China Men Fight Muzzie P*ssy Grabbers on Train (Video)

Follow up: Police arrest the Muzzies. In the West, the white guys fighting the Muzzie vermin would be arrested.

11 thoughts on “China Men Fight Muzzie P*ssy Grabbers on Train (Video)

  1. It’s easy to blame the population, but it’s the govt fault.
    In europe if you tried to fight back, you’d be the one going to the police while the muzzies would be let go, free to do it again another day.
    THAT is the problem.
    Meanwhile in China, the citizens who helped weren’t prosecuted at all.
    Big difference.

    • Yea.. In our free democracies you are NOT to touch a subhuman piece of shit ! You will be charged by our free democratic justice system ?? Chinese & Russian are only the one not afraid to defend their women from subhuman piece of shit ??

  2. Paladin – Here are a couple of links which if true are destined to be game-changers in the current imported “immigrants” scam pushed onto us by the jews and Marxist leftists. I don’t have the time to check them out for now, so I want to leave them with you to check and use.

    “(Reuters) – A Peruvian woman who voted illegally in two U.S. elections in 2006 can be deported as a result, a federal appeals court ruled Monday, despite her claim that she registered to vote only after a motor vehicle department clerk said she was free to do so.

    The case involving Margarita Del Pilar Fitzpatrick, a legal permanent resident who arrived in the United States in 2002 and has three naturalized children, comes amid a debate over President Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud, including millions of ballots from illegal immigrants.—PmdGXFsKgHV6Q52p1rg99g/

    The next link covers this story and an important other one, which together can make a tremendous difference. I’lll just leave the other link in a new comment to get through the filters.

  3. “The Trump has hit the fan 7th U.S. Court Of Appeals Interjects, ICE Officials Given Full Authority To Deport Illegal Voters: and the 9th Court Rules, Illegal Aliens Entering U.S. Now Have Zero Right To Legal Representation”

  4. Big difference, in our countries the governments are against us and will prosecute us if we do anything in many cases, they are not in the same situation that we are.

  5. In Rotherham UK the cops only arrested white people trying to protect the young girls, for more than ten years. Even fathers were arrested as “haters”. Not the Paki rapists, hundreds of them. 1400 young white female victims and many were children.
    Social worker feminists conspired with the cops to help the muzzie rapists get away with their crimes, including pimping out underage girls.

  6. I watched the video. Well done China Men. That is what happens when you have a homogeneous society. People are loyal to their own society when it is not made up of a hundred or more ethnic groups.
    If that was any Western country the men defending the local women would be charged with hate crimes.

  7. I’m in my mid sixties now but when I was a child if this would have happened in America the results would have been the same. A good beat down. I had an incident when I was ten where someone tried to molest me but I fought them off and got away. I knew if I told my Father he would have likely killed them on the spot. That’s what men did to protect their family. Since I knew he would have probably ended up in jail I kept my mouth shut. Just saying most men today are not so much the men they used to be. In Europe or the States. I learned it’s OK to carry a weapon just in case. I have no reservations.

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