Melbourne Mob Attack Prompts Call for Deportation of Subhumans Back to Africa

Bullets are cheaper than airfare. Old scows might set out to sea with loads of “refugees” and never be seen again.

For every problem, there is a solution.

PAULINE Hanson has called for African gang members to be deported following the latest incident of violence in Melbourne at the weekend.

A gang of up to 40 youths of African appearance stormed the family-friendly festival Summersault, in Melbourne’s west on Saturday night, kicking and punching some festival goers and stealing wallets, bags and phones.

A teenager was also hospitalised after being confronted by members of the gang outside the neighbouring Caroline Springs police station.
It is the latest in a string of gang crime allegedly committed by African youths in Melbourne and Ms Hanson said she had a simple solution to curb it.

“I’ve got the best solution to this. Round them up and get them out!” the One Nation leader posted, attracting more than 300 comments largely supporting her view.

The Queensland senator’s radical views are attracting plenty of support across the country, with weekend polling showing her party may win up to 20 seats in the Queensland parliament at this year’s election.
In Western Australia, her party has also struck a preference deal with the Liberal Party, which will preference One Nation above the Nationals in the upper house.

The cessation of African migration has long been a key policy of Ms Hanson’s, however a spokesman confirmed she did was not calling for the deportation of “law abiding immigrants of any ethnicity” but those who commit crimes.

Back in 2009, she described refugees as “incompatible with our way of life and culture”.

“They get around in gangs and there is escalating crime that is happening,” she said.

“If we want to do things for the Sudanese people, then let us send medical supplies, food, whatever they need over there — but let them stay in their own country.”

While her deportation stance unsurprisingly attracted the support of her followers, African leaders say parents in their communities are continually seeking help to control their children.

Pastor Michael Jang, from the outer Melbourne suburb of Dandenong, said after last year’s Moomba riot, that parents were seeking his help up to three times each week to guide their children.


“You come from war, you just want to see your child progress, to give you hope,” he said.

“But parents are experiencing stress and depression because of their children.”

He said he feared the gang violence would escalate into race riots.

Late last year, ABC’s 7.30 program reported that some African parents had resorted to sending their children to boarding school in Uganda and Kenya to prevent them becoming involved in violent crime in Australia.

“There are a lot of African children now in jail. There are a lot of children now in the street, they drink, they do whatever,” South Sudanese woman Akec Mading told the program, after sending her son and daughter to Africa to school.

Salvation Army Victoria commanding officer Brendan Nottle, told that African youth, mainly immigrants, had often suffered through a deeply tortuous journey to Australia, spending years in refugee camps in appalling conditions.

“Once they got to Australia, a country far from home, some found it difficult in school, difficult to get jobs and felt “locked out” of the community,” he said.

“While many did progress well, inevitably some ended up rubbing shoulders with equally aggrieved young people.”

Mr Nottle said rather than pointing the finger at African youths, some “very serious conversations,” needed to be had, to work out why they were so angry. has contacted Ms Hanson for comment.

Who cares why they were “so angry?” In fact, who says the black mob was angry. It’s their way of life. It’s genetic. It can’t be fixed.

here comes diversity

12 thoughts on “Melbourne Mob Attack Prompts Call for Deportation of Subhumans Back to Africa

  1. “A teenager was also hospitalized after being confronted by members of the gang outside the neighboring Caroline Springs police station.”
    Irony. A white youth would get more police help from black police in most African countries, than from white cops hiding in fear inside the Police Station, in Victoria, Australasia, the Unicorn State in la la land. The Salvo proves how idiotic do gooders are, and he does not care what the Coons do to white Christians in his own flock. Some shepherd!

