CIA Broke the Law to Force Out General Flynn as Trump Faces Removal from Office


The (((Deep State))) taped General Michael Flynn speaking to the Russian Ambassdor and then leaked the tape, setting the stage for a scandal and the resignation of the General.

The Flynn/Trump narrative is “setting,” the way that liquid jello sets into a semisolid after it’s put in the refrigerator for a while.

The MSM story is that traitor Trump used General Flynn to be his go-between to Russia, setting up some sort of deal that would make Trump richer or otherwise be at the service of his controller, Vladimir Putin.

Treason would be an impeachable offense.

Those who secretly taped Flynn are heroes to the MSM, saving America from being sold out to Russia.

That’s the story in a nutshell. And you should be greatful because otherwise there would be Russian troops sitting in your living room next month.

Excerpt from American Thinker

Make no mistake: we have just witnessed an operation by members of the CIA to take out a high official of our own government. An agency widely believed to have brought down democratically elected governments overseas is now practicing the same dark arts in domestic American politics. Almost certainly, its new head, Mike Pompeo, was not consulted.

Senator Chuck Schumer, of all people, laid out on January 2 what was going to happen to the Trump administration if it dared take on the deep state – the permanent bureaucracy that has contempt for the will of the voters and feels entitled to run the government for its own benefit:

New Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump is “being really dumb” by taking on the intelligence community and its assessments on Russia’s cyber activities.

“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

“So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.”

Or, as the old rueful saying has it, “you’ve got to go along to get along.” This means that we the people had better acknowledge that the bureaucrats have turned into our masters, and the old expression “public servant” is as ironic as anything Orwell came up with. Schumer knows this and likes it, because the deep state wants a bigger, more powerful government, just as he does.

Note that the law was broken by whoever leaked the transcripts to the media. Not only is the crime underlying the “scandal” being ignored, but the criminals are being hailed. On Morning Joe’s first hour today, the host, a former congressman (i.e., a lawmaker) himself, called the leakers “heroes.”

The entire “scandal” is based on innuendo. Flynn tripped over his own feet by misinforming Vice President Pence on the nature of his call and allowing the veep to issue a too sweeping denial of any discussion. If Flynn had said in his conversation with the Russian ambassador that we will discuss the sanctions after Trump takes office, he might well have told Pence that they did not discuss the sanctions. And the CIA leakers could have used the appearance of the word “sanctions” in their transcript to brand Pence a liar. We don’t know, and for some reason, nobody is gaining access to the actual transcripts so that we may see the content. Perhaps the congressional investigations to come will gain access. But Flynn is now gone, and media memes have been firmly planted in the public mind.

The Flynn Affair is a huge scandal, all right. But the media are misdirecting our attention toward the lesser dimension while they studiously ignore the real threat to our democracy.

Backstabbing weakling Chief of Staff Reince Priebus needs to go.

14 thoughts on “CIA Broke the Law to Force Out General Flynn as Trump Faces Removal from Office

  1. Only people who watch the Idiot Box have “MSM memes firmly planted in their minds.” Those who read instead can obtain the wider view/big picture from both sides & land on their feet in the middle.

    From yesterday the 14th re Priebus… no names, really, just anonymous sources which could be very iffy. Maybe Priebus is not really the bad guy but the moles, who are, want him out(?)

    “As Flynn Resigns, Priebus Future In Doubt As Trump Allies Circulate List of Alternate Chief of Staff Candidates”:

    • I’m afraid we’ll have to let the President sort it all out. Obviously, the backstabbers may be the Obama civil service holdovers, not anyone near Trump. However, I’m going to say that I’m leery of Reince. But as usual I will defer to our leader.

  2. That treason quote above. A lot of insiders in 911 are guilty of treason, Bush and Cheney two obvious examples. All those that found fake WMds is Iraq are also traitors. 911 and the Iraq war were both an act of war against the USA, by trators and some (((foreign ally folks))).

  3. This sounds like a credible reason (in THEIR minds) for snooping on Flynn (especially since Obama wouldn’t want his “legacy” Iran Deal thwarted):

  4. If treason were actually an impeachable offence any more, every damned president from lincoln on – ESPECIALLY lincoln – would be impeached. hussein obummer would be third on line behind lincoln and fdr…but treason isnt impeachable ; at least treason against this country isnt. Now, treason against [[[certain]]]interests is another matter…


    First they must impeach all the Zionist traitors, like Clinton, Bush and Obama. Russia is our friend and our ally.

    We Americans love Russia.
    The Russian people are our brothers and sisters.

    • During my IT years I worked with a few Russian software engineers, who’s families fled the former Soviet Union during the 50s and came to the US. Oh all the foreigners who I worked with the Russians were the nicest, most knowledgeable and agreeable. They all claimed the same thing, that if Americans DO NOT wake up, they will lose everything because the Russians had lived through and fled communism. They feared that America was becoming more like Russia under Communist control and when they tried to American born to see the danger they were labeled as Commies.

  6. I bet the leaks are coming from 20 people tops. That Washington Post expose on Flynn cites “9 intelligence sources.” At this point, I almost think Trump should declare martial law, have the army detain the reporter who wrote the article, and then literally waterboard his ass for a month straight to force him to reveal all 9 of his sources. Reporters and leakers – both of them would think twice about it next time!

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