Mulatto Singer Joy Villa Explodes Liberal Heads with MAGA Dress at Grammys

New York Daily News

It didn’t take long for the Grammys to turn political.

Little-known artist Joy Villa — who was one of the first to arrive on Sunday’s red carpet — made a major political statement when she unveiled a gown emblazoned with President Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make American Great Again.

The 25-year-old singer, who isn’t up for any awards, arrived on the carpet in a white gown but quickly shed it to reveal her Trump-inspired outfit. The back of the red, white and blue dress reads “Trump” on the train.

The shocking get-up hit a sour note with some viewers, many of whom flocked to social media to call Villa out.

“How can you support a man who promotes so much hatred and is against you,” asked one user. “Where is the self respect ? or respect for others ?”

Another added, “No matter how outlandish your dress is, we’re still not going to buy your records.”

Some did, however, support Villa’s outfit.

“Awesome!!” user Dawn Orlando wrote. “Kudos to her she is smart, brave and proud of it! That’s American.”

Yawn! Who cares?

Twitter exists to divert our attention from important issues. It also makes everyone’s opinions seem to be of equal value when they are not.

This publicity hound is not of my tribe. My tribe’s music is very different from this:

Nonetheless, Trump supporters are going ape (pun intended) over the lady in the Trump dress:

3 thoughts on “Mulatto Singer Joy Villa Explodes Liberal Heads with MAGA Dress at Grammys

  1. I thought it was a great idea, a “sneak-attack” vs. the libtard music industry dupes. From a guru-ish all-white saintly robe to an Unexpected-MAGA-Message-Dress. For that she gets a 100%!

    However, the MAGA-dress itself was quite ugly; lousy designer whoever made it. When they said a red-white-blue dress, I expected something bright, bold, colorful, gorgeous.

    But it looked like drab dark cheesy denim; the white on each side of her hips, ugh, looked slutty; the thin thread of red was not enough red, could barely see it; the box-cut top & straps was total blah.

    The “trumpet-shaped-train” was great, though, with the thick large TRUMP letters around the bottom.

    The MAGA message running sideways was OK, though I would have made the letters thicker.

    Is Villa a Puerto Rican name? She looks like a typical NY’er. (I went to grade school with two sisters named Vila but they did not look Latino but maybe they were(?) The younger sister was blonde.)

    I’d never heard of Joy Villa nor her music & wouldn’t like it anyway. But kudos to her for supporting Trump in front of the most disgusting herd of people on earth. I saw a tweet that her music sales were soaring after that.

      • Good strategic thinking re her stunt stopping the bad news (temporarily).


        In other “news,” for some time now I’ve been amazed at your tons of Tags below each post, lol. How do you manage to keep them all straight, cognitively-speaking?

        When I tried WP-blogging for a short while, that’s one thing I hated > having to go back & think of/choose Tags; also hated messing w/Categories.

        Anyway, great job on the tons of info you put up every night. You’re about the only Night Owl blog I know of. 🙂

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