is really into biology and such. He sent me this video last year. He is convinced that Serena was born male, but had a sex change early in life. I have to believe him. There is no way that she can play as well as she does at her age. Watch this quick doc in HD and tell me what you think…

  4. This might set off a witch hunt for other words spoken on the Idiot Box with more than one meaning – which is most words in the English language. Some words have many meanings. “22 was 1 racehorse. 11 was 12. 1111 race 22112.” (Starts as “two two was one…”).
    Nobody has ever called Che Guevara or Fidel Castro gorillas but they are often called guerillas.

    Interesting idea for making big money and I hope he wins. However he said “put the guerrilla effect on. Charging.” He should have said “guerilla tactics” and he would win for sure. Gorillas are not tacticians, they are almost as unintelligent as Coons. Unfortunately the use of the word “charging” straight after the word “heboon” makes his case a little sketchy.
    Guerillas rarely charge, unlike the propaganda Banzai Japs with buck teeth and thick glasses (who the allies found out did not exist. The real Nips were tough guerillas and crafty). Guerillas use hit and run tactics from hidden positions. Guerillas are often weak, outgunned and outnumbered and must use camouflage and remote mountains with lots of forest.
    Whereas male gorillas like Venus are tough and strong and liable to charge at the slightest provocation. Gorillas also prefer thick forest and camouflage.

  5. Wonder how many viewers actually noticed? Or really cared? Before I boycotted African ball I used to turn the sound off so I wouldn’t have to listen to the stupid banter of the announcers. As far as his call, are viewers actually that stupid they can not tell which word fit into the sentence? Maybe the Dindus didn’t but they aren’t much on tennis.

  6. One last tidbit. (((Adler))) is a Jude and was sacrificed on the PC altar. The jew has no regard for even its own when shekels are involved.

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