Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Robert Louis Stevenson

Uhhh, works until you need to eat or earn an income by selling your crop. Am I wrong?

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Robert Louis Stevenson

  1. It is notable that many tribes of people and almost all wild creatures, plant nothing. Such as tropical Coons and especially Nomads. These groups just roam about and harvest. Nomads have to keep moving else they and their animals will starve. Nature is cunning and edible food seeds are spread by the eaters shit, especially birds, bats but also mammals and humans.
    The nomadic Mongols harvested (stole) whatever hard working city states had grown and stored, and killed most of the non Mongol people. They planted nothing and grew nothing except grazing their domestic animals on wild grasslands. Thus they had to destroy cities, walls, fences and agriculture. It was “them or us”.
    Planting seeds is building for the future. Harvesting, while essential, is in essence destroying.
    It is very significant that the (((Soviet Union))) chose the sickle along with the heavy hammer for their swastika. One for brutal primitive bashing, the other for cutting down. Both could symbolize the mass murder of the Soviet times.
    At least the Masons include measuring tools in their symbolism, not just hammers and the like.

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