Globalist Puppet Pope Francis Spouts Egalitarian Garbage as He Becomes the Anti-Trump

Francis must become a more effective propagandist, according to this excerpt titled How Pope Francis can become the global voice against President Trump.

Excerpt from The Week

In many ways, these two men are perfect foils for each other; if Trump is a right-wing populist, I don’t think it would be an insult to call Pope Francis a left-wing populist. He has little time for elites, is constantly berating “clericalism” in the church, likes to skewer ideological opponents with bon mots, and fancies himself an advocate of the little guy. While Francis dutifully restates the complex social theology of the church, the issues he has chosen to champion are associated with the progressive left: greater acceptance of divorce, solidarity with migrants, business-bashing, and environmental protection.

But here lies the peril within the promise of Pope Francis as the anti-Trump: Antagonists drawn into a conflict with one another can quickly become indistinguishable.

Francis has a priceless opportunity to use his megaphone to promote a happy and healthy populism, one that recognizes the countless failures of contemporary society, without turning anyone into scapegoats.

But he seems to have a public relations problem. Catholic social doctrine is bigger than any party and ideology, and includes elements that please (and anger) both the left and the right. Francis does try to see “both sides” of a situation, but has become a darling of the left with a communications style that makes progressive points in ways designed to capture attention. And he does so at the expense of his larger conservative message, which becomes more of an afterthought.

When Francis snidely and passive-aggressively attacks Trump by proclaiming that people who “build walls” cannot be “Christians” — a statement as vacuous as “Make America Great Again” — he is sinking to Trump’s level, and embarrassing himself in the process. Francis is absolutely right to remind Christians, and all people of goodwill, of the moral imperative of solidarity with the stranger. But his suggestion that the only motives anyone could possibly have for skepticism towards large movements of foreigners over borders are bigotry or heartlessness turn him into the caricature of the insufferable empty-headed do-gooder, just as Trump long ago turned himself into a caricature of something even uglier. With regard to those tempted by the darker sides of populism, Francis’ goal should be conversion, not harangue.

Yes, Catholic social doctrine repeatedly emphasizes that nations should be generous in their immigration policy, but it also unambiguously states that nations have the right to secure their borders and to preserve their cultural and national identity when shaping immigration policy. When Francis talks about immigration, he dutifully includes the latter points, but they’re buried. And amid his countless photo-ops with migrants, is it any wonder those important points are overlooked? This strategy is deliberate. It allows him to flatter progressive prejudices while his supporters can, at the same time, tut-tut conservative Catholics by pointing to the incidental points and say “See? He’s also saying the stuff you like, so stop complaining,” and then use them as punching bags for supposedly not sharing Francis’ big-hearted generosity. But this is disingenuous, and popes should not talk out of both sides of their mouths.

The writer of this piece foolishly believes that Francis is real. An alternative view of him is that he’s not sincere, but rather a willingly tool of globalist, leftist New World Order politicians.

Each of us can make up his mind about the truth of the Pope, but make no mistake, he’s an enemy of the alt-right and even of the traditional conservative.

13 thoughts on “Globalist Puppet Pope Francis Spouts Egalitarian Garbage as He Becomes the Anti-Trump

  1. Look ! Each time I see a picture of this spawn of Satan, my hair in the back of my neck are rising ??
    BTW I am you could say, a lapsed RC since Vatican II….

      • I’m not Catholic, Mr Reynard, but that site I just left has good info which you may want to check out. A lot of info, especially about The Talking Mule, Francis.

        “Now when he [the Pope] is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church…” St. Francis De Sales (17th century), Catholic Doctor of the Church, The Catholic Controversy, pp. 305-306 : The Catholic Teaching that a heretic cannot be a valid pope and loses the papal office automatically”

        “The Heresies of Anti-Pope Francis, Benedict XVI, John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI, and John XXIII – Antipopes of the Vatican II Counter Church”

    • I’m a fee agent now but was raised pre Vatican II fire’n’brimstone, hell for everybody who’s catholic. If anyone asks what I am I reply today “Christian, I try poorly to follow in Jesus’ footsteps” or “I’m a roaming Csatholic nowor some other reply like “I almost survived Catholic school”. Shrinks keep rolling in the money from Catholics sand ex Catholics who barely survive growing up Roman Catholic.

      To me the creepiest Pope was Benedict. Every photo of him I pictured having a caption “I’ll get you and your little dog too!”

      Pope Francine? Satan’s little helper

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  3. “Pope of the poor” the posters says.

    If the Pope and the Jews have their way, everyone in the world will be poor except for a tiny few ultra wealthy. Living with a population of 50% black Africans (or even 10%) will destroy every country they move to outside Africa. All will be poor. This is Communism – wealthy dictators like Lenin and Trotsky who pretend to be helpers, and the great mass of the poor.

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