Disgusting Blob Michael Moore Melts Down; Tells Trump To “Resign By Morning” Or Face “Impeachment You Russian Traitor”

michael moore

Whatever happened to sane, elegant Hollywood? Today, we have Lena Dunham, Sarah Silverman, and sloppy Michael Moore. We can’t get rid of them. They constantly want to be in our faces with their ridiculous drivel.

With Dunham and Silverman, I think they may really be looney tunes. In Moore’s case there’s at least some chance his wacky outbursts are planned in order to burnish his credentials with the left.


Michael Moore, the ultra-liberal documentary filmmaker who infamously predicted a Trump victory well before election night last November by stunningly calling Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania for the Republican nominee, has, over the past 24 hours, decided to broadcast his latest nervous breakdown over Twitter for all to see.

It all started with the following tweet storm posted by Moore in the wee hours of the morning saying that, among other things, “Flynn DID NOT make that Russian call on his own” but rather “was INSTRUCTED to do so.” Moore went on to insist that Flynn was just the first of several senior Trump advisors that would inevitably be fired and predicted that “Miller & Bannon” would be next before calling on Trump himself to “Resign by morning!”

And, lest you thought he was just joking and/or slept off his temporary “mental incapacitation” and decided to move on with his life, Moore just lit up the Twittersphere again this afternoon asking Trump “What part of “vacate you Russian traitor” don’t you understand?” while threatening that “We can do this the easy way (you resign), or the hard way (impeachment).”

But, while we certainly respect his November prognostication and admire his tenacity, we suspect his calls for a Trump resignation may be premature…just a hunch.

The alt-right has its eye on Michael every day:

7 thoughts on “Disgusting Blob Michael Moore Melts Down; Tells Trump To “Resign By Morning” Or Face “Impeachment You Russian Traitor”

  1. Gawwwd! that face begs a swift punch or two or three or more. I wonder how much money he’s getting from the left’s favorite Satanist George Soros and the Rothchilds.

    More is a leading agent provocateur. When his TalmudVision show aired (the Awful Truth) I originally thought it was amusing, but years later and about 100 pounds heavier I see clearly what a disgusting POS he is, but he is one of the darlings of the fat leturd army

    For those with strong stomachs some extracts of his shows can still be viewed on JewTube.

  2. “Michael Moore, the ultra-liberal”.
    Only in the USA is calling for WWIII considered to be ultra liberal. I would hate to hear of a war hawk, if Moore is a liberal.
    Why all this talk of Russia interfering in the elections? Why not Iran and North Korea also or were they too dumb to do it? Just sit back and wait for the US war machine to bomb you from the air. Then you, the dictator, will be executed without trial in a very cruel and Oriental way under US control, like Saddam and Gaddafi.
    Why does the (((MSM))) never refer to Israel and Israeli citizens interfering with every USA election in many decades? Jews bribe, sorry donate, more to both parties than any other group in the USA.

    In my opinion, any nation threatened with military destruction by the USA is mad not to interfere with the US election process. It is much cheaper than war. Saddam and Gaddafi should have done it, and so should of the Taliban.
    Muzzies are dopey selfish dumb arses with a total lack of imagination and foresight.
    ISIS interferes with the US elections because the media is ISIS.

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