Crucify Jesus Yourself

Here’s an example of degenerate Western art: A toy kit that allows a child to nail Jesus to the cross.

What’s wrong with artists today? via Google translate

Crucify Jesus by Yourself!” Many people will be surprised as weird as they crucify a Jesus-self-speelkit see in the shops. Presenter Filemon Wesselink pays However it with a different intention.

Wesselink joins Twente Biennale art festival which starts today and made before the striking work of art.

“The ‘trademark’ of the Christians is the crucifix and the image of the body of Jesus on the cross. I am Christian upbringing and I have seen this my entire childhood,” Wesselink said the inspiration for the package.

“During a trip to Israel, I was often confronted with this. At the same time there were many tourist market stalls selling toys were sold. Weapons were held by” action figures “but the brutal image of Jesus on the cross was nowhere to be seen.”

“May this of the Christians?”

According to the presenter is going to set the intention that people ask the toy. “On which side you stand when you nail Jesus to the cross? Without crucifixion was Christianity, after all, not been so great. Can this of Christians? And when they approve this what does that say about the state of Christianity? Do people feel guilty when it buys and completes the crucifixion? and if you feel guilty, then it is not necessarily a believer? ”

The Passion
It is no coincidence that Wesselink makes this artwork for a festival in Enschede. The town where the Twente Biennale takes place was also the setting for the TV show The Passion. “It was the ‘Disney fisering’ of Christianity kicks off,” says Wesselink. “This is the next step in the desecration of Christianity.”

The festival Twente Biennale begins Thursday and runs until June 7th. The art of Filemon Wesselink is featured this weekend in the Balengebouw.

I made this for @TwenteBiennale . A kruisigingset. From Thursday in Enschede.
– Filemon Wesselink (@FilemonW) May 27, 2015

Filemon Wesselink at Wikipedia


7 thoughts on “Crucify Jesus Yourself

  1. I believe in judgement day. He obviously doesn’t. Perhaps he needs reminding of whom his judge will be…. Will it be some lefty lady judge wearing a pussy hat??

  2. If the artist made something mocking Islam, mohamed or allah there would be hell to pay and heads would roll (literally) plus the (((msm))) would be in outrage over the mocking of the religion of peace, love and tolerance but it’s always open season on Jesus, the centerpiece of the Christian faith

    I hope Jesus returns soon because the world is long overdue for a total cleaning

    • Precisely correct ; in fact, in the country of his residence, such would be criminal. This IS one area that we could take a lesson from the camelf###ers …

      Goes without saying that the ‘artist’ is almost certainly one of (((them)))…

  3. I am Christian upbringing and I have seen this my entire childhood,” Wesselink
    If he’s a Christian , then I’m a follower of the Great Spaghetti Monster ??
    I see a joo, I smell a joo ! I hear a joo !

  4. The torture and murder of Jesus, is one of the foundations of your cult. Get over it, when someone depicts it, for what it is (a sick joke).

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