Black Mother-Daughter Prostitution Team Busted in Florida


Since the ladies of the evening arrested for prostitution in this story are black, as pictured above, there’s a about a 50 percent chance of them having the old HIV or other less serious STD. Did I remember that statistic correctly?

Facts are racist, right?

There’s no word on whether the clients of these two lovelies are white or black. Sadly, some white men come down with jungle fever.

Which sometimes results in sores appearing in private places.

New York Post

A mother-daughter duo from New Jersey was busted in an undercover prostitution sting at a Motel 6 in Florida, a report says.

Tanja Gammon, 57, and Darcel Gammon, 31, were both arrested last Tuesday in Kissimmee after authorities stumbled upon an ad for their “services” on, according to The Smoking Gun.

Court records obtained by the website showed the pair had placed the ad using the name “Tamara” — claiming she was a “Sexy MILF” with an “Awesome Attitude & Personality” and an immense hatred for the “taste of Latex.”

After an undercover cop contacted the number they listed, the alleged hookers directed him to the Motel 6 and arranged a $100, 30-minute encounter.

“When I arrived…I knocked on the door and was greeted by Tanja, who was wearing lingerie,” the officer wrote in the charging affidavit.

“Tanja said to get comfortable and retrieved a condom from her purse,” he added.

A few moments later, the elder Gammon pounced — grabbing the cop’s hand and reportedly thrusting it towards her vaginal area.

“You got to make sure I don’t have a d–k,” she told him, according to the affidavit.

After briefly exposing the officer’s penis, authorities swooped in and immediately placed her under arrest.

“I didn’t take the money yet, I didn’t take the money yet!” Tanja yelled repeatedly, while being placed in cuffs. “So it really doesn’t matter!”

Cops eventually stumbled upon Darcel in the bathroom, saw that she was also wearing lingerie, and took her into custody as well, the Smoking Gun reports.

“It was clear that she was inside the bathroom listening and looking out for Tanja,” the undercover cop said.

Property records list the Gammons as being from the Asbury Park area. It is unclear what they were doing in Florida.

$100 a half hour? You get what you pay for, I guess.

See eight more naughty photos of Tamara at Everyjoe.

3 thoughts on “Black Mother-Daughter Prostitution Team Busted in Florida

  1. Good grief!! When the .gov issues inflation reports they should use these two as a baseline for the hundred dollar holler. At least you would have an honest idea of how worthless the paper in your wallet really is.

  2. Florida is the “easy” state for buying opiates legally on scripts which kills thousands of US citizens every year. “Hillbilly” flights to Florida from Kentucky etc.
    USA is the world center for porn production.
    But money for sex is a terrible crime in the prudish USA. Most other Western countries have legalised it. but not all. Sweden has a wacky law where the prostitute is innocent bu the client gets arrested and charged.
    This happens in the USA too with police estrangements of motorists.
    Policewoman flashes leg at known prozzie hangout. Car stops and man offers money. He is then arrested.

    Things being illegal, like prostitution, alcohol, gambling and drugs is what the criminals want. Legality lowers the price and the profits and also forces taxes to be paid. Also the pros must get regular health checks which helps to protect the community.

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