New “Equality has no Boundaries” Nike Commericial Uses Negroid Sports Stars to Promote Myth of Black Equality

Watch the new Nike EQUALITY commercial, released Sunday, which has almost 2 million views already. Or read the story from the Daily Mail, if you prefer not to encourage Nike by giving it a click on youtube.

Large corporations are increasingly a propaganda arm of the (((Deep State))), promoting the equality myth that is the foundation of an increasingly sick American society.

Daily Mail

Nike has launched its new ‘equality’ campaign by unveiling a powerful ad featuring some of the biggest US sporting stars.

The commercial, which lasts one-minute and 30 seconds and is shot entirely in black and white, features LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz, Gabby Douglas, soccer star and LGBT activist Megan Rapinoe, and Olympic hurdler Dalilah Muhammad.
It is narrated by actor Michael B. Jordan, and includes Alicia Keys singing Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change Is Gonna Come.’


‘Is this the land history promised?’ Jordan says at the start of the short film, before it pans down from above a basketball court to show James on the other side of a wire fence.

‘Here, within these lines, on this concrete court, this patch of turf, here, you are defined by your actions.
‘Not your looks or beliefs.’

Durant, as well as others in the video, are then seen painting a white line on the ground, as Jordan continues: ‘Equality should have no boundaries.

‘The bonds we find here should run passed these lines.

‘Opportunity should not discriminate. The ball should bounce the same for everyone. Worth should outshine color.

‘If we can be equals here, we can be equals everywhere.’

That sentence I bolded is false. If Negros are superior in certain types of sports (not heavy lifting, shotput, etc.), then it does not follow that they would be superior in brain power. In fact, it seems that muscles and brains go in the opposite direction in many instances. That’s human evolution.

I suppose this commercial was produced to make blacks feel good. In that way, they’ll stupidly go out and pay $300 for a shoe that cost $5 to make, just because it’s endorsed by a black athelete.

The majority of responses to the add was positive, despite it being able to potentially be seen as political.

‘This one actually gave me goosebumps. Well done @Nike,’ Abby Milloy tweeted.

‘This isn’t a response to @UnderArmour – @Nike has been pushing equality and social justice for a minute. Bravo,’ another fan said.

‘Definitely applauding the new #Equality video by @Nike,’ one person wrote.

‘How long before white conservatives attempt to boycott @Nike for their #Equality campaign? Love this campaign,’ Anthony Nicodemo added.

But, as with all things – especially those that are perceived to be political, others took shots at Nike over the commercial.

‘No Asians. No Europeans. No Africans. No Australians. Yes, we can be equals in sport. Just not in a @Nike ad that claims so,’ Jonathan Rego tweeted about the North American campaign.

‘This is a STUPID commercial..we have Title 9. Also @Nike how equal do you pay the folks that make your products???’ another person said.

Nike said in a statement that campaign is a continuation of the organization’s desire to create a fair and respectful world – both on and off the field.

‘Nike believes in respect and equality – and that these values are worth standing up for and supporting,’ the statement read.

‘EQUALITY follows Nike’s recent announcement of its partnerships with MENTOR and PeacePlayers International, to drive change within communities.

‘Building on these partnerships, Nike will donate $5 million in 2017 to numerous organizations that advance equality in communities across the US, including MENTOR and PeacePlayers.’

MENTOR is a program that encourages people to work with their local community and to help young people, while PeacePlayers is a foundation: ‘bridging divides, developing leaders and changing perceptions’.

A wide range of thoughts crossed my mind about the commercial, all of them critical. Athlete worship, which is fairly equivalent to thug worship in America, should not be encouraged. Neither should any interest in professional sports.

Nike should be selling its shoes as the shoe for fleet of foot Negro thugs fleeing the police. That commercial would have some truthful validity to it. “In dem Nikeez I canz outwun dem po-lice.”

I wondered how the Daily Mail comments would go. They are encouraging. As I put this piece together, here are the comments displayed, preserved in case the DM deletes them.

The comments below have not been moderated.

Lordburger, columbus, United States, 7 minutes ago
What a load of horse pockey, being equal would require a certain bit of assimilation, are you willing to do that?

Lordburger, columbus, United States, 10 minutes ago
Well its one thing to want to be equal, you have to act and actually be equal also.

Stamford Bridge Guy, London, United Kingdom, about an hour ago
Aren’t 80 or 90% of the NBA players b l a c k?

American Chrome, Duluth, United States, about 2 hours ago
Michael Jordan inconspicuously missing. For him. Money over principles.

