Britain: Hate Crimes Alleged to Be at Record Levels After Brexit Vote

love being white

If a white person has it out with a cretinous nonwhite loser over something disgusting that the nonwhite individual did, it’s called a hate crime. No matter that the mystery meat creature started it. It’s recorded as a hate crime.

Once a so-called hate crime is reported, is it ever removed from the books when it’s exposed as a hoax? Do police work to expose hoax hate crimes? They should.

There’s a hate crime industry in Britain. The livelihoods of the workers in that industry require that there be more and more hate crimes so that they can obtain more and more resources from the taxpayers.

Sky News

Hate crime has surged to record levels in the months after the EU referendum, according to figures.

Three quarters of police forces in England and Wales recorded their highest levels of hate crime in the three months after June’s vote since records began in April 2012.

And three forces – the Metropolitan Police, Greater Manchester Police and West Yorkshire Police – saw more than 1,000 hate crimes each. The Met recorded 3,356 hate crimes, Greater Manchester 1,033 and West Yorkshire 1,013.

The figures, compiled by the Press Association, showed that only four forces reported a decrease in hate crimes during the same three-month period.

Provisional figures published by the Home Office in October said hate crime offences in July 2016 were 41% higher than in July the previous year.

Equality and Human Rights Commission chairman David Isaac said it “must be sensible to prepare for any possible spikes” in hate crime once Brexit talks begin.

“The vast majority of people who voted to leave the European Union did so because they believed it was best for Britain and not because they are intolerant of others,” he said.

“It is clear, however, that a small minority of people used the Brexit vote to legitimise inexcusable racism and prejudice. We cannot allow such intolerable acts of hate to be condoned or repeated.

“The triggering of Article 50 is the next major milestone and we must do all we can to discourage hate attacks and to support people who feel at risk.”

Lucy Hastings, director at Victim Support, said the charity supported 16,000 victims of hate crime in England and Wales last year.

She also said that there had been more referrals in the aftermath of the EU referendum.

“Hate crime has no place in our society and every victim of this crime is one too many,” she said.

The Home Office said Britain’s hate crime legislation was among the strongest in the world.

A spokesman said: “The Home Secretary has been crystal clear that crime motivated by hostility and prejudice towards any group in society has no place whatsoever in a Britain that works for everyone.”

Methinks that breathing while white is the real hate crime in the West now, as nonwhite criminals are protected by politicized police departments.

3 thoughts on “Britain: Hate Crimes Alleged to Be at Record Levels After Brexit Vote

  1. “inexcusable racism and prejudice. We cannot allow such intolerable acts of hate to be condoned or repeated.”
    So prejudice is now a hate crime? If I cross the street to avoid a nigger, is this a hate crime? If a nigger asks me for money, and I give him none, is this prejudice and a hate crime?

    Why is racism inexcusable? Since when is it natural for whites to love niggers? This is unnatural and sick in the head. Survival is the number one human need and even the lying turd (((Maslow))) would probably agree. How can one self actualize while being raped and bashed by Coons?

    What if more than half of British citizens are prejudiced, and that is why they voted Brexit? Will the political police (Bobbies) try to jail tens of millions?

    Nothing should be a crime that half the population does, says or thinks everyday. E,g have a beer. the US proved that with the disastrous Prohibition law. Same for thinking that Coons are inferior to whites. They are inferior except for violence, lust and brute strength. The truth should never be a crime, even if only one in a million dare to say it out loud.

  2. The only hate crimes I know are the crimes committed against the tens of millions of evil YT’s victimized by niggers, spics, sand-niggers, third-world mystery-meat, and illegal aliens. Then there is the indirect crime committed against the rest of us evil YT’s by having our tax dollars extorted to pay for all of the above-mentioned miscreant’s welfare and criminal justice systems activities. Evil YT only assaults or kills niggers et al in self-defense.

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