Germany Shocked by Rape of Elderly Woman by Young Foreigner

Another rape committed by a migrant has taken place in Germany. The victim was a 60 year old woman going to work in the morning.

I speculate that the rapefugees who primarily want sexual release target young girls, while the ones filled with rage and hatred for the West target older women. There certainly has to be more than just a need for sex involved in this and similar cases.

Even if the attacker who committed this atrocity was born in Germany, the law should be changed so that he can be deported to his ancestral homeland. Odds are that he is a recent invader, however.

GERMANY has been left in shock after an elderly woman was attacked and raped in a driveway by a young foreigner.

The 60-year-old woman had left her home in Jena, Thuringia on Friday morning at around 6am on her way to work.

But she was followed by a 20-year-old foreigner, who she says spoke “broken” German, and was attacked in the street.

He dragged her into a driveway between Am Steiger Street and Philosophenweg Street, where he launched into a brutal attack and sexually assaulted her.

Fighting back, she managed to escape and ran out into the street – almost being hit by a red car driving past.

Her attacker, a Mediterranean-looking man, tried to follow her but fled when he saw the car.

The driver of the car swerved around the woman, but kept driving without stopping to help.

Police have now launched a criminal investigation department into the attack, and are now looking for the man.

He has been described as thing, about 170cm tall and was wearing an orange hooded jacket with dark shades on the sides and was unshaven.

The police are also looking for the driver and other witnesses.

The attack comes just over a month after a 69-year-old pensioner suffered a harrowing sexual assault while she was out walking in Kellinghusen, a small town with a population of just 8,000 people.

She noticed she was being approached by a young boy on a bicycle, who approached the woman and tried to kiss her.

When she recoiled, he grabbed her by the neck before sexually assaulting her in the street.

The woman described the youth as being about 12-13 years old, around 160cm tall and wearing dark clothes.

The boy never uttered a word during the assault but was said to be of Mediterranean origin.

Police have appealed for any witnesses to come forward.


6 thoughts on “Germany Shocked by Rape of Elderly Woman by Young Foreigner

  1. Sounds just like the 40 years old man who groped white girls under age 16 at the beach in Sydney last Saturday, which I reported here. I saw him being interviewed by police, and I saw the girls, and probably none of it will ever be reported in the media. These “Mediterranean” looking guys are bad eggs, especially the Lebs.
    The “Club Med” I saw was shorter at about 160 to 164 cm.

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    • Let’s wait for the German elections later this year and see whom the German people vote as Chancellor . I guarantee you it’s CDU again,maybe not Merkel but still that evil cuckolded CDU. So,vile attacks like this will become common place. No,I lie,HAVE already become common place. That’s why I’m not surprised. These are not the same proud German people our fathers fought.

  3. The more this happens, the closer we get to the prize: Civil War. I cannot wait for democracy to fail so that we Europeans can get back to doing things properly again…

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