Gag! Repulsive (((Lena Dunham))) Nude Again on HBO

I agree with the late Andrew Breitbart’s statement that politics is downstream from culture.

If we want to change the country (and by extension, the world), politics alone is not enough. We have to reform our filthy, degenerate culture.

Lena Dunham is surely a TV fixture only because she’s a Jew in a Jewish-owned and controlled industry.

Her degeneracy keeps being celebrated by the (((critics))) and the (((press.))) But not here.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Fans were pleased to see the girl gang back together onscreen – but it was Lena’s very racy sexy scene with British rapper/actor Riz Ahmed.

The star goes full-frontal once aain as she showed off her figure – and sunburn – while the gang went on a beach break.

Hannah then went to the surf camp in Montauk and met surf instructor Paul-Louis, and the pair were soon making waves in a different way.
They ended up having a steamy romp on the beach before carrying on in the bedroom.

There must be at least 20 more repulsive photos at the Mail. I noticed that almost all the comments were negative and I up voted all of those.

In a race to the bottom, you have to wonder what comes after this creature’s show is gone and her 15 minutes of fame are up. Whatever it is, unless we can force a cultural shift, it won’t be pretty.

14 thoughts on “Gag! Repulsive (((Lena Dunham))) Nude Again on HBO

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  2. I am proud to say I would not recognize here or 99% of the other (((msm) promoted icons. Most libturds I encounter chastise me as an uncaring Trump supporting Nazi as I do not genuflect that (((their))) hand selected objects of worship. I guess this happens to people like me who turned off the Electric Jew and all of their news stand and supermarket checkout rags many years ago

    Worship only the one true God and not those made by human hands; the golden calfs and other jew and illuminati idols

    Ugh Lena Dunham! there should be an eye bleach warning 🙂

  3. We you see some the the truly beautiful women from the 1950s and 1960s pinups and the jaw dropping curves and classy look they possessed It is truly horrific that this greasy gelatinous gorgon has in some way changed the standard of beauty in this county but consider the glorious past before fat ugly feminist tried to tell us there are 4 lights we see when in fact there are 3 lights consider the link. check out Linda Vaughn and the Hurst Girls.

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