Buccaneer10, Wales, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
You have to laugh at Nike championing equality whilst stashing billions in profits abroad to avoid tax on products made in sweatshops in Asia by people paid a couple of dollars a day.

ShockedndAwed, Singapore, Singapore, about 2 hours ago

Conductor Spaulding, Currently in Orbit, United States, about 3 hours ago
So we’ll be ending “affirmative action”?

dasdonkey, Riverside, United States, about 4 hours ago

Johnny_Vella, Los Angeles, United States, about 5 hours ago
I agree that we should all be treated equally. Looking forward to to abolishing of Af’fir’mat’ive Act’ion.

Johnny_Vella, Los Angeles, United States, about 5 hours ago
I agree. We should all be considered Americans. The Democrats need to stop trying to divide and categorize us every way possible.

Sunnyinfla, usa, about 6 hours ago
HOW is this equal? HOW is this diverse? This only causes more diversion and animosity. NIKE, stop playing your customers, this is GREED riding on the coattails of other’s suffering. #pathetic #appalling #notfoolinganyone

18 thoughts on “New “Equality has no Boundaries” Nike Commericial Uses Negroid Sports Stars to Promote Myth of Black Equality

  1. I did not watch it.

    Not impressed with sports celebs, nor with sappy “love makes the world go round” & “everything/everyone is beautiful,” blah blah. I’ll stick with Scripture (Reality vs. Sentimentalism): “The whole world lies in the power of wickedness.”

    People are so easily duped by having their emotional-strings pulled by “ad men” who are smarter than them & sucker them on purpose. Bernays would be proud.

    Great UK-Mail comments re Affirmative Action, lol. Indeed, if “Opportunity should not discriminate. The ball should bounce the same for everyone. Worth should outshine color,” then why have Affirmative Action?

    My “worth” as an IT Tech or as a Mathematician or Physicist would be ZERO. Shall I start a riot because I could never get one of those jobs? “Opportunity” cannot possibly “bounce the same for everyone.” That’s a false premise.

    Again, Scripture speaks to Reality: “The body has many members, each with its own purpose, some parts more glorious than others. Can one part of the body say to another part, ‘I have no need of you?’

    Bottom Line: The garbage men are needed & are as important as the brainy people who write blogs. 😉



    Saw this comment at Nat Kapner’s “Real Jew News” blog (under his post re his Jewish Past). I didn’t know this > >

    KJ wrote on February 7, 2017 @ 8:00 pm:
    Blonde and light colored hair and blue eyes are found everywhere.

    The Asiatic Hmong mountain people, a very genetically homogenous people who are quite endogamous still have children with fair skin, light hair and blue eyes.

    Hmong live mostly in southern China, North Vietnam, and north Laos.

    The blond or Yellow Hmong people are found mostly in isolated hill areas of South East Asia, while further north into south China the Hmong mostly have black hair and brown eyes.

  2. Nike sux. Always has. They were started using YOUR tax money, and promptly sent all their manufacturing to asia – mostly viet nam. They consistently pay non white ‘athletes’ billions and encourage aberrant behaviour from dumb white kids. Plus, those that know, say their shoes are crap anyway. Have ‘boycotted’ them from the getgo – maybe more whites will do so now as one of the luvvies on twitter fear.

    [and really – what do all these morons who apparently sit and twitter about ‘sjw’ issues all day do for a living? I mean, who has that time? or inclination? SOMEONE is paying for it…]

  3. In Atlanta, home of the man-God, King, it’s not unusual to hear or read about one of them getting shot just for his tennis shoes. There’s always a big gun fight or mini massacre whenever the latest style goes on sale. These celebrities are being paid big bucks because there’s a mint to be made off these shoe sales yet they ignore the body count their pos shoes produce among the asphalt apes. It’s not about equality, it’s about selling overpriced shoes to easily persuaded deficients and making a boatload of money for it. The very existance of this scheme smacks of stupidity.

  4. If a company wants to sell their goods to White people, then they shouldn’t piss them off with SJWanker crap.

    If Whites didn’t buy these trainers, then blacks wouldn’t be able to steal them.

  5. Gorilliams ‘sisters’ earn far less from sponsors than Sharapova. Everyone wants to look like an elegant, svelt, blonde Nordic. Nobody wants to look like the missing link between man and monkey.



    The disgusting man behind this sick and depraved ad full of mumbo jumbo nonsense is:


    You can see his photo—it is hard to see, because he is so black, here:

    So if somebody says that is wears NIGeeee shoes, you will know what he means.