    “Late last year, ABC’s 7.30 program reported that some African parents had resorted to sending their children to boarding school in Uganda and Kenya to prevent them becoming involved in violent crime in Australia.”
    Once again proving that Kenya and Uganda are now safer and better governed than the Unicorn/Pixie state of Victoria, where Melbourne is the capital. Seems more like Canada in many ways. The Coon rapefugees got here under Federal progarms of course. The States then must house the shits and lock out all elderly white Australians. Go to the back of the bus, white man!!! That is me by the way, I must sit at the back of the waiting list so violent niggers who will never work can be housed and make lots of black babies. My having paid tax for forty years means nothing. War zone niggers are the prize, we must help the vermin! Why don’t we feed all rats and mice also, and locusts, they often get very hungry?

    Australia is deliberately importing the very worst people in the world!!! Jews tell the politicians what to do in this once great nation. Pauline Hanson is one of a very few that tell the truth.

    Australia is buggered.

    • Remember some years back Robert, when Israel was hit by a wave of Dindus from North Africa and they wanted the rest of the world to take them because Israel is such a precious, precious snowflake? Well it seems that Australia’s own Minister for Israel, Michael Danby (represents noxious Jewish matrons in Caulfield) maybe was involved in getting them out of Israel and into our Country…and here’s the outcome. Danby was also instrumental in establishing Labor’s policy of letting every piece of filth from the world’s worst countries through the door. All this stuff about (((elite))) puppet-masters giving the orders…..all true.

    • My third post involving Pauline. She seems to have paid a price for her honesty.

      Is it feasible for you to stir the pot re your housing situation? Such as by feigning pain, mental illness, etc?

      You’re not alone. I’ve run pieces on elderly whites getting kicked out of their homes for muzzies in Germany, Sweden, and England.

      • “feigning pain, mental illness, ”
        Who needs to pretend. If my Coon loving, Jew arse licking, Guvmint reads all my opinions on this site they will consider me to be bona fide mentally ill. No need to be assessed by a “qualified” crazy Jew, or two. Telling the truth is a type of mental illness as in the boy who said the Emperor was not wearing clothes.
        I hope I can avoid certification because of naming the Jew, but luckily mental health hospitals have been gutted to save money.! Better to be jailed than put in a mental home. only killers get out early. Political prisoners in mental hospitals can be there for life. That is what the Soviet Union did with dissenters in the 1970s. Also they drugged the poor bastards as an extra punishment to fry their brains. In the (((Soviet Union))) admitting to being unhappy was considered mental illness.

        But you are right. As I get older and more decrepit it may be worth bringing up my declining health with my State Govt. Of course any housing I get will be infested with noisy Coons, druggies and Muzzies, and their screaming brats, so not always a great prize.

      • It’s too bad you can’t move into a white small town and live in a house trailer. Poor whites throughout the south live in trailers on an acre or two of cheap land in or near a small town. Alabama, my future destination, is one of those states with lots of “poor white trash” living happily in a trailer.

  2. I saw that particular 7:30 report. It was a perfect illustration of their complete inability to assimilate at even the most basic level. The most amusing part was great fat babymomma having lost complete control of her 6 foot tall teen, and whining for more gibs. Granted English wasn’t her first language (or second or third probably), but in interview she still sounded functionally retarded.

      • I agree and wonder whether Paris, London, New York, LA, Sydney etc are already losing money due to brown out, yellowout and blackout. Sydney is now a multiethnic shithole – with beautiful scenery and weather. Too many cars etc. Sky high rent, Any Chinese crook can buy property no questions asked and does not even need to come to Australia or even have a visa, and can keep the home or apartment empty. Worst of all the city is infested with panhandlers, quite a few of them are whites. Horrible and I am ashamed, but it is not my fault.

        Why travel at all when the world is a brown shithole everywhere?

  3. Man, those youfs get around. Seriously, f*ck the Australians. Their leaders allowed the sub-humans to emigrate there. Wow, our leaders did the same thing to us. So f*ck us too.

    • Hitler called the Slavs subhumans. Now Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are very white compared to all former white nations, including Germany.and Austria, except maybe Iceland. Russia does have a Muzzie problem, they just cant stop breeding. China has the same problem.

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