Oroville Dam Spillway Raises Questions About New World Order Role in Manufactured Crisis

1. Could the crisis have been prevented?

2. Was the spillway (and dam?) sabotaged?

3. How long will the crisis drag on?

4. Will the crisis be Donald Trump’s Katrina, leading to his removal from office?

5. Are the Dindus going to have their usual fun in the Oroville area?

The mainstream press won’t provide answers to a number of questions. Thus, I’ve sourced this post from several places, a mix of mainstream news and alternative thinking.

Sky News

Nearly 200,000 people have been told to remain away from their homes as authorities in California continue to repair the US’s tallest dam.

Dozens of evacuation centres have been set up to take people from three counties deemed at risk if the Oroville Dam fails and floods surrounding towns and villages.

Officials have warned of a “30ft wall of water” if one of the spillways fails.

Heavy rain caused the level of Oroville Lake to rise so high that the emergency spillway was used for the first time in the dam’s near 50-year history.

Engineers’ fear that erosion around the emergency spillway could cause it to collapse.

In addition, the primary spillway in the 230m (770ft) dam has a 30ft hole that is causing it to leak and cause further erosion.

The level of the lake is now understood to have dropped, but officials say repairs may have to be carried out before they can allow people back to their homes.

So how long will it be before people are allowed back into what is now a danger zone?

SF Gate

OROVILLE, Butte County — The crisis at Lake Oroville may grind on for weeks or longer — leaving the nearly 200,000 people ordered to evacuate on Sunday in nail-biting limbo as crews work to flush water out of the reservoir and shore up a badly eroded emergency spillway, officials said Monday.

State water officials have been purging nearly 100,000 cubic feet of water per second out of the reservoir’s damaged but functioning primary spillway, an effort that brought the level down below the lip of the emergency spillway Sunday night, averting catastrophe.

But they are just beginning to assess the scope of the weekend damage, a first step in developing a plan to secure the reservoir and allow residents to return to their homes.

Are the Dindus going to go out and Dindu? Haha. They’re scarce in that part of the country!

The Anti-Trump politicking is just getting started:

Jim Stone Freelance speculates that sabotage is the cause of the problems at Oroville:


The main spillway was FULLY inspected on a REGULAR basis and had ZERO issues yet blew up when only 28 percent of its rated capacity was flowing through it. That means bomb or sabotage. People, when this thing first blew, concrete chunks flew high in the air. Probably 300 feet in the air. Nothing like it has happened since, even with much greater flows. There is no way that happened from water at the rate it was being released at that time. People thought the chunks flew less than that because they did not realize how big the scene was.

Any stories you hear about environmentalists and a deficient spillway are about the EMERGENCY SPILLWAY, which we all saw really was so deficient it is nothing but a fake hope. They wanted the emergency spillway cement lined a long way down the hill. For once, the environmentalists were right!

I am dead right about the sabotage that probably came from California’s own communist government, if I was not, there would be laughter instead of DNS shutdowns.

What we are seeing at Oroville is cold hard proof that environmentalists, democrats, all of what has been running America lately have real consequences in the real world and it really does not matter how much they can spew about how great they are when we can look at the results right here. There is an extremely high chance of total catastrophe now. I was totally depressed last night over this, because there is true impending doom that would have NEVER happened in Trump’s America and there is nothing at all that can be done about it now, we just have to watch whatever happens unfold.

There’s much more in the way of pictures and analysis at Jim’s site than I brought into this brief post.

If you want to go even more deeply down the rabbit hole, this thread at the GLP Forums offers some interesting observations. Hint: The dirty hand of the “Juice” (Jews) is identified as present in profiting from this crisis.

12 thoughts on “Oroville Dam Spillway Raises Questions About New World Order Role in Manufactured Crisis

  1. Funny I did tweeted Mr. Presdient Trump to contact Flex tape waterproof make huge rolls to prevent the flood. see how that works and plus save money lol.

  2. “Heavy rain”. This is Trumps fault? Lefties must indeed think that Trump is God.

    One possible explanation is that this dam was not built by white men. In the multiracial future, expect dams to be about as good as those in the Third World. One thing that happens in a Communist system is that workers steal some of the dry cement and take it home for their own driveways etc. What is left has too much sand and aggregate and not enough cement. That can be more big time where an Oligarch steals a huge amount of materials. This rarely happens with high rise apartments as investigations later may punish the guilty. It is most common with footpaths and paving and such like, which fall to pieces within ten years or so. Same for a dam wall (thieving and shortcuts are unlikely) – but a spillway might be a good area for cheating and thieving. The contractors might have done this for more profit.

    Most sane wealthy countries do not have 200,000 people living on low land where they might drown if a dam collapses.

    The Oroville spillway can be inspected to see how thick the concrete actually was at the fail point. Maybe water got underneath due to bad engineering, too many spics and Coon workers and not enough white men. Were/are the inspectors white men or are they AA women and “minorities”.

  3. I was in that area this January. The rainstorms were very heavy with a lot of damage. All of the water being released from that dam is going to flow into the ocean. California could have built pipelines or another aqueduct from the dam to central and southern California. But their environMENTAL loons have put the kibosh on any new water projects for the last 30-40 years due to “environmental impacts”. Now, hundreds of thousands of people are displaced and millions of tons of water wasted. They deserve everything they get. BTW, California has great natural beauty, but the people are insane. Do not waste a trip there.

  4. “They deserve everything they get. BTW, California has great natural beauty, but the people are insane.”

    Mark Dice gets his best material from there…

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