    So boycott NIGeeeee shoes. Never buy them again.
    Or Exercise your legal right to buy NIGeeee shoes, run in the mud, and then go return them saying you don’t like them.

    For every one item returned, the company loses big money—almost the profit from 10 sales.
    So consider your legal rights about buying and returning such products.
    When they find that their profits drop after running a sick ad, they will fire this corporate thug.
    Only when the Board of Directors find out this scam is not working, they will fire corporate thugs like this.

  7. Perhaps we should produce a counter PSA, aimed at blacks, pointing out that race and territory go hand-in-hand, i.e., each race has evolved in order to optimize to its requisite part of the world. Congoids are optimized to sub-Saharan Africa, not the temperate or arctic north, as we are. Therefore, they can never hope to equal us, HERE; but back in Africa, in their own milieu, they could actually excel. The slogan could be along the lines of: “Why be equal, when you could be superior? #BacktoAfrica.”

  8. Most of these global corporations [They really are NOT American at all] are networked together with jewish structuring to promote jewish-communist goals. Affirmative action, while pretending to be for blacks (and the negroes have benefitted somewhat – But at too a great expense!), is actually to benefit jewry. It was one of the single items passed by Soviet jewry which was not done away with until Stalin began to retake the Soviet from the jews. The jews not only have utilized it’s provisions as “minorities” themselves, giving them preferential treatment, but they have found a myriad of ways to turn that into cash cows for jewish causes and jewish businesses. The jews demagogue as if the laws are for others, but they are only used as a way for jewry to obtain new allies to help the jews influence others to take over and change White culture, all while making money for the jewish proponents. David Duke has pointed this out previously when discussing the jewish role in the Soviet.

    “Radical American Jews envisioned the Blacks as an American proletariat, a transatlantic version of the oppressed serfs of Russia that could be utilized as allies helping to usher in a Communist revolution. Of course, even non-Communist Jews tended to support a non-racial definition of “American,” since they more than anyone are aware of their status as outsiders in White society. This led almost all organized Jewish factions to support the dismantling of the laws and traditions that supported the continued existence of our race.

    Duke then refers to jewry’s later affect upon America by using that same process as had been used in the earlier Soviet.

    “Practically every step of the civil-rights movement’s progress came through the courts. They decreed forced racial integration of the schools, enabled illiterate Blacks to vote, and ultimately forced upon America the massive anti-White discrimination program with the Orwellian name “affirmative action.” Here, too, Jews took the predominant roles.

    The organization that fought many of these battles was the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, an organization separate from the NAACP itself. At this writing, Jews still lead it. Jake Greenberg has been active in the legal fund for years and was the chief attorney for Brown in the famous Supreme Court case Brown v Board of Education. In that nefarious decision, the Supreme Court – in one devastating stroke of the pen – initiated the transformation of the American public educational system from one of the best in the world to one of the worst in the First World.

    Even in the areas where Jews were not the actual leaders, they provided much of the behind-the-scenes influence.”

  9. I did not watch it. Instead I went to DailyMail and did my bit for the white man by upticking and down ticking where necessary.
    The right wing green upticks outnumber the SJW/Coon downticks by 20 to 1. Yay!

    Here is one sample quote “”Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.” –Alexis de Tocqueviille. 35 green upticks and just one red downtick.

    I have never bought Nikes in my life, including for one of my sons who wanted them when they were A$200 a pair more than 20 years ago. Even then they were made in Indonesia for $1 a pair. My son only wanted to enrich Jews because of social pressure via his friends to have the latest and most expensive shoes, and Michael Jordan shit type TV promotion. That is why school uniforms are a very good idea.

    • Wow! Great quote you came up with. I’m pondering changing the slogan for the site, rotating it around a bit. I might use that quote as the slogan for a while.

      My cousin was in the shoe business decades ago. Even then, shoes were made in Brasil and somewhere in the far east. He said they cost $5 a pair to make. The chain store he was VP of sold them for $20 or $25. It takes a corrupt, indoctrinated society to want to ride on the coat tails of assletes.

  10. What is it with groes and tennis shoes? I buy $25 tennis shoes from Wal-mart or the PX. They are all made in the same foreign factories.

    • My cousin in the shoe business said that the high buck shoes cost no more to make and are no better made than the cheapos. Blacks are narcissists. They want to have some of the star asslete mojo rub off on them and they stupidly think tennis shoes are going to do the job.